Total Gym XLS Review – The Ultimate Home Gym?

Total Gym XLS All in One Home Gym

Health and fitness are something that will never go out of style. When we look at our bodies and our figures, we immediately notice why people hit the gym so often. However, time is a modern-day thing that stands in the way and we don’t always have the time to make it to the gym as much as we would like.

Total Gym XLS is a piece of training equipment that brings the gym to your home. Instead of paying absurd costs at the gym, you simply need to buy it once off and you will be ready to hit the gym each day you get home from work. This will give you more time freedom and now you won’t have any excuses when it comes to working out.

In this article, we look at the Total Gym XLS to find out if it is really the real deal or if a gym membership still makes more sense. We have tested it for efficiency to see if it will work for those looking to convert their homes into private and personal training spaces.

Technical Specifications:

  • More than 80 different exercises that will accommodate all ages
  • Weight capacity of 400-pounds
  • The dimensions are 19 x 90 x 43 when unfolded
  • Can be folded to help reduce storage space
  • Only weighs around 83-pounds
  • Includes 5 different workout DVD’s
  • Includes a nutritional and meal planning guide
  • Limited Lifetime warranty on the frame
  • Multiple Total Gym XLS accessories included


Using this piece of equipment is fun if you love fitness and it feels like the complete workout that you might need. It is ideal for all ages and every individual can find something to help them tone their muscles and even lose some weight. Here is a complete review of the Total Gym XLS from a gym enthusiast’s perspective:

Versatility Is The Main Theme

Total Gym XLS Workouts

When you think of a home gym, you need more than one exercise to actually help you achieve your goals efficiently. Most treadmills and workout equipment only allow you to work out one part of the body and this can be limiting if you need to tone the entire body. The Total Gym XLS has more than 80 different workouts and this enables everyone to workout and achieves some sort of goal. The rowing machine is one of our favorites.

The versatility does not stop there and while you might think you need a lot of room for this piece of equipment, that is not the case. Since it can be folded, you can easily store it somewhere out of the way when you need to utilize the space. It is also lightweight at only 83-pounds, making it possible for even weaker individuals to move around.

No Assembly Needed

Having to assemble your fitness equipment is really frustrating, especially when you don’t have any technical skills. You might be tempted to have a professional assist you in this endeavor, but this is costly. With the Total Gym XLS, you can simply use it as it is. Aside from the folding feature, there is no assembly needed.

However, you might need to tilt and flit the unit if you want to do different types of exercises. This has many people baffled when they first start using it to ensure they understand exactly how it should be used. Fortunately, the concise instruction manual will allow you to do this effectively and achieve all your fitness goals.

Improve Your Fitness Knowledge And Nutrition

Total Gym XLS Workouts

If you are a beginner and new to the world of fitness, the good guys at Total Gym will not leave you wondering how to use this home gym. They have included a wealth of knowledge that can help anyone to understand some of the features and achieve their fitness goals. The best part is that all of this is included in the package.

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Aside from receiving diet and nutrition advice, you also have 5 workout DVDs that will take you through each workout that can be performed with this machine. It will show you how you can go from being the new kid on the block to a shredded beast that commands respect from every one of your friends and family

Durability and Exceptional Warranty

It might be a little expensive, but after looking at some of the high-end treadmills, this home gym is actually affordable for everyone to use. It has immense durability and has been constructed with a steel frame that can hold up to 400-pounds. This means that even if you are overweight, you can still use it to help you lose weight.

The warranty is one of my favorite parts. The Total Gym XLS accessories and included parts might only be protected for 6-months. However, the frame includes a limited lifetime warranty and basically does not require any real maintenance. Now you can effectively use it to ensure the best possible results when you are working out.

Not For Bodybuilders

The only downside of this gym is the fact that it is only marketed to those with cardio needs. If you plan to lift a lot of weight, this home gym might not be for you. The features are mainly for losing weight and toning your body. Once you have this down and you want to start bulking, you might need to hit the gym and perhaps even a few supplements.

The Pros:

  • No set up is needed and anyone can use it
  • It comes with over 80 different exercises
  • Clear and concise manual to guide you
  • Can be folded and stored out of your way
  • Multiple DVD’s to get you started
  • The price is actually reasonable

The Cons:

  • Not ideal for building muscle

How to use the Total Gym XLS:

Should I Buy It?

If you don’t have time to workout and you want to make a few lifestyle changes, this is definitely a great piece of training equipment to have. It can completely transform your body and this all in the comfort of your own home. Since the price is also so affordable, there is nothing really that should hinder you from making the investment.

As we have mentioned, it might not be for everyone and if you plan to bulk up and grow, this machine will be a counterintuitive purchase. You are much better off buying a few weights and starting your weight training regime or joining the gym. It is much more affordable in the long run than joining a gym and never pitching.

The Ultimate Home Gym Or Not

Having seen the features and some of the feedback, one can definitely consider this to be an elite home gym for beginners and those who need to get into the world of fitness. We would not consider it the ultimate home gym though. The Total Gym XLS is an affordable way for anyone to start getting into shape fast.

We would like to thank you for checking out this review and we would love to read a couple of your comments. Let us know if you have ever used it and if we might have missed any other features you like. Be sure to let us know if you like any other home gyms as well, we would gladly give them a go.

This article was last updated on July 13, 2021 .