Best Mini Exercise Bikes

The Best Mini Exercise Bikes

We can give you several reasons why mini exercise bikes, also know as under-desk bikes or pedal exercisers are perfect for your office as well as your home. Firstly, mini exercise bikes are budget-friendly and cost-effective.

Traditional home indoor exercise bikes, recumbent exercise bikes, and upright exercise bikes range from a few hundred dollars and can soar all the way into the thousands for super high-quality bikes. For many, spending so much on a piece of gym equipment just isn’t feasible.

Secondly, mini exercise bikes are fantastic for small spaces. They will fit under your work desk, in a closet, in a small storage unit, or are easily pushed into the corner of a room when it is not being used. Lastly, a mini exercise bike is a wonderful and effective way to keep active throughout the day, especially if you have a sedentary office job.

It is easy to just peddle away at your desk on and off throughout the day so you can keep your blood flowing, keep the heart rate up throughout the day, and stay healthy with minimal extra time and effort.

The 10 Best Mini Exercise Bikes:

Below we take a peek at some of the best mini exercise bikes on the market so you can make your purchase and peddle away to your heart’s content!

1. DeskCycle Desk Mini Exercise Bike

DeskCycle Desk Mini Exercise Bike

This mini exercise bike is the lowest pedal height available for purchase at only 10 inches tall. This is great for people who want to use the bike under a work desk, especially with desks that are lower in height. This bike has 8 different resistance options – much more than most other bikes on the market.

To make the resistance smooth and quiet, this mini exercise bike uses magnetic resistance so you don’t have to worry about it being loud and distracting. This is of particular importance in an office environment because you don’t want your co-workers upset or annoyed by a loud mini exercise bike.

This bike has a 5-function display that shows speed, distance, calories burned, and scan features. This ensures that you can see your progress throughout the day and keep track of your fitness level.

2. Sunny Health & Fitness SF-B0418 Mini Exercise Bike

Sunny Health & Fitness SF-B0418 Mini Exercise Bike

This is another bike that features a magnetic system that is smooth and quiet. It has 8 different resistance levels to accommodate an easy ride or a workout that’s a bit tougher and will burn more calories. Its display system shows time, speed, distance, calories burned, and ODM. The bike has safety pedal straps that ensure that your feet never slip off causing you injuries.

The pedals can be used with both your arms and legs allowing for more flexibility in terms of variety of exercises and overall usage. It can bear a maximum weight of up to 220 pounds per person so no matter how big you are you can still use this bike to get back in shape. Sunny’s exercise bike is compact and lightweight enabling you to take it to and from the office, on vacations, or to different rooms in your house.

3. Vive Mini Exercise Bike

Vive Pedal Exerciser

This mini peddler is a great exercising tool for you to keep fit while carrying on with your desk job. Its compact size stands at about 12 inches which allows you to just stuff it out of sight underneath a desk so that you can exercise even while you work. Weighing a little over 12 pounds, this exercise bike is also lightweight enough to carry around from your home to your office and vice versa every day.

The Vive peddler has been specially designed by a team of highly qualified engineers who have prioritized the convenience of the users over all else. To this effect, the bike is extremely easy to assemble. Every part that you may ever need is included in the box with your purchase.

The bike has been accessorized with an attached LCD screen that is big in size and displays clear readings. The screen is enabled with a single touch multi-functionality and is easy to access while exercising. It displays a range of information such as RPM, time, speed, distance, and calories burned with just one touch of the screen.

The feet of the peddlers come with a non-slip surface that lends the machine a better grip on the ground it rests. This ensures that the bike stays in one spot and does not slide around or wobble even when you are exerting pressure on it while exercising. The pedals too are designed to have a non-slip surface with finger grips that are molded on to the surface. They also have adjustable loops attached that maximize the safety and comfort of the user.

This peddler is also equipped with an adjustable tension knob that allows users to increase or decrease the level of resistance offered by the machine. Depending upon your comfort and acquaintance with this exercising tool, you can either opt for a beginner level lower resistance or a more hardcore workout with high resistance. This machine is great for the following reasons:

  • Exercising both leg and arm muscles keep you fit while improving your blood circulation and stamina
  • Exercising on these machines can also go a long way in increasing concentration levels and ability to focus
  • Good for rehabilitative exercises after accident or surgeries that weaken the muscles of your limb due to disuse during the recovery period

4. Drive Medical Deluxe Folding Mini Exercise Bike

Drive Medical Deluxe Folding Exercise Peddler

This mini exercise bike has an electronic display, which is great to keep track of your progress when you are using the bike. It is easy to look down and see how long you have been riding, your revolution count, your revolutions per minute, and how many calories you have burned. The scan features further allow you to keep a detailed record of your progress.

This bike is also foldable for easy storage and easy to move around, travel with, and take with you wherever you want. It’s extremely lightweight body weighing about 7 pounds and compact dimensions measuring at 12.5 x 14.7 x 6.5 inches further accentuates its portability. This bike can be used for arm and leg exercises that increase mobility, stamina, and muscle strength while also improving blood circulation and lung capacity.

