Best 3 Wheel Bikes

The Best 3 Wheel Bicycles

Are you having a hard time finding a 3 wheel bicycle (tricycle) that’s right for you? If so, you’ll want to check out our review of the best 3 wheel bicycles that are currently available. We’ve included all of the main features that you need to know to be able to pick the 3 wheeler that’s best for you. 

The 5 Best 3 Wheel Bicycles (Reviews):

1. Schwinn Meridan Adult 3 Wheel Bicycle

Dimensions 76 x 31 x 40”
Weight 71 lbs
Weight limit 280 lbs
Schwinn Meridan Adult Tricycle Specs

High-quality aluminum materials have been used to construct the frame which provides the tricycle with a lot of durabilities. You can also feel more stable while riding the tricycle due to the strong frame design. 

The handlebars have been made with a swept-back design which makes them comfortable to hold. We like how you can adjust the height of the handlebars between 37 and 40” to ensure it feels comfortable for your height. 

They’ve fitted a cruiser-style seat to this tricycle which is large and feels comfortable to sit on. We liked how you’re able to make adjustments to the height of the seat to ensure you can ride it properly and feel comfortable. 

Users have been appreciating how a basket is available at the rear of the tricycle. It has a fold-down feature that enables you to have an easy time keeping it folded up when you’re not using it. The basket is large which lets you fit plenty of items inside it.

You have the opportunity to choose this tricycle in a range of different colors. They include cherry, black, blue, silver, white, and green. Therefore, you can be sure to pick the color that you like the most. 


  • Large rear basket
  • Adjustable handlebars
  • Durable frame


  • Only suitable for adults up to 5’10”

2. Razor DXT Drift 3 Wheel Drift Bicycle

Dimensions 55.6 x 35.7 x 30.4”
Weight 19.4 lbs
Weight limit 198 lbs
Razor DXT Drift 3 Wheel Drift Bicycle

At the front of this trike, there’s a 20” pneumatic wheel that has pedals on either side. As a result, the trike is able to provide you with plenty of stability at the front while enabling you to pedal smoothly. 

The two wheels at the rear of the trike are both 10” in size and have been made with a blow-molded design. They’re thicker to make sure you can ride around and feel stable.

We were impressed with how the frame has been made with two pieces of welded steel materials as it’s incredibly strong and allows the trike to remain durable for longer. 

In addition to this, the handlebars have been made with grips that are of a professional level. Soft rubber materials have been used which are super soft so that you can feel comfortable while riding. A front brake is also available and incredibly easy to use to stay in control. 

Moreover, a bucket seat has been fitted which feels comfortable. This is especially since you can adjust the seat and ride in a position that feels best for you. 

Riders have been having a lot of fun with this drift trike as the design enables you to drift around corners and take them at high speeds.  


  • Adjustable bucket seat
  • Soft-grip handlebars
  • Durable steel frame


  • Rear wheels could be more durable 
  • Makes noise when drifting 

3. Mobo Triton Kids 3 Wheel Bicycle

Dimensions 16.1 x 10.4 x 9.8”
Weight 39 lbs
Weight limit 200 lbs
Mobo Triton Go Kart Trike Specs

We liked how the Mobo Triton Go Kart Trike comes with a frame that has an extendable feature. This extendable function can be used easily by using the 8 different slots that are available. As a result, you can adjust the height to ensure that the trike feels comfortable. 

The frame has been constructed with high-grade steel materials that are effective at keeping the trike durable for longer.

A rear-wheel steering feature is available that works well to provide you with more control over the trike. The dual-joystick control system makes the trike a lot of fun to ride on and you’re able to control the trike with plenty of smoothness. 

Moreover, the trike has been made to be lower down to the ground. This is a feature that helps you to remain more stable when riding on different types of surfaces.  

A caliper brake system has been implemented to this go-kart trike as well. Users have been finding the brakes easy to use and they’re great for bringing yourself to a safe stop reliably. 

