The 5 Best at Home Training Programs for Men and Women 2021

Best Home Training Programs

There are a ton of reasons why many men and women turn to home training programs over programs or plans that require a gym. Joining a gym can be very costly. When you join a gym, you are not just paying to use workout equipment and machines.

The 5 Best Selling At Home Training Programs:

For your convenience, the below list shows the 5 best selling at-home training programs available for sale on The list is automatically updated once a day. Scroll further down for our full buyer’s guide and at-home training program reviews.

SaleBestseller No. 1
Home Exercise Programs for Musculoskeletal and Sports Injuries: The Evidence-Based Guide for...
  • Wendel DO, Ian (Author)
  • English (Publication Language)
  • 264 Pages - 10/14/2019 (Publication Date) - Demos Medical (Publisher)
SaleBestseller No. 2
Exercise Cards BODYWEIGHT - Home Gym Workout Personal Trainer Fitness Program Tones Core Ab Legs...
  • Contains: 50 of the Most Effective Exercises That You Can Do! Target Your Core, Abs, Glutes, Chest,...
  • Easy to Use, Great at Home or for Travel: Illustrations Are Simple, Clear, Thorough. Just Look at the...
  • Transform Your Body: Build Muscle. Burn Calories. Tone & Tighten Your Body. Develop Your Six Pack....
Bestseller No. 3
UB Toner - at-Home Exercise Program for Upper Body Fitness, Tone Arms and Chest, Lift Breasts,...
  • Sculpt Arms & Lift Breasts - Get sleek, firm, and sexy arms and shoulders with the UB Toner arm strength...
  • Gain Everyday Strength - The included exercise chart demonstrates four easy exercises that will help you...
  • Portable, Durable, Lightweight - At only one pound, you can take UB Toner anywhere you go. Use it around...
SaleBestseller No. 4
sport2people Exercise Band for Legs and Butt with Free 4-Week Booty Workout Program - Fabric...
  • WITHOUT SLIPPING OR ROLLING or Money back! This elastic band is made of premium latex and polyester,...
  • THE BEST WOMENS RESISTANCE BANDS – The excersize band is suitable for you whether you’re a beginner...
  • MORE THAN 30 GLUTE FOCUSED EXERCISES – The band gives extra resistance to squats, deadlifts, hip...
Bestseller No. 5
DYNAPRO Exercise Resistance Bands – Adjustable, Comfort Handles, Professional Quality - Workout...
  • THE ORIGINAL RESISTANCE BANDS Adjustable, Professional Quality, Long Enough for Shoulder Press- designed...
  • PREMIUM COMFORT Workout Bands with Comfort Handles for continued comfort during repetitive movements....
  • ADJUSTABLE LENGTH Patent Pending Design includes an Adjustable Connection for consistent tension during...

You are also paying for other features the gym may have like a juice bar, sauna, showers, and group classes. Many people don’t use those added features, especially if you are joining a gym with a fitness program in mind already.

Additionally, many people like to workout from the comfort of their own homes. It saves you time and money by not having to travel to the gym, you are more comfortable in your own space, and there is no one around to judge you.

Therefore, purchasing and following a home training program is appealing. You get to create your own Zen workout, you don’t have to leave home, and it is easier for some people to stick to.

The 5 Best at Home Training Programs for Men and Women:

Let’s explore some of the top best home training programs to help kick start your new at-home fitness journey. The three workouts below are some of the best home workouts geared towards men and women.

1. Insanity

Insanity Home Workout

The Insanity home training program is based on high-intensity interval training, or more commonly known as HIIT. However, Insanity is not just your average HIIT program as it combines new elements and takes HIIT even further.

The program aims to give you “insane” results in just a short 60-day period. Instead of an only short burst of extreme effort for 30-60 seconds, followed by longer periods of rest, you work in full 3 to 5-minute blocks. This keeps your body working in its full capacity during the entire duration of the workout. You are constantly pushing your body to its limits.

There are two phases to the program. The first phase has five max interval workouts to push you right into hard workouts that will put you into shape quickly. Phase 1 includes:

  • PLYOMETRICS – legs and glutes.
  • UPPER BODY RESISTANCE– sculpted arms, shoulders, chest, and back.
  • PURE CARDIO– fat burn.
  • CARDIO ABS– intensive core work for solid abs.
  • RECOVERY- provides a break from intense workouts.
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Phase 2 is also about kicking things up another notch. Your intervals will get longer, but your break periods do not. Phase 2 includes:

  • MAX INTERVAL CIRCUIT – the most challenging circuit.
  • MAX INTERVAL PLYO – intense leg workout.
  • MAX CARDIO CONDITIONING – extreme cardio workout to push your body to its limits.
  • MAX RECOVERY – for building strength.

