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Precor Stretch Trainer

There is nothing more frustrating for a highly-tuned athlete than to pull up with a hamstring problem in an event for which he or she has trained for months. In the case of the Olympics which occur every four years, all the training may have been planned precisely to hit peak fitness at the right time.

It brings into focus the need for stretching thoroughly before exercise. If such mishaps can happen, and they do, to professional sportspeople, they can certainly happen to those with lower expectations of themselves.

An excellent way to prepare for any exertions is to use a stretching machine so that after a session, you are properly ‘’warmed-up’’ for whatever activity you are contemplating whether running, football, basketball, or tennis.

Precor Stretch Trainer Benefits

Precor Stretch Trainer Benefits
FeaturesEasy to read display
Comfortable seat, handlebars, wrist bands, and kneepads
Rust proof and self-lubricating
Titanium frame and black upholstery
Dimensions52 ins x 28 ins x 36 ins
Equipment weight60 lbs.
Weight limitUsers up to 250 lbs.
WarrantyFrame 5 yrs., parts 2 years, upholstery 90 days
Precor Stretch Trainer Features

The Precor plays an important role for those seeking to improve their coordination and overall flexibility. It can be used both to warm up but also to do the warm down that has become an important part of regimes that sports personnel complete as well. It is worth looking at its benefits in more detail:

  • A commercial quality stretch trainer designed specifically for those who want the option of regular use at home.
  • Designed to ensure the user is comfortable when stretching, with seat and knee pads helping in this process.
  • Wrist straps help to increase the level of control and safety when in use.
  • Footprint means it is suitable for use in just a small space and it requires minimal storage area.
  • The instructional display illustrates 8 important stretches that prioritize the main muscle groups including hamstrings, lower and upper back, inner thighs and groin, hips, and shoulders.
  • The design helps to stabilize your back while stretching.
  • Backed by a company with four decades of producing top-quality equipment suitable for any requirement, a global brand that has provided quality time and again with a large database to prove it.,

Precor Stretch Trainer Exercises

Precor Stretch Trainer Exercises

The display that you will see in front of you on a Precor Stretch Trainer has eight different panels. The exercise that it offers are each illustrated on the placard in front of you with further instructions provided:

  • Hamstrings
  • Shoulders
  • Upper Back
  • Lower Back
  • Hips combined with legs and back
  • Hips and the Gluteal which may be something that does not mean a great deal to you. They are the 3 muscles in your buttocks, gluteus maximus, gluteus medius and gluteus minimus.
  • Inner thigh and groin
  • Quads which are the muscles in the front of your thighs. 

It is just a matter of taking the position illustrated and starting but you should be completely familiar with everything before you do that. Regular use and you will experience increased flexibility, better circulation, improved fitness, and better muscle control. It may sound simple and it should become so, but only if you are familiar with the equipment and use it regularly.

Precor Stretch Trainer vs. Lifespan Stretch Partner 

Lifespan Stretch Partner
Lifespan Stretch Partner 

Lifespan’s Trainer is both comfortable and safe, constructed in steel with a scuff-proof surface, and offering a range of stretches. It has been redesigned since the first trainer developed for home use to improve its performance and durability. The modified center of gravity ensures stability when being used. It is not as expensive as the Precor so it may be the choice for those on a budget. The wheels make it easy to move away after use until needed again.

The fact that Precor offers a 5-year warranty on the frame and 2 years on all parts except upholstery (90 days) indicates that Precor is confident of its strength and durability and it is certainly stronger than its competition, even if it is the top priced trainer around.

Precor Stretch Trainer vs. Nitrofit Stretch Trainer

Nitrofit Stretch Trainer
Nitrofit Stretch Trainer

Precor’s 5-year frame warranty is not matched by any of its competitors, with 2 years on its parts the same warranty as Nitrofit gives on its stretch trainer. Precor’s reputation for quality is well deserved and its price definitely reflects that. 

Nitrofit is in the mid-range of prices for such home equipment. It can be adjusted to suit people of all stature with a range of settings at an owner’s disposal. The display is similar to the one that Precor has, indicating the options available. While Nitrofit is not especially bulky, nor will it take up too much space when it is ready for use, you are likely to need up to 45 minutes to put it together.  It is easy to store but then you have the reassembly to consider again.

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Precor Stretch Trainer vs Valor Fitness CA Leg Stretch Machine 

Valor Fitness CA Leg Stretch Machine
Valor Fitness CA Leg Stretch Machine 

The Valor Fitness Machine is the cheapest of the good quality stretch trainers that are worth your consideration but inevitably with the price there comes some issues. That is not to say that the Valor is likely of poorer quality and indeed it comes with a major advantage if you are not comfortable reading assembly instructions.

There are certainly people like that. When the Valor is delivered and you open the box, you have simply to fix the wheel and lower the legs and you are ready to go after you read the instructions on proper use.

It seems to be agreed that the Valor is unlikely to be as durable as the Precor and that is the biggest difference between the Valor and the Precor Stretch Trainer. In terms of performance, the Valor is certainly comfortable with adjustments able to create the experience you are looking for.

It will fold away easily after use and clearly it takes little effort and expertise to bring it back out for your next session. For those over 250 lbs. in weight, it is not suitable but that is really only a minority of people.


How to Use a Precor Stretch Trainer?

It is important to know exactly how to use a stretch trainer and all other pieces of gym and fitness equipment. You must fully understand everything before you begin and then you will be completely safe. 

You should always follow the correct procedure even if you have used the Precor Trainer many times. Remember at home you will not have the supervision that you will get in the local gym. Safety is the first priority, and the next one as well. All the advice that you need about stretching before warming up and warming down as well comes with the equipment. You should learn more about the body, its muscles, and their function. 

At all times, you should stretch safely without ever getting to the point where you are in pain. Mild discomfort is fine but nothing else. If you build up a routine which is no more than 20 minutes in total, perhaps 3 times a week, with time on different stretches in the routine, that is a good start. It is unwise to stretch a cold muscle, the cause of many a hamstring injury. Get your blood flowing to avoid that. A final tip is to stretch muscles which can best be described as opposites: think hamstrings with quads, abs with lower back or triceps with biceps, you get the idea.

The Trainer should never be used by anyone unfamiliar with its use and thinking it is little more than a toy. It is certainly not something that children should be allowed to use.

How to Assemble a Precor Stretch Trainer?

The important thing about assembling the Precor Stretch Trainer is to follow the instructions precisely and always be conscious of the need to maintain the equipment properly. Assembly is not a one-man job with the Trainer weighing more than 60 lbs. once fully assembled. 

It is essential that everything is properly adjusted and aligned so while you are putting the Trainer together, you should not tighten fasteners while you potentially still have adjustments to make. Tighten everything when the instructions tell you to do so. Before you consider using the equipment, you need to be certain that it is stable and that will always require a hard surface. Keep the wrenches that come with the Precor in a safe place and use them to tighten any bolts id they become loose.


Precor 240i Stretch Trainer is the top of the range when it comes to a home trainer with many prospective purchasers likely to have used a commercial version in a gym or health club. The trainer specifically aimed at the domestic market loses nothing in terms of standards and although it does not come cheap, for people who are serious about fitness and need to ensure they warm up properly (and warm down) it remains the best on the market.

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This article was last updated on March 13, 2021 .

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