Furthermore, the trike has been made with a chainless design. This means that you can spend less time maintaining the trike and more time enjoying riding it. 


  • Durable steel frame
  • Unique dual-joystick controls
  • Adjustable frame 
  • Chainless design


  • Only suitable for adults up to 5’2”
  • Difficult to assemble

4. Raleigh Tristar 3 Wheel Bicycle

Dimensions 45.5 x 9.4 x 27.6”
Weight 65 lbs
Weight limit 300 lbs
Raleigh Tristar Trike Specs

Customers have been loving how there’s a 3-speed geared hub that’s internal as it requires very little maintenance. Therefore, you can spend more time having fun and riding the trike and not having to worry about maintaining it all the time. 

The brakes have been made with a V-lock design which makes it very easy for you to bring the trike to a stop and control the speed. In addition to this, users have been making great use out of the basket that’s available at the rear.

You can use the basket to fill up with items up to 45 lbs. It’s a great feature for grocery shopping or other items that you need to transport. 

They’ve constructed the frame using high-quality steel materials. As a result, you can feel confident in knowing that it will remain durable for years to come. 

When it comes to assembling the trike, you’re provided with the option to have it expertly assembled through Amazon at an additional cost. Alternatively, you can follow the instructions and assemble the trike yourself. 

The trike is also available in two different colors include blue and brown. So, you can pick the color that stands out to you as being the best. 


  • Reliable V-lock braking system
  • An internal 3-geared hub for low maintenance
  • Rear basket


  • Assembly can be tricky
  • Not so comfortable for people 6’ and over

5. Emojo Caddy Electric 3 Wheel Bicycles

Dimensions 78.5 x 29.8 x 47.6”
Weight 70 lbs
Weight limit 320 lbs
Emojo Caddy Electric Tricycle Specs

This electric 3 wheel bike takes approximately 4-6 hours to fully charge and provides you with a total range of 45 miles. Therefore, you can have a blast riding around on this trike for a while once the batteries have been fully charged. 

The 500-watt motor means that you have plenty of power and can ride at impressive speeds of up to 23 mph. Therefore, you’re able to have a ton of fun riding the electric trike at high speeds. 

We liked how they’ve included suspension fork cushions as it allows you to ride across different surfaces and have a smooth riding experience. The frame has also been made with aluminum alloy materials that are great for keeping the trike durable. 

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A basket is available at the rear of this trike which is fantastic for letting you store different items while riding around. In addition to this, you’re provided with even more space to hold various items by using the smaller basket that’s available at the front. 

The grips that have been fitted to the handlebars have been made with an ergonomic design. Furthermore, you can make adjustments to the handlebar stem to ensure it feels comfortable to grip. 


  • 23 mph top speed
  • 45-mile range
  • Rear and front baskets available


  • Assembly can be time-consuming 

3 Wheel Bicycle FAQ’s

Where can I buy a 3 wheel bicycle?

Our review of the best adult 3 wheel bikes can be found on Amazon. Some of them come with various assembly options where you can have an expert assemble the trike for you. 

How much does a 3 wheel bicycle cost?

The 3 wheel bikes in our review vary in price from $100 to $2,500. Therefore, there are various options that are great for different people’s budgets.

What is a 3 wheel bicycle also called?

A 3-wheel bike is also commonly referred to as a trike or tricycle. This is because tri refers to three and these bikes have 3 wheels with two being at the back and one being at the front. The wheel at the front is what enables you to turn the bike and the two wheels at the rear keep you stable. 

How do you pedal a 3 heel bicycle?

When it comes to pedaling 3-wheel bikes, there are a couple of different ways that it can be done depending on the model. Some of them come with pedals that are positioned like standard 2-wheel bikes as they’re closer to the seat. 

There are also 3 wheelers where the pedals have been fitted further forward on either side of the front wheel. These are the types of 3 wheelers that have been made with more of a go-kart design. 