The feet of the machine features four anti-slip rubber pads at each end so that the structure can stay securely in place even during heavy exercise. Additionally, you can adjust the resistance of the bike as well. For a better leg workout, just screw the knob tighter for more resistance. This bike is great for increasing our mobility and improving circulation.

5. MagneTrainer-ER Mini Exercise bike


As with most of the above mini exercise bikes, this bike too has a magnetic resistance system. It is compact and lightweight with adjustable Velcro straps for foot-security and an electronic monitor display. The display has readings for speed, distance, time, and calories burned.  It is powered by AA batteries, has 8 resistance levels, super smooth pedal motion, and is quiet.

The base of this exerciser is equipped with two legs both of which have a width of 15 inches. This combined with the sturdy steel built ensures that the machine never wobbles even under pressure and rough handling, giving a smooth and comfortable exercising experience. Its range of magnetic resistance is twice that of other regular magnetic paddlers. Thus, it allows you greater flexibility in terms of the intensity of the workout you wish to put yourself through.

The pedals of this machine also come with adjustable Velcro straps that can be loosened or tightened to accommodate varying foot sizes. The straps ensure that your feet are securely attached to the pedals and that there are no risks of them sliding off due to high-speed peddling causing you unnecessary injuries. These pedals can be used by both hands and feet, thus, allowing the machine to be used for both arm and leg exercises.

6. Vaunn Medical Mini Exercise Bike

Vaunn Medical Pedal Exerciser Chrome Frame

This pedal exerciser from Vaunn is a great exercising tool for those seeking physical therapy and rehabilitation due to medical proposes. It can be used for both arm and leg exercises which help improve blood circulation and the regeneration of atrophied muscles. This machine is designed for patients undergoing physical rehabilitation and other casual users. As such, it is not for fitness freaks who undertake hardcore exercising sessions daily.

The exerciser comes equipped with adjustable settings for increasing or decreasing the resistance offered. This allows it to be comfortable for users who are at varying levels of proficiency. Individual beginners can keep increasing the resistance level as they move further along in their rehabilitation.

This product features a body that is triple plated with chrome polish that covers a heavy-duty steel structure underneath. This sturdy structure combined with the chrome finish lends the machine longevity as the parts do not rust nor do they easily break or get otherwise damaged. Weighing below 5 pounds with a compact structure that stands at less than 12 inches height, this exerciser is easy to store and carry around.

The machine is built with a single chrome frame that ensures that there are no rickety or wobbly parts due to the screws and bolts attaching them to the mainframe getting loose.

By eliminating a multiple frame structure from the equation, this peddler ensures better stability and a secure grounding. Furthermore, non-skid rubber platforms are attached to the feet of the peddler to increase traction and grip on the landing surface. All this contributes to the safety of the user.

7. Platinum Fitness Fit Sit Deluxe Mini Exercise Bike

Platinum Fitness Fit Sit Deluxe 

This fun and colorful mini exercise bike are great if you love a bit of color on your exercise equipment. You can choose from any of the colors that these pedal exercisers are available to customize your own look that fits your personality.

It has a 5-function LCD screen that will show your exercise time, revolution count, revolutions per minute, and calories burned. It is also equipped with cool rev technology that allows you to use it for long periods of time without the frame getting heated.

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The frame of the machine is easily foldable. This lends incomparable portability to this exerciser allowing you to carry it around from home to work or vice versa as well as on vacations. Its foldable structure also makes this machine easy to store in the tiniest of spaces in your home. So if you have a space crunch at home or in your cubicle you should definitely go for this exerciser.

A lot of mini-bikes will slide around the floor if they don’t have an anchor strap, however, Fit Sit does have an anchor strap to keep the bike in place and from moving away from you. This is an important feature to consider, especially if you will be using the bike on a wood or tile-type floor. This peddler also has a 100% satisfaction and a money-back guarantee, so you can feel confident in your purchase.

8. Himaly under Desk Mini Exercise Bike

Himaly under Desk Bike Pedal Exerciser

This mini pedal exerciser from Himaly has a compact built with dimensions of 43x32x20cm and weighing around 8 lbs. Portability is obviously the main draw for this peddler. It is so lightweight and small that it can be easily carried around in a backpack or a side bag without any strain to the owner. The exerciser can be used for both arm and leg exercises aimed at increasing the upper body or lower body strength.

The resistance offered by the pedals can also be manually changed and set to varying degrees to suit the comfort level of the user. This enables you to keep increasing the resistance levels as you gradually get more acquainted with your exercises and as your stamina increases. This machine can, thus, be used by both beginners as well as people well set in their exercise routines.

The mini bike is also equipped with a digital LCD display that gives clear and easily readable visuals. This display screen shows readings for the time you spent exercising, the calories burnt within that duration, the distance you covered as well as the speed at which you pedaled. All this gives you a very comprehensive idea about your exercise regime.

The machine also allows for an easy assembling experience without the need for any aids or tools. Both the pedals and the feet of the machine come with an anti-slippage grip that ensures a secure hold and reduced risks of injuries caused by accidental slippage. All this gives the user an unparalleled exercising experience that is safe and convenient from the moment you open the box.

