Body-Solid GPR378 Adjustable Pro Power Rack Review

Body-Solid GPR378 Adjustable Pro Power Rack Review

If you have an interest in using the Body-Solid Power Rack at home, you may want to check out our review beforehand. We’ve researched this power rack to ensure that we’re able to provide you with all of the relevant details to help you decide if it’s the right choice for your needs.

You can find more information about the durability, attachments that can be used, weight capacity, and more. We’ve also included details about some of the downsides that we noticed.

So, take a look below to find out whether this is the power rack that you need for your home gym.

Main Features

There are a lot of features to look out for when it comes to purchasing a power rack or even power tower. If you were interested to learn more about what features this power rack has to offer, have a look through the sections below.


One of the main features that people are looking out for when it comes to power racks is how durable they are. We were pleased to find that this one has been made with high-grade steel materials.

These steel materials are very thick and provide you with the assurance in knowing that it will be able to withstand daily use for years to come.

Some users are surprised to discover how durable this power rack is. This is because many home gym racks include too many plastic pieces that wear down quickly.

The heavy-duty construction of this power rack also provides you with a lot of stability. Therefore, you can feel confident when it comes to lifting heavy weights and keeping yourself steady.

Weight Limit

We were impressed with the weight capacity that’s available with the Solid Power Rack GPR378. It can handle a maximum of 1,000 lbs! Therefore, even those who lift extremely heavyweights will be able to feel secure with this rack.

A big part of this comes down to the quality of the safety bars. They’re effective at being able to bear incredibly heavy weights and keep you safe.

Therefore, this power rack could be a fantastic option for beginners, intermediate, and advanced lifters. 


body solid power rack attachments

There are some awesome attachments available with this power rack that you can use to make it a more versatile workout station.

The Body-Solid Power Rack with lat attachment is a very popular choice among lifters. This is because it’s an effective attachment that can help you to develop the muscles in your back.

A pulley lat attachment is available which can handle a lot of weight. It has been tested to be able to withstand up to 2,200 lbs of weight. This isn’t the amount of weight that is available with the attachment, but it gives you an idea of how heavy you can lift with it.

People have been liking how the pulley system provides them with resistance that remains constant. It also feels smooth to use which can help to make your workouts more enjoyable.

Not to mention, the lat pulldown attachment can be used when it comes to other exercises, such as tricep pushdowns and lat pullovers.

We liked how you can include a lat attachment to the power rack as it allows you to save on room. You don’t have to have another pulley system set up elsewhere.

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You can also add a dip attachment to this Body-Solid Pro Power Rack. This is a great feature that allows you to perform dips that can focus on your chest and triceps.

The dip bars that are available with this power rack are very stable and allow you to focus on squeezing your muscles. Furthermore, you’re able to have a solid grip since the bars are wider to ensure that you’re able to keep your hands comfortable.


Having plenty of adjustable options is an important feature for many lifters. So, you’ll be pleased to hear that there are a total of 20 holes included with this power rack.

This provides you with the ability to be very specific when it comes to how you work out. We liked how the holes have been spaced equally on both sides to ensure that you’re able to feel balanced while lifting.

You’re also able to perform a wide variety of exercises at the levels that suit you best. You can do squats, bench press, military press, and more.


People have been pleased to find that this power rack is easy to assemble. Usually, people don’t have to spend more than a couple hours putting it all together.

How to secure Body Solid Power Rack to the floor?

Well, it’s pretty easy. Simply follow the instructions in order and you’ll have it set up in no time. Due to how balanced and heavy-duty this power rack is, you won’t need anything additional to keep it firmly secured on the floor.

Check out this video to see what the Body-Solid Pro Power Rack Looks Like When Fully Set-Up:

Body Solid Pro Power Rack Compared to the HulkFit Power Rack

The HulkFit Power Rack has the same weight capacity as the Body-Solid Pro at 1,000 lbs. There are also dip bars available which you can use to work out your triceps and pecs.

A pull-up bar is included at the top of the frame as well. However, there aren’t as many holes available. The HulkFit has 17, whereas the Body-Solid power rack has 20.

Having said that, The HulkFit is available at around half the price of the Body-Solid Pro Power Rack.


Now that you’ve had the chance to read more about the main details involved with this power rack, you may be wondering what some of the negative points are.

Well, some users have mentioned how the height of the rack is lower than they were expecting. This may be a slight issue for people who are 6 feet or taller. It can make it a little tricky when it comes to using the pull-up bar. 

Taller people may have to keep a bend in their knees while doing pull-ups in order to stop their feet from touching the floor.


That brings our review of the Body-Solid Power Rack to an end. Make sure to consider the main details, as well as the downsides of this power rack.

Hopefully, all of the information found in our review has been useful in helping you to make a decision as to whether this is a good choice for your home gym.

This article was last updated on July 15, 2021 .