The 10 Best Electric Skateboards of 2021

Electric skateboards are a growing popular means of transportation in cities around the world. As a means of city transportation, they are generally affordable, fast,  have enough range and come in all shapes and sizes to cater to every individual’s taste. They’re also a lot of fun.

Your typical electric skateboard comes with an 800-watt unit which has a LiFePO4 battery. It can range from nine to twelve miles. The maximum speed that general units can go is sixteen to twenty-five miles per hour.

Currently, the ones being offered in the market come with 12 Ah LiFePO4 packs and considered an upgrade over the SLA. This makes the skateboards lighter since LiFePO4s weighs five kilograms compared to their SLA counterparts that weigh fifteen kilograms. Some of the popular brands of electric skateboards are:






Gone are the days when skateboarders were viewed by many as just a nuisance. Skateboarding is now a respectable form of transport, especially in urban areas. This does not mean that you can drop your spouse at work and kids at school, but you will be able to get around campus or a residential area. When it runs out of power, plug it into any electrical outlet for a charge or alternatively you can operate it manually just like you do with a normal skateboard.

The 10 Best Electric Skateboards:

When you go out to get an electrical skateboard, which one do you choose and why? If you don’t know yet, have a look at our top ten list below.

1.  Boosted Dual+ 2000W Electric Skateboard

Boosted Dual+ 2000W Electric Skateboard

If you want to know how it feels to be in a sports car then don’t hesitate to get on the Boosted Dual +2000W, 2000 watts of power can never go wrong. You can go up a hill and stop immediately you want to. As much as it is a powerful skateboard, it can also be said to be gentle since even a beginner can learn how to use it fast. The software within is quite advanced, thus allowing more adjustable power and speed for all learner levels. The price ranges from $1800 to $2000.


• It is powerful.

• Defines high quality.

• Reversible drive.


• Not so light.

• Motors have a possibility of getting damaged in the rain.

• The range is not as great as it was initially.

2. YUNEEC E-GO Cruiser electric Skateboard

YUNEEC E-GO Cruiser Electric Skateboard

Even though it is not the fastest electric skateboard, it is extremely light and slim. This means that you can easily carry it anywhere. The battery pack is invisible, and it has electrical systems that are properly integrated. The Yuneec E-GO is operated using a handheld remote control which also boasts of motor technology that is brushless. With the cruiser, you simply cruise around town without worrying about power because the brakes’ regenerative system will look out for you. The price ranges between $700 to $1000.


• Lightweight

• Great acceleration

• Weatherproof

• Gives great skating experience


• Only one wheel brakes

• Slow

3. Boosted Single 1000W Electric Skateboard

 Boosted Single 1000W Electric Skateboard

The Boosted Single 1000W is the answer to perfection in transportation. It can be ridden anywhere thanks to it having a range of eight miles and one thousand watts of power. Voted the lightest board ever, you can carry it with you to almost everywhere. This is a board whose deck material is 100% bamboo. It comes with three modes to make easy to operate namely:

• Beginner which is 8 to ten miles per hour with an eight-plus mile range.

• Eco, which is fourteen to fifteen miles per hour with an eight-mile range.

• Expert which is eighteen miles per hour with a six-mile range.

The price ranges from $1800 to $2000.


• Incredible stability

• Maneuverability

• Fast charging

• Easy to control


• Has some weight

• Not waterproof

4. Luoov 1200w Longboard electric Skateboard

Luoov 1200w Longboard Electric Skateboard

This board is a result of a longboard and a light electric train. It boasts of braking that can only be defined as revolutionary hence precise carving and climbing hills without much effort. For some, this board has given them their first jet fighter experience. It has a truck width of 23 cm and wheel size of 75mm.

It also comes with four modes, namely beginner, eco, expert and pro, all with different mile ranges. The maximum speed we are talking about here is 30 miles per hour. The price ranges between $700 to $1000.


• Lightweight

• Sturdy


• Unattractive remote

• Can easily break

5. Maverix BorderX 800W Electric Skateboard

Maverix BorderX 800W Electric Skateboard

If you love dirt roads, then the Maverick BorderX 800 W is your partner in crime. Because of its great stability, you will be able to make new moves. This off-road beast makes you want to forget all things tarmac. Its charge time is five hours while its maximum speed is nine miles per hour. The price ranges between $600 to $800.