9. Vaunn Medical Folding Mini Exercise Bike

Medical Folding Pedal Exerciser

This pedal exerciser is a great choice for those who need to exercise as part of their physiotherapy routine or for other medical requirements. It provides sufficient low impact resistance for arm and leg exercises that are mandatory for most patients who suffer from a loss of mobility in their limbs or from muscle atrophy.

While the product comes fully assembled when purchased, it comes equipped with a folding mechanism. The folding is enabled with a quick release that ensures that the parts easily collapse in without offering undue resistance. This combined with its compact built and lightweight body lends the machine great portability. You can easily carry it around with you to just about anywhere.

The machine also has an LCD screen attached that helps you keep track of your workout. It displays an array of information that includes the time elapsed since you started your exercise, the number of revolutions you have pedaled, the speed at which you exercise in terms of revolutions completed per minute, and the number of calories burnt every session. This level of detailed information goes a long way in helping you plan your progress better.

There is also a knob available for you to adjust the resistance offered by the pedals that help you increase or decrease the intensity of your exercise. The pedals and the feet of the machine are reinforced with a non-skidding and ribbed rubber covering. This lends better grip and traction for your hands and feet as well as a more security grounding.

10. Stamina 15-0125 InStride Folding mini Exercise Bike

Stamina 15-0125 InStride Folding Cycle

This mini exercise bike is portable, foldable, and can be used on both the floor and a tabletop. The body of the exerciser is compact measuring at 19 x 15.25 x 12.25 inches and weighing about 6 pounds. It is also battery operated and has an electronic monitor that will time your workout so you know exactly how long you have worked out for.

It has several resistance options so you can challenge yourself throughout the day. The resistance adjusting knob is placed right on top of the display screen between the two pedals. This ensures that the knob is easily accessible for you to gradually increase the resistance level as you get more into the groove of things during a workout session.

This folding cycle comes fully assembled right out of the box thus, making it very convenient to use. The frame of the machine has a steel build which lends it sturdy stability and makes it long-lasting and perfect for regular exercising for years to come. It also comes with a 3-month guarantee which enables you to return the product if it turns out to be a defective piece after a few days or weeks of use.

This exerciser has sturdy non-slip foot grips on the pedals, and a foot strap for even more stability. These features make it much easier to ride the bike effectively and safely. This bike is very lightweight so it is great for moving around from place to place a lot. Since it can go on a tabletop as well, you can pedal with your hands for an awesome upper body and arm workout.


What are the benefits of using a mini exercise bike?

The mini exercise bike is a portable, compact, and affordable way to get in shape. It is also very easy to use.

The benefits of using a mini exercise bike are that you can use it anywhere and anytime – at home, at work, or on the go. You can also take it with you when traveling since it is light and compact enough to fit into your luggage.

You can also adjust the tension of the arms so that you can find a comfortable position for your workout.

What is the difference between a spin bike and a mini exercise bike?

A spin bike is a type of indoor cycle that allows the user to pedal in place to create a resistance. A mini exercise bike is a smaller version of an exercise bike that can be placed on your desk, bed, or even in the car.

There are many differences between these two types of bikes. One difference is that the mini exercise bike only has one gear while the spin bike has multiple gears. Another difference is that the mini exercise bike has no display screen while the spin bike does have one.

How does a mini exercise bike work?

This exercise bike is a mini version of the full-size one. It has a small flywheel that will turn the pedals, and a chain that will drive the wheel. The chain is connected to a sprocket on the wheel, which turns it at an angle.

It is quite easy to assemble this bike because you only have to insert two screws into the frame and then attach the pedals and handlebars. You can also adjust its height easily by turning two knobs on each side of the bicycle.

How much does it cost to buy a mini exercise bike?

You may have seen one of these mini exercise bikes in your local gym. They are an inexpensive way to get some cardio in and they don’t require you to be a fitness expert.

Mini exercise bikes are not only affordable but also portable. You can bring them with you on the go or store them at home when you’re not using it.

The cost of a mini exercise bike depends on the make and model, but they typically start at around $50 and go up to $200 or more.

What are some of the best brands of mini exercise bikes?

Mini exercise bikes are perfect for people who are living in small spaces and want to stay fit. They can be used to cycle while on the go, at work, or even at home.

The best brands of mini exercise bikes include Schwinn and Airwheel.

Is a mini exercise bike as good as an exercise bike?

The mini exercise bike is a small and portable exercise bike that can be folded up to fit in a suitcase.

Mini exercise bikes are designed with portability in mind, but they are not as good as the larger, more expensive models. They are not as effective for people who want to lose weight or get into shape because of their size and lack of features.

The mini exercise bike is perfect for people who want to travel with their bikes or take them on vacation with them. It can be folded up to fit in a suitcase, so it’s easy to transport. It also has an LCD screen so you can monitor your progress and keep track of your calories burned.


A mini exercise bike is an affordable and easy tool you can use at home, work and the gym to improve your overall fitness levels and cardiovascular health. Choose the best mini exercise bike for your specific exercise requirements, taking into account your fitness goals, the features each bike it offers, the price and space it takes up.

Mini Exercise Bike in Action

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