The Best Balance Ball Chairs

The Best Balance Ball Chairs

Most of us spend most of our day sitting down. When you invest in a balance ball chair, you are able to make use of your sitting time to strengthen your core and align your spine – the very opposite of what most sitting does. In this article, we discover the Top 10 balance ball chairs that allow you to get a great core workout in, whether you’re sitting at your desk or relaxing in front of the TV

A Quick Overview of the Top 3 Balance Ball chairs

The best balance ball chair on the market right now is the Gaiam Classic Balance Ball Chair, which provides a very stable sitting surface, has easy-glide wheels, and comes with a superb quality exercise ball. The second best balance ball chair is the Vivora Luno Sitting Ball Chair, with its rigid anti-burst air seat and machine washable materials.

Rounding out the top three of the best exercise ball chairs is the Isokinetic Adjustable Ball Chair, which is fully adjustable to provide you with ideal body positioning, and features a padded back seat.

The 10 Best Balance Ball Chairs:

1. Gaiam Classic Balance Ball Chair

Gaiam Classic Balance Ball Chair


  • High-quality balance ball
  • Four wheelbase
  • Metal holders


  • Not designed for people 6’ or taller. 

The Gaiam Classic is an extremely popular backless balance ball chair that comes with a 52 cm diameter balance ball. It features a four wheelbase to allow for easy movement in any direction. It has a basic, pared-back design that focuses on movement and posture. Gaiam yoga balls are among the most trusted in the industry, with 20 years of market longevity. To ensure the ball stays rigidly in place when placed in the seat, it is secured by two metal holders.

The Gaiam Classic is designed for people with heights of between 5’-5’11”. It is available in 5 different ball colors. The base remains black on all versions. 

2. PharMedoc Balance Ball Chair

PharMedoc Balance Ball Chair


  • Very stable base
  • Easy-glide casters
  • One tool assembly


  • Pump not very effective

The PharMeDoc Balance Ball Chair is fantastic support for your spinal alignment and core functionality. The yoga ball chair base of the chair is very stable, being made from heavy-duty molded PVC. The chair comes with a high quality 52cm anti-burst balance ball. It is designed for people who are between 5’ and 5’ 11”.

The max user weight is 300 pounds. An adjustable support bar keeps the ball firmly in place as you sit. The PharMeDoc Ball Chair comes with easy glide casters and a pump to inflate the ball. The vinyl balance ball is latex-free. The whole unit can be put together with a simple one tool assembly. The balance ball is removable to be used separately.

3. Vivora Luno Sitting Ball Chair

Vivora Luno Sitting Ball Chair


  • Stylish leatherette cover
  • Premium anti-burst ball
  • Handle


  • No back support
  • No wheels

The Vivaro Luno is an upmarket version of the balance ball chair that is well suited to even the most upmarket office environment. That is because the exercise ball has been covered in a stylish leatherette outer. The ball itself is a premium grade Vivro grade anti-burst model. There is a handle fitted to the leatherette cover. This exercise chair does not feature a base or wheels. By removing the cover, you can use it as a traditional exercise ball. 

Your purchase of the Vivaro Luno sitting ball chair comes with a hand pump to make it easy to inflate the anti-burst exercise ball. The standard Vivora Lumo will suit people up to 6 feet tall. The outer cover is machine washable and you can choose from four different color options.

4. LuxFit Premium Fitness Exercise Ball Chair

LuxFit Premium Fitness Exercise Ball Chair


  • Large wheels
  • 2 locking back casters
  • 3-year warranty


  • The ball tends to deflate quite easily

The LuxFit Ball Chair has been specially designed by health experts to provide you with the ideal back alignment and core activation while you’re sitting at your desk. Your sitting height is between 22 and 25 inches, depending on the inflation of the ball. With this chair, you get a heavy grade, anti-burst latex-free Swiss ball. Large wheels allow for easy movement.

The LuxFit chair features two locking back casters to ensure that the ball stays securely in position all day long. The ball can easily be removed to allow you to perform dozens of stand-alone exercises. The chair is incredibly easy to put together and comes with an impressive 3-year warranty.

5. Isokinetics Adjustable Balance Ball Chair

Isokinetics Adjustable Balance Ball Chair


  • Fully adjustable
  • Large wheels
  • Padded back seat


  • Wheels don’t lock

The Isokinetics adjustable fitness chair has the unique ability of being adjustable to suit the dimensions of the user. You are able to adjust to 4 leg height positions and 4 back support positions. Adjusting the inflation level of the ball that is provided allows you to customize your sitting height also. This ball also provides especially large wheels to allow for ease of transport around your office.

The Isokinetics adjustable fitness chair provides you with a choice of frame finish on this chair. You can either have silver flakes on black or solid black. The 55cm ball that is provided is of the highest grade, durable latex-free material. This chair also provides a padded backrest, which acts as a very effective lumbar support.

6. SportShiny Pro Balance Ball Chair 

SportShiny Pro Balance Ball Chair


  • 600 lb max user weight
  • Anti-burst, high-quality PVC ball
  • Lifetime product quality assurance


  • No chair back

The SportShiny Pro Balance Ball Chair is an alternative desk chair that features a high quality fitness ball along with a secure base to keep you in place. It does not provide you with a back support or arms. A cozy protective slip cover ensures that you are not slipping off the ball while also adding a stylish look for the office. 

The gray whale inner balance ball is anti-burst and constructed from commