Schwinn 130 Upright Bike Review

Schwinn 130 Upright Bike

Exercise bikes are a very popular form of exercise equipment that people use both at home, and at the gym. This allows people to enjoy all of the cardiovascular benefits of running and jogging, but with much less impact on joints and bone cartilage. The Schwinn 130 Upright Exercise Bike is one such example that we will be looking at today.

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This particular example is really well made, and with good reason: Schwinn has been in the bike-making business for a very long time, so an exercise bike is a logical product for them to manufacture. It has been constructed from steel and hardened plastic and has multiple exercise programs and many other great features, which we will delve into.

What follows is a basic rundown of what you can expect to find when you take one of these units home with you. Let’s get started!

Main Features

Design & Construction

Schwinn exercise bike design and construction

The first thing to note with this bike is that it is made from high-quality steel and hardened plastic, which gives an overall impression that this equipment is well made and built to last for many exercise sessions to come.

Because this unit has been made with such high-quality materials, Schwinn has seen fit to offer some impressive warranties on this item. The frame is covered for 10 years under a standard warranty, the mechanical parts for 2 years, the electronics for 1 year, and the workmanship for 90 days.

With all of this solid construction comes some compromises, particularly in the form of product weight. The Exercise bike weighs a hefty 77 pounds, making it a reassuringly stout item for you to cycle on without fear of it shifting beneath you.

Luckily the engineers designed the unit with mobility in mind, and as such, it comes with wheels that allow people to roll it around and move it out of the way when not in use.

Aerobic Exercise

Cycling purists have long criticized stationary and exercise bikes as being sub-optimal as a means of simulating the way that cycling exercises the body. This is not necessarily true, although, as with most things, there are pros and cons to this approach.

Things have certainly improved in the realm of exercise equipment over the years. This is especially true of the electronics, which can simulate the intensity of an uphill, and the ease of cycling on declines as well. This simulates the natural fluctuations that are associated with cycling, creating superior aerobic, cardiovascular exercise.

The control panel is multifunctional, and displays all of the information relating to your workout, such as simulated terrain (such as rolling hills), and also displays your current RPM as you cycle. It also allows users to track their time, distance cycled, and calories burned. But where this bike really starts to shine is with its USB metric copying function.

This means that you can copy your workout data from the exercise bike and then transfer it to a computer or laptop. This allows users to map out their progress and can aid in training when looking at past and present performances, and how you are benefiting from using an exercise bike.

One of the best things about exercise bikes, in general, is the fact that they are beneficial to all fitness levels. This is because the levels of intensity can be customized to fit the abilities of the individual.  This makes the Schwinn 130 Upright Exercise Bike an excellent choice for anyone that is looking to get into cycling shape.

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Other great features that come with this product are a USB charging port for your smartphone and other electronic devices, speakers for your music device, an adjustable, 3-speed fan, a media shelf, and a water bottle holder.

This makes it really convenient to use without having to compromise on comfort and entertainment.

Cycling Workout Feedback

Most customers who purchased the Schwinn 130 Upright Exercise Bike are really happy with the overall exercise intensity and programs that are available on the bike’s control panel. The information available on the display shows all of the important data that you would expect to find on an exercise unit that encourages cardio exercise.

After using the exercise bike for a few sessions, users will start to get used to the way in which it cycles through different levels of intensity, as well as the 22 pre-sets, 8 heart rate controls, fitness tests, and more.

Safety Features

Schwinn exercise bike design and construction

The biggest safety feature of this unit is the fact that users can cycle indoors, keeping them safe from outside hazards such as cars, poor weather, and other environmental hazards. This makes cycling indoors a far safer method of exercise than going outside onto the road, especially if your current town or city does not have dedicated cycling lanes and facilities.

The solid construction also makes using this unit safe and secure, as it is not easily toppled over.

How to Assemble

Who’s The Schwinn 130 Upright Exercise Bike For?

This is a solid exercise for anyone that needs to stay in shape and prefers cycling to running or uses it in conjunction with running as a means to stay in optimal shape.

Cycling is an excellent way to maintain fitness and health, and because of the low to the non-existence of impact on bones and joints, it can be beneficial to injured athletes as well.


The biggest drawback to this device is the fact that the center console display does not have a backlight. This means that you cannot use it in the dark unless you have a light or a torch.

Weight is always an issue with well-constructed exercise equipment items, and this unit is no exception. However, this could have been much heavier though, so it is not too bad to live with.

Some people find that stationary bikes can be a little on the boring side, as the scenery doesn’t change as you go, as would be the case if you were cycling outside Most people have a TV or smartphone at their disposal, however, meaning that they can keep themselves entertained while staying fit and exercising.


Schwinn 130 Upright Exercise Bike is for home fitness enthusiasts that want to keep in shape without having to worry about dangerous cycling routes and bad weather, especially in winter! The high-quality manufacturing process makes this a highly durable solution for people that need to cycle regularly.

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We hope that you have found this article informative and that it has answered any of the questions that you might have had about the Schwinn 130 Upright Exercise Bike!

This article was last updated on July 16, 2021 .