Total Gym X Force Home Gym Review

total gym x force

The Total Gym X Force exercise machine came about to enable people to have one machine for many exercises. Before all in one home gym machines, you needed lots of floor space in your home because each set of muscles required a different piece of equipment.

With over 40-years’ experience, Total Gym provides innovative gym equipment all around the world. They design fitness products not only for home use but also for commercial and therapeutic sessions. This is a company that is in tune with the needs of a healthy lifestyle  to stay fit

The new Total Gym X-Force is for anyone who wants good results from their fitness sessions. Work those muscles using different methods than traditional dumbbells, by using resistance training.

The Total Gym Force works every major muscle on the body. With twelve resistance pulley settings, you can burn fat or tone up with more than 60-exercises. Many sessions use a blend of cardio and strength or stretching methods. All routines include using the Total Gym X-Force machine.

Total Gym X Force Features

When Size Matters

total gym x force

If you want gym equipment in your home that doesn’t take up lots of space, then the Total Gym X-Force is the right choice for you. When folded and stored away it measures only W16 x L50.5 x D8-inches and weighs around 75-pounds. That’s because it folds so you can transfer it to whichever room you want to use it in. Or take it along to a friend’s house to use together. It’s a compact machine with a user weight guide of up 350-pounds.

That’s only for starters, there is so much more to this neat muscle-workout machine.

What you Get in your Package

  • Total Gym X-Force machine.
  • Ab crunch boards for firming, with over 10 ab toning exercises.
  • The squat stand can be easily attached to tone your legs.
  • Leg pulley cables to strengthen leg muscles.
  • Arm pulley cables with handles
  • Glide-board and backrest support
  • Grips on shaped bars
  • Wing attachments can be attached to the top or bottom depending on whether you want to do leg curls or shoulder presses.
  • Height adjustment tubes with easy to use release pins
  • Foam panels
  • Foot harness
  • Dip bars are ideal for strengthening the chest and shoulders.
  • Plus many accessories
  • 2 stability mats for base roller tubes to sit upon.
  • One DVD for Intermediate levels that will challenge your current strength. It targets muscle building and fat burning.
  • One DVD that will provide you with a workout from head to feet.
  • Exercise Flip Chart that has fittings onto the frame so you can plan your progress
  • Nutritional guide with meal planning advice
  • Owner’s Manual with instructions on how to assemble. If you want a quick peek before you buy, here’s the online link with many guidelines.
  • Customer Service access for replacement parts and troubleshooting advice.

What You Can Achieve with the Total Gym X-Force

From pull-ups to chin-ups, and squats to crunches, there’s no shortage of the type of exercises you do with this setup. A good place to start is by watching this YouTube video. You’ll soon be on your way to strengthening and toning your muscles throughout your entire body.

This video will show you how to set the incline on your bench for the best performance. It will also get you started on a gentle 15-minute exercise routine so you can see how your Total Gym X-Force works.

  • Circular Crossovers
  • Decline Chest Press
  • Dips
  • Pullover Triceps Extension Combination
  • Isometric Vertical Hold

All it takes is a 10-20 minutes daily workout using the Total Gym-X Force features. Exercises on this machine target the core muscles all over the body. You will use your own bodyweight to provide the resistance, rather than using the heavier weights.

Once you’ve warmed up with the above exercises and feel ready for more, here is a very comprehensive guide for you at Total Gym. This is a website that can help you work out your own personal routine for your Total Gym Force machine, and it’s well worth a visit.

Alternative to Resistance Training

There are advantages to toning up your body with strength training. Though, some still prefer using traditional dumbbells and discs. This enables them to go beyond their bodyweight strength. If that’s what you’re looking for then read our article on the best weight benches.  These are ideal if you want a more challenging style of weight training. Lifting heavy weights means having a friend around to help out with your lifting routine, so you can socialize and train at the same time.

Alternatively, try lifting dumbbells to complement your Total Gym Force exercise routine. Our advice on the best adjustable dumbbells will help you decide what suits your personal routine the most.


The Total Gym X-Force is great for an all-around body workout and has all the advantages we’ve set out. Not only that but for a good price you have a gym in your own home; one that simply folds away when not in use.

However, if you want something cheaper, the Wonder Core-II might be an alternative option. With the Wonder Core II, you’ll get around 8-workouts that target the core and abs. It’s not a workout for the full body as with the Total Gym Force. Though the Wonder Core-II is not a machine for those who tower over 6-feet or weigh over 265-pounds.

On the plus side, you can find fitness machines fit most sizes and ages, and they’re suitable for both men and women. Once you’ve worked out your exercise routine using the advice in our links, you can burn fat or tone up muscle definition, and then stay that way. Only one payment required and no membership needed.

Don’t delay, get your personal gym set up in the comfort of your own home. Plus, no waiting around in a busy gym for equipment to free-up. With your very own Total Gym X-Force, you can do your fitness routine whenever it suits you best.

This article was last updated on March 13, 2021 .