Best Indoor Exercise Bikes

The Best Indoor Exercise Bikes

If you are looking for a good way to burn off calories and reduce your body fat, indoor exercise bikes are an effective way to achieve your goals as long as you use them regularly.

They provide an aerobic workout without putting too much stress on your joints and are certainly much safer than taking to today’s busy roads to achieve a similar thing. You can expect to strengthen your hearts, muscles, and lungs with your circulation improving at the same time.

A whole range of health benefits can be achieved from cycling, things such as heightened immunity, more energy at the same time as less stress and you are likely to sleep better.

The 5 Best Indoor Exercise Bikes:

As there are a large variety of indoor exercise bikes on the market, and several different types, we’ve selected the best indoor exercise bike, from each category of indoor exercise bike, and listed and reviewed them below.

1. FLEXISPOT Standing Desk Indoor Exercise Bike (Upright)

FLEXISPOT Standing Desk Exercise Bike
FeaturesDesk large enough for laptops
Dimensions 37.6 in. x 48.2 in. x 22.8 in.
Weight75 lbs.
Other InformationAdjustable for all stature, men & women
FLEXISPOT Standing Desk Exercise Bike Specs

When you use the FLEXISPORT upright exercise bike you can keep up with the latest news, write an email, or phone a friend at the same time. Using this bike regularly will improve your overall fitness and bolster your immune system. It is quiet in operation so you will not be distracted from other activities you are doing or planning. 

The bike can be adjusted so that it can be safely used by every member of the family, short or tall. It weighs 75 lbs. so it is moveable but ideally you should find it a permanent ‘’home.’’ With dimensions of 37.6 x 48.2 x 22.8 inches, it does not need the space of some other home fitness equipment. 

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2. ANCHEER 2 in 1 Folding Indoor Exercise Bike (Folding)

ANCHEER Folding Indoor Exercise Bike
Features3 modes: Folded, Recumbent, Upright
Back Rest Dimensions 12.6 ins. x 13.4 ins.
WeightSuitable for users up to 300 lbs. 
Other InformationAdjustable for all stature, men & women
ANCHEER Folding Indoor Exercise Bike Specs

If you invest in ANCHEER’s exercise bike, you will have everything you need to get yourself into excellent physical condition. When you look at ways to get yourself fit and healthy, indoor cycling is something that is always effective when done regularly. This bike can be used in three different modes, recumbent, upright as well as folded, and changing from one to another is a simple exercise. 10 different resistance systems are available making this bike ideal even for the elderly, and obviously for both men and women.

With the support of a large backrest and a strong frame, people up to 300 lbs. can confidently use this bike. Features include Digital Monitor, Training Belts, and Pulse Rate Grips allowing you to get accurate information on your fitness and progress. The warranty on quality lasts for 3 years with free replacement parts included. When it comes to indoor exercise bikes, it bears comparison with all its competition.

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3. pooboo Recumbent Indoor Exercise Bike (Recumbent)

Pooboo Recumbent Exercise Bike
FeaturesClear LCD Screen
Dimensions 54 ins. X 24 ins. X 39 ins.
WeightUsers up to 330 lbs.
Other InformationAdjustable for all stature, men & women
Pooboo Recumbent Exercise Bike Specs

Pooboo offers an exercise bike with a strong and durable steel frame, adjustable seat and backrest. It can be used by people up to 330 lbs. in weight. Its mute magnetic controls, with 8 different tensions, mean that it will not disturb anyone else while in use.  It involves minimal maintenance and can be easily moved around because of the transport wheel; its weight is 60 lbs. 

It is easy to get on to the bike and find a comfortable position before starting and is ideal for people who have problems with their knees, back or hips. Posture is important when using the bike so take time to find your ideal setting and make note of it if the bike is to be used by others as well. The LCD Screen provides you with all the information you need to monitor your session and reveal progress you are making. 