In order to complete this program successfully, you must be dedicated, resilient, and willing to feel challenged and uncomfortable for most of the program. It is likely this program is like nothing you have done before, so persistence is key to success. This program also requires no additional equipment, so you do not have to worry about spending a lot of money on weights, bars, or mats.

2. DDP Yoga

DDP Yoga

Don’t like running, lifting, jumping, or intense cardio workouts? Then this yoga program is perfect for you. This program was designed for athletes, and regular people, who have suffered injuries and cannot, do high impact workouts. DDP Yoga combined traditional yoga poses, general fitness, resistance training, and sports therapy elements into one comprehensive workout.

This program will help you become more flexible, strengthen your core muscles, experience no impact or joint pain, and is a great cardio workout. These benefits will all lead to weight loss and muscle growth in a fun, yet challenging way.

Again, this program requires no equipment other than a DVD player and options heart rate monitor so you can track your fitness progress. If you can stick to the program, you are likely to see results quickly – not just in your body and size, but in your mind as well.

3.  Chalene Johnson’s PiYo Base Kit – PiYo


PiYo is another low-impact program that combines Pilates, yoga, and fluid movements. This program kicks up these traditional exercises a notch by making them faster, more challenging, and fluid so you can burn tons more calories. This helps you not just burn fat, but also leads to toned and lean muscles.

The programs include 7 different workouts on 3 separate DVDs.  The Fundamentals focuses on the most effective and important moves to help you get started. You learn the perfect form so you can do the entire following workout the most effectively.

Define Lower Bodyworks the legs so you can tone and strengthen your entire lower body. Define Upper Body focuses on your upper bodies, like your back, shoulders, chest, and arms.

Sweat is for dynamic conditioning, cardio, and fast-paced movement to help you burn tons of fat. Drench is an endurance-based workout with works all of the muscles in your body and it meant to burn fat. And lastly, Sculpt is designed to keep your muscles engaged for specific periods of time. It helps with musical endurance and sculpting your body.

4. Sweat with Kayla – Bikini Body Guide

Sweat with Kayla – Bikini Body Guide

Although generally geared toward women, this program has had its fair share of male participants as well. This is a 28-day long program that includes weekly exercise plans and options meal plans as well. The training program consists of 2-3 weekly workouts each lasting 28 minutes long.

This is great for so many women and men who have busy lifestyles and cannot dedicate most days of the week to working out. Workouts are a combination of strength and cardio performed in bursts like HIIT. Exercises include movements like butt-kicks, squats, jump rope, lunges, box jumps, and much more.

The program begins with simple, less challenging exercises so you can begin to adjust to your new fitness lifestyle. As the weeks progress, it will continually become more challenging allowing you to burn more fat, calories, and build more muscle.

All of the workouts are presented in as easy to follow and simple app. You have access to a short video of Kayla performing each exercise so there is never any confusion with what to do.

What many people love about this program is the community of users who all support each other during each 12-week-long program. You have to find motivation, healthy recipes, advice, and support through the app and blog of the BBG community.

If you are looking for the whole package – nutrition and meal guide, fully comprehensive workout program, and a large group of a supportive community, this is a great at-home training program.

5. Fit Body Guides – Anna Victoria

Fit Body Guides – Anna Victoria

Geared towards empowering women through fitness and body confidence, FBG is designed to transform your mind and body. Its goal is to provide users with a sustainable program so you can see results that are attainable and last. You can also purchase a workout guide with the FBG Meal plan, which focuses on eating healthy, whole foods that can be found almost everywhere.

As for the fitness-training plan, FBG focuses on high-intensity strength training circuits that last for a total of 30 minutes per day. It is great for those with busy schedules who do not have a lot of time to dedicate to long cardio and training sessions.

The workouts are split into 3 cardio days and then 3 strength-training days. Each form of exercise is meant to tone, strengthen, and burn calories and fat.

All the equipment required for this program is a simple yoga mat and a set of dumbbells. Everything else is done with bodyweight so it is easy to work out from home while traveling, or at the gym, if you’d prefer.

This article was last updated on March 13, 2021 .