• Battery in remote


• Long charging hours

6. LUOOV Street Devil Electric Skateboard

LUOOV Street Devil Electric Skateboard

The street devil is called so because it is the most advanced electric board on the market today. It has a motor power of 1200 W and a working voltage of 24 volts with a lithium-ion battery. It also bears rebound wheels and gravity casting trucks among other things. Don’t forget it also has a radio remote control with 2.4 GHz. The devil goes for about $600 to $800.


• Short recharge time, 2 hours

• Compatible with all hardware in the skateboard industry

• Sturdy


• Hard to find spare parts

7. Maverix Cruiser 600W Electric Skateboard

Maverix Cruiser 600W Electric Skateboard

The cruiser 600 is the skate you hop on when you are going for a long ride. It runs well on smooth surfaces and offers you great adhesion and flexibility. This slide sensation will make the largest curves you have ever seen. Charge time is not clear but the range per charge is up to nine miles and it has a top speed of fifteen and a half miles per hour. The maximum weight it can carry is 264 lbs. The price ranges between $600 to $800.


• Cheap


• Batteries die within a short while

8. Munkyboards 900W Electric Skateboard

Munkyboards 900W Electric Skateboard

There is no monkey business with the Munkyboards 900 W. it is made up of individual parts or very high quality so as to improve your performance and riding experience the board comes in various sizes so that you can choose what suits you and your skill level. This board is good for traveling or fun. It goes for about $650 to $800.


• Fun to ride


• Hard to turn

9. Falcon 1200W Electric Skateboard

Falcon 1200W Electric Skateboard

The Falcon just as the name suggests gives you great speeds on the street with a top speed of twenty miles per hour. It has a range per charge of seventeen miles. It also has a short charge time of two hours. The board is of moderate weight that is five kilograms, and it can handle a maximum weight of 230 lbs. It goes for about $700 to $1000.


• Beautiful design.

• Shorter charges time of two hours.


• The trucks are a bit hard to handle.

10. Boosted Dual 1500W Electric Skateboard

Boosted Dual 1500W Electric Skateboard

The Boosted Dual 1500 W is a twin motor beauty. This technology allows it to have greater traction and handling. This is the power handed over to skateboarders to carve harder and make powerful turns.

It is described as the perfect skateboard for all seasons and reasons. It can go up to speeds of twenty miles per hour and even stop completely when going downhill. The maximum carry weight is not known, but the board itself is 15 lbs. The price ranges from $1300 to $1500.


• Decent battery life

• User-friendly remote

• Great carves


• This electric skateboard got five stars in all its Amazon reviews.

Famous Electric Skateboard Aficionados:

One of the most famous electric skateboard users is Youtube vlogger, Casey Neistat. Together with some of his friends and the help of an electric skateboard, he pulled the infamous Aladdin’s carpet stunt in New York.

The video shows Casey’s friend Jesse Wellens riding around New York on a Boosted Board covered in red fabric and cushion dressed as Aladdin. Many people were surprised at the speed and control demonstrated by the Boosted Board. Electric skateboards went viral.

Casey Neistat On His Famous Boosted Board:


It is hard to say which one is the best of the best among the top ten electric skateboards. A lot of factors come into play, and it means that everyone has their own best. For instance, if you have the money and can afford any skateboard you want then don’t hesitate to take the Boosted Dual board or Boosted Dual+ 2000W. If you do not have enough but still need something decent, then try the Luoov 1200w Longboard and the Yuneec E-GO Cruiser.

The kind of terrain you use, whether on the road or off-road also matters and the kind of activity you do. It all becomes a Goldilocks affair where everyone needs something for themselves that is just right.

The market caters to all of them and from that big market, there is now the privilege to choose from the best ten that cover every aspect and need. Other forms of popular city transportation options include electric bikes, foldable bikes, and electric unicycles. These are just some forms of city transportation.

This article was last updated on January 19, 2021 .

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