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4. DeskCycle Mini Indoor Exercise Bike  (Under Desk)

DeskCycle Mini Exercise Bike
Features5 Function Display
DimensionsCan be used with 27 ins. Space from the Floor
Max. WeightNo Restrictions
Other Information8 Resistance Settings
DeskCycle Mini Exercise Bike Specs

Even if you have a busy working life, you can still get all the exercise you need with a mini exercise bike that fits neatly under your desk at work. You can exercise as much as you like while sitting there as long as you have 27 ins. to spare.

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DeskCycle is equally effective at home, perhaps when you are watching television? It is very portable and set up could not be easier. It comes with 8 settings on resistance so that beginners can start slowly and increase the resistance as fitness grows. 

The LCD Display is easy to read and includes distance, speed, and time as well as recording the calories you have burnt. This exercise equipment is very quiet so it will not disturb anyone else in the room while you exercise your joints; pedal while you hold an important meeting if you wish.

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5. Sunny Health & Fitness Pro Indoor Exercise Bike (Spin)

Sunny Health & Fitness Pro Indoor Cycling Bike
Product Weight97 lbs.
Dimensions46.5 in. x 18 in. x 46 in.
Max. Weight275 lbs.
Other InformationAdjustable seat, handlebars, and resistance system
Sunny Health & Fitness Pro Indoor Cycling Bike Specs

The Sunny Health cycle offers the traditional outdoor cycling position with its 40 pound flywheel made from chrome providing good stability as you pedal. The process of increasing resistance is simply a knob while adjustable handlebars allow you to choose from a variety of riding styles.  This sturdy bike with a strong steel frame can be used by anyone up to 275 lbs. in weight.

Find your ideal settings and make a note of them if the exercise bike is to be used by others. The seat has 4 different settings that cater for different leg lengths between 30 ins. and 42 ins. Even when this bike is placed on slightly uneven surfaces, there are levelers to ensure stability and smooth operation. Wheels for transportation are integrated within the bike for ease of putting aside when not in use.

Indoor Exercise Bike FAQs

Exercise bike vs Elliptical?

Both these pieces of equipment are designed to improve your cardiovascular system, improving endurance while reducing the chances of things like diabetes and hypertension. Safety is something that both provides, ensuring less pressure on your joints than running.

The elliptical requires something from every part of your body while the exercise bike is more focused on the lower part of your body; remember you are sitting down. As a result, the bike is usually better for the elderly and those with joint issues. In contrast, the main difference you will notice using all functions of a cross-trainer is your upper body which has 80% of your body’s muscles.

There is little appreciable difference in the calories you will burn off with a similar amount of effort and time on either machine. However, there are two non-health related factors that give the exercise bike the edge. The first is cost and the other is the amount of space required for a cross-trainer rather than a bike which is neither as long or wide, nor as high. 

Exercise Bike vs Treadmill

Gyms and health clubs are filled with treadmills which will certainly burn off the calories. They can be adjusted from level to a gradient and speed of movement is also easy to vary. However, there are an increased likelihood of injury on a treadmill, back, or knees, especially if you decide to jog. You can cheat on a treadmill by holding the rail, but you are only cheating yourself.

Injury on Indoor exercise bikes is possible but unlikely. An uncomfortable seat is probably the biggest problem you will face, so get padding. You may not be testing your upper body much and to lose an equivalent number of calories than using a treadmill requires more time, but that is surely only consideration for a minority of people? 

If space is an issue as well, the exercise bike is a clear winner.

Recumbent vs upright exercise bike

Both of these styles have common benefits but there are differences, depending on preferences, sometimes completely subjective.


  • Easier on the lower back because of the reclined position and better posture as a result
  • Larger, more comfortable seat 
  • Less pressure on your joints
  • More capable of spreading your body’s weight


  • Replicates outdoor cycling providing a better workout
  • Abdominal muscles are tested which is not a feature of the recumbent bike
  • Upper body, shoulders, triceps, and biceps are involved
  • Smaller footprint than recumbent


Deciding what you want from an exercise bike will dictate your choice from these five excellent examples which cover the range of alternatives on the market. If only because one of the machines is adaptable to three different modes, and with little difference in price, the decision is the ANCHEER Folding Indoor Exercise Bike.

This article was last updated on December 13, 2022 .

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