Everlast Omnistrike Heavy Punching Bag Review

Everlast Omnistrike Heavy Punching Bag Review

Punching bags are often used by people looking to workout and master their kicking and punching skills. If you have an interest in mastering your striking abilities, whether it be for kickboxing, MMA, or simply just for the exercise, having a high-quality heavy bag is going to be an essential part of your training.

Heavy bags provide you with the ability to conveniently work on your kicking and punching from home. If you’ve already been searching around for heavy bags, you will most likely have realized that is can be pretty overwhelming.

There are so many different sizes, materials, and other specifications that make the process a lot more confusing. However, that’s why we’ve created this review. We’ve researched the Everlast punching bag to provide you with all of the details that you need to know to make the best decision as to whether it’s the right one for you.

Set Up

How easy is the Everlast punching bag to set-up?

Everlast Heavy Punching Bag Setup
Everlast Heavy Punching Bag Setup

Well, you may be pleased to hear that the installation process is actually quite simple. You can hang it from your ceiling by using all of the tools that are provided.

There are straps or chains provided that enable you to hang the bag from your ceiling. In addition to this, the punching bag comes with a swivel hook. The instructions for setting up the punching bag are easy to follow and you can have it installed and ready to use in no time.


We were impressed to discover that the materials used to construct this punching bag included high-grade synthetic leather. This leather material is remarkably durable, which makes it the perfect option for a punching bag that’s going to be taking a lot of abuse.

On the bottom of the punching bag, they’ve implemented a C3 foam material. This is especially useful when it comes to practicing your low kicks with. This C3 foam has been studded with synthetic materials, as well as fibers that are natural.

It’s also colored in red, whereas the top portion of the bag is black. This makes it easier for you to distinguish which area to use for punching (black) and which area to use for kicking (red).


Everlast Heavy Punching Bag Handles
Everlast Heavy Punching Bag Handles

If you’re looking for a punching bag that you can use to sharpen your MMA skills, this Everlast one could be a great choice.

This is because it comes with handles that you can use to practice wrestling with. You’re able to put the bag onto the floor to practice grappling and striking. The C3 foam is especially useful when it comes to practicing your groundwork.

In addition to this, the handles come in use for people who are looking to work on their kicking strength. This is because you’re able to hold onto the handles, that are available on both sides of the bag, to provide yourself with more stability while kicking.

How Much Does An Everlast Punching Bag Weigh?

People also like to pick the punching bag up and carry it as an exercise. It weighs a total of 80 lbs, which makes it heavy enough to be challenging to improve your stamina and cardiovascular abilities. 

Multipurpose Kicking

Check out Jon Jones teaching you how to properly use the Omnistrike Heavy bag below:


Another one of the standout features that make the Everlast punching bag so great for MMA fighters and kickboxers is that you can use it for kicking, as well as kneeing.

As we mentioned before, the C3 foam material is great for letting you kick the bag. However, you can also feel confident practicing your kneeing abilities too.

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This is because the C3 foam wrap has been implemented with soft padding. Therefore, you’re able to keep your knees safe. One of the main issues that people have with kneeing other punching bags is that they feel too hard and cause damage to the knees easier.

The Everlast Platinum is another popular option because of how well it’s able to absorb shock. However, many people have found that the additional cushioning with the Omnistrike makes tips it over the edge as being the better option.

Everlast Punching Bag Stand Accessory

Everlast Punching Bag Stand
Everlast Punching Bag Stand

We liked how there’s an Omnistrike stand available as an accessory to the punching bag. This is because it provides the punching bag with even more stability.

As a result, you’re able to punch, kick, and knee it with a lot of power and not have to worry about how stable it is. The stand works so effectively as a result of the strong legs that have been implemented.

These provide a lot of stability from the base upwards. People have been appreciating how the legs on the stand have been made with nozzles on the end that are plastic.

This means that you can set the stand up without damaging your floors. Furthermore, the overall design of the frame is simple. As a result, you won’t have to spend too long setting it up.

While following the instructions, most people are able to have it set-up and ready to use within an hour or two, at the most.


So, now that you know a little more about the features that make the Everlast punching bag so useful for striking, you may be interested to learn about some of the negative points.

One of the main downsides that we found is in regard to hanging the punching bag in an area that’s exposed to sunlight. While the leather materials are durable enough to withstand heavy punches and kicks, they can, unfortunately, be damaged by being overexposed to sunlight.

Some people who have set up the punching bag that’s exposed to the sun have found that it deteriorates the leather material faster. This causes the leather materials to become weaker and the bag doesn’t feel as sturdy to hit.

Types of Everlast Punching Bags

Some of the other top punching bags offered by Everlast include the following:

  • Nevatear heavy punching bag
  • 2260 punching bag
  • 2262 floor-standing punching bag
  • Powercore punch bag
  • Everlast Power Tower
  • Leather speedball


So, that concludes our review on the Everlast heavy punching bag. All in all, it’s a high-quality choice that lets you practice punching, kicking, and kneeing.

It’s an especially useful tool for MMA fighters to use. This is because it lets you punch the bag at the top, while also being able to kick and knee the red section that’s made out of C3 foam.

You can also utilize the handles to improve your kicking and kneeing abilities. Not to mention, it’s a great bag for wrestling and developing your ground fighting abilities.

As long as you set it up indoors where it’s not going to be exposed to sunlight too often, you’ll find that this punching bag will last you for quite a while.

Regardless of whether you’re looking to improve your striking skills for fighting competitions, or you simply want a fun way to stay fit and healthy, this punching bag can serve you well!

This article was last updated on July 16, 2021 .