Initially, the trikes that have wheels places around the front wheel will feel quite different to pedal compared to 2-wheel bikes. Most people are able to get used to riding 3 wheel bikes quickly as the rest of the functions, like the steering and brakes, are very similar. 

3 Wheel Bicycle Vs 4 Wheel bicycle

3 Wheelers tend to weigh less compared to 4 wheelers as there are one less wheel and fewer components that add weight to the bike. Many 3 wheelers will also be able to provide you with more speed. 

On the other hand, 4 wheelers have one more wheel which is effective at providing you with more stability while riding. 

Therefore, you’ll want to consider the types of benefits that you want to experience while riding bikes when choosing between 3 and 4 wheelers. 

Other Features to Consider in a 3 Weel Bicycle

Below, you can learn more about some of the other important factors to think about prior to choosing a 3 wheel bike to help you make the best decision possible.

Electric 3 Way Bicycles

Electric 3 wheelers can be excellent options to consider if you were interested in using a tricycle that can provide you with more speed. The electric trike in our review comes with pedals that you can use in combination with the electric motor to ride around at faster speeds. 

Adjustable Features

The 3 wheel bikes that come with adjustable features are highly recommended as they allow you to alter the trike to fit your body. As a result, you’re able to ride around more comfortably. 


While reading our review, you will have seen that there are some adult 3 wheel bikes that come with baskets. These can be worth considering if you were planning on using the tricycle for shopping and being able to carry small items. 


What are the advantages of 3 Wheel Bicycles?

The advantages of 3 Wheel Bicycles are that they are easier to maneuver, provide more stability and can be used by people with balance issues.

How does 3 Wheel Bicycles work?

3 Wheel Bicycles is a new type of bike that has been gaining traction in the cycling industry. It is a unique design that relies on three wheels instead of two.

A 3 wheel bicycle is a bicycle with three wheels, one in the front, one in the back, and one in the middle. This configuration allows for better balance and increased stability when riding over uneven terrain. The most common use for this type of bike is for commuters who need to carry heavy loads or have limited storage space.

The 3 Wheel Bicycles are popular among people who commute on rough roads or need to carry heavy loads. They are also used by people who live in areas where riding on two wheels would be unsafe due to poor road conditions or low clearance bridges.

Do I need to be in shape to use a 3 Wheel Bicycle?

The 3 wheel bicycle is a more efficient way of transportation. It’s easier to maneuver and can be used for a longer period of time. To use the 3 wheel bicycle, you just need to be in shape enough to ride it.

A lot of people are hesitant about using the 3 wheel bicycle because they think they would not be able to keep up with it. However, this is not true because if you are in shape enough, you can keep up with the bike and use it as your main mode of transportation.

How much does it cost to buy a three wheel bicycle?

The cost of a three wheel bicycle depends on the type and quality of the bike.

The cost of a three wheel bicycle starts from $150 to $2,000 and it is usually more expensive than a traditional two wheel bike.

Which companies manufacture the best 3 wheel bicycles?

The 3 wheel bicycle is a relatively new and emerging product. It has been gaining popularity in the last few years due to its many benefits and uses. Companies such as Raleigh, Trek, Schwinn and Specialized are some of the most popular manufacturers of these bicycles.

This article discusses which companies manufacture the best 3 wheel bicycles. It also discusses what sets these companies apart from one another in terms of their products, features, customer service and more.


Our top pick is the Razor DXT Drift Trike due to how it comes with an adjustable and comfortable bucket seat as well as handlebars that have a soft grip. Furthermore, the frame is super durable and the design of the trike enables you to have a ton of fun drifting. 

It’s also worth considering the other options in our review as they have some awesome features that may stand out to you as being the better option. Hopefully, our review has provided you with some valuable insights into the best adult tricycles that are available. 

If you were looking for a way to cycle at home, one of these mini exercise bikes could be great! 

This article was last updated on December 13, 2022 .


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