Little Tikes Basketball Hoop Review

Little Tikes Basketball Hoop Review

Learning to play sports is very important for developing kids, but the steep learning curve and skill required can sometimes create a frustrating stumbling block for your little ones, especially with games such as basketball. Little Tikes understood this problem, and have come to market with their take on basketball for kids, with the Little Tikes EasyScore Basketball Hoop set.

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The basketball caters for children from ages 18 months to 5 years, and as such, has adjustable height settings from 2 to 4 feet. The rim is oversized, which makes it much easier for younger players to learn how to get the ball through much easier. The hoop has many great advantages, especially for your children that are still developing their fine motor control skills.

There are many other great features and benefits that come from using this product, especially for children that show interest in sports such as basketball. Read on below for our full review.

Main Features

Design & Construction

We liked the aesthetic appeal of this basketball set, and the fun colors and playful rounded edges make this look like a fun toy that children will love playing with. The base of the basketball hoop is solid and well balanced and is difficult to push over. The base fills up with sand or water, giving it much better stability.

The shipping weight of this set is around 9 pounds, so it is not extremely heavy, which is great. The hardened industrial plastic is weather-resistant, so the unit can stay outside, although the colors might start to fade if it never goes inside.

The ball that comes with this set is made out of rubber and not foam, so your kids can bounce the ball and play better than they would be able to with a foam one. The adjustable net post is another nice touch

The rim is bright red, and as mentioned earlier, much larger than a standard hoop, which makes games much more fun for developing young players. The adjustable height is one of the best features of this hoop and will keep your kids entertained for a long time to come.

Exercise and Development

Teaching your children about exercise from a young age can help them on many levels. They learn how to adopt healthy lifestyle habits while becoming more socialized through structured play with friends. Childhood exercise has a whole host of additional benefits, more than what first meets the eye.

The basketball set is easy to set up and easy to use and can be moved to accommodate your requirements, whether you want the hoop on the grass or on concrete.

The dimensions of this set are suitable for all of the age groups that are specified on the packaging, so whether you have a small toddler or young child that is looking to learn how to play, they will be able to enjoy taking practice shots and playing ball.

Learning to play is really important for children as they become socialized, this helps with development in many areas, including cognition, reflexes, and social skills when playing with others. Playing basketball also helps with self-control, and is a lot of fun too.

The base can be filled with water or sand, which is good for stability, especially when there is wind around. Adjusting the hoop is really easy, as is the assembly process. This is a great product for anyone that has an aspiring basketball player in their midst.

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Playtime Feedback

Little Tikes Basketball Hoop Design & Construction

People that bought the Little Tikes Basketball set were very happy with the overall construction, adjustability, and aesthetics of the set. The soft basketball is not foam, so parents need not worry about their little ones taking bites out of the ball, or having it flake and degrade over time.

The base is solid and does not move once it has been filled with sand or water, and the oversized hoop and adjustable height of the set will last for a long time, even as your kids begin to grow taller. This is a great starting point for aspiring basketball players, and kids that enjoy playing outside.

Safety Features

The main safety feature is the weighted base that holds the upright support for the board and hoop assembly. It has been proportioned so that it is not easy to push over. Luckily, the whole unit is very light and comes apart easily. The ball that comes with this set is also not foam, which makes it less of a choking hazard for children that bite foam toys,

How to Adjust little Tikes Basketball Hoop

Who is the Little Tikes Basketball Hoop for?

The Little Tikes Basketball Hoop is suitable for anyone that has kids that love having fun outside with basketball. The product is aimed at younger children that are still developing their skills, and there is a central focus on adjustment and ease of use to encourage children to get started with the game of basketball at an early age.

This is an excellent way to encourage your children to play outside, either with friends or by themselves.

The quality of construction is a nice touch, meaning that your Little Tikes Basketball Hoop should last you well into the future until your kids outgrow it (with normal use).


The only downside to this unit is that because it is plastic there can be occasional stability issues with the hoop and the upright. The hoop cannot support much weight, so children should be discouraged from dunking and hanging from it.

But other than those small considerations there is a lot to like about this product.


The Little Tikes Basketball Hoop is a fun, good looking, and highly functional basketball item, and is sure to bring hours of joy to your little ones while giving them the freedom to play outside with friends and get exercise at the same time.

The overall looks and functionality of the hoop mean that it will not look out of place in your garden or on your driveway.

This is an excellent choice for your child’s first basketball-related toy and can help them to develop the skills that are needed to shoot hoops from a really young age. The adjustments make this a great toy to get kids playing the game with minimal frustration. Why not check out our 5 Best Fitness Trackers for Kids to help you monitor your child’s fitness.

We hope that this was helpful and that it has answered any of the questions that you might have had about the Little Tikes Basketball Hoop!

This article was last updated on July 14, 2021 .