Conquer Vertical Climber 3.0 Review

Conquer Vertical Climber 3.0 Review Review

Are you looking to get fit within the comfort of your own home? If so, a vertical climber may not even have been within your top three choices of equipment to consider. However, if you pick the right one, you’ll notice they are incredibly challenging and since you’re into getting fit, you already know, the harder it is, the better the results will be.

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We like how the Conquer Vertical Climber lets you complete short, intense, and effective workouts. So, you don’t need to spend an hour exercising like you do with a treadmill. This workout apparatus involves your entire body.

If you’re interested to learn more about the specific features of this Conquer Vertical Climber, take a look below.

Main Features

Design & Construction

Conquer Vertical Climber 3.0

We were impressed by how quietly and smoothly this vertical climber is while being used. This makes it ideal for home environments as you won’t be disturbing people nearby.

The construction of this climber has been made using steel materials. As a result, you can expect it to be incredibly durable. However, with a weight of just 29 lbs, it’s also remarkably lightweight too.

They’ve managed to make it lightweight, but sturdy at the same time. In addition to this, you can easily fold the climber up to store away with ease. The design is already pretty thin, in fact, it’s one of the slimmest items that Conquer has manufactured.

When the climber is in the extended position, it’s 84” tall and 37” wide. Therefore, it’s best for people between five and six feet tall. If you’re taller, you’d need to allow for a higher ceiling.

Low Impact Exercise

Since this climber enables you to use just your bodyweight, you can be sure that it’s a very low-impact form of exercise. Low impact doesn’t necessarily mean easy, though.

You get to utilize two different handle sets. With one of the sets, it remains set in place. The second set can be moved up and down.

To experience the best fitness results, using the moveable set of handles would be the most beneficial. Your entire lower and the upper body becomes involved in the movement. This includes everything from your quadriceps and calves, to your shoulders and biceps.

Not to mention, you have to keep your core braced throughout the movement for added stability too.

The two handles that are in place do have their place, however. They allow you to target the muscles on your lower body, rather than working them all out simultaneously.

Regardless of which handles you choose to use, you will always have 100% control over every movement you make.

Workout Feedback

Most customers who purchase the Conquer Vertical Climber 3.0 are surprised to find that it comes with a digital display.

This is because you can’t clearly see it while looking at the pictures online. It is fairly basic and provides you with nowhere near the amount of information compared to treadmill displays.

Having said that, it does give you an idea of the number of steps climbed, time, as well as calories burned. Therefore, you can easily keep a good track of your progress. If you’ve been stuck on the same calories, time, and step count for some time, you can easily see where you need to improve for better fitness results.

We were a little disappointed with how basic the display screen is. You don’t have the option to enter any important information, such as your age, height, and weight.

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So, the data provided surrounding the calories burned may not be accurate. However, it serves its purpose to give you a rough idea of how hard you’re working out.

Safety Features

Conquer Vertical Climber 3.0 Pedals

One of the major aspects of vertical climbers that put most people off is safety.

At first glance, they don’t look very stable, so it’s a fair concern to have. But how does the Conquer Vertical Climber 3.0 hold up in terms of stability and safety?

Pretty well actually.

Conquer has gone above and beyond to ensure safety for users. Therefore, they’ve implemented a total of four rubber feet that are resistant to skidding. Thus, you can work out as intensely as you like and not have to worry about the climber moving around.

You can extend the frame of the base too which creates a more solid foundation. This climber has a maximum capacity of 250 lbs. Moreover, the platforms where you place your feet are covered in rubber material. These foot pedals themselves are very wide to ensure people with all different foot sizes can workout safely.

How to Assemble

Who is the Conquer Vertical Climber 3.0 Best for?

One of the biggest draws to this vertical climber is that anyone can use it. So, people looking to improve their fitness in one way or another can benefit from this piece of equipment. It’s primarily used as a cardio apparatus. However, since you can alter the intensity levels depending on how fast you want to go, you’ll also stimulate your muscles too.

After consistent use, you can improve your fitness, lose body fat, and tone your muscles.

We especially liked how it’s a very low-impact way of exercising. Those who experience joint problems often find that other forms of exercise make the pain worse. Some people try to avoid exercise altogether, however, studies have shown that low-impact exercise can improve the condition.


One of the biggest downsides is that the display doesn’t give you the option to input your data. So, the information it provides you with won’t be completely accurate.

Another one of the flaws is that there’s no progression scheme to follow. You use nothing but your own body weight, and after some time, your fitness levels may outgrow the climber. Although, some customers have remedied this and kept workouts challenging by wearing backpacks filled with items.


Conquer’s Vertical Climber 3.0 provides you with a fantastic way to workout from home. It’s incredibly easy to set up and fold away for storage after you’re done working out.

It stays completely stable while you’re using it and it’s a breeze to assemble. It’s delivered to your door 90% assembled already. An easy-to-follow instruction manual and all the parts needed are provided. Many customers can set their climber up well within 30 minutes.

All in all, we liked what this vertical climber has to offer. It’s a convenient and slightly unorthodox way to workout from home. But we see that as a good thing because it means you won’t be getting bored!

Be sure to consider all of the features available with Conquer’s Vertical Climber and use our review to help make the best decision for your needs.

This article was last updated on July 19, 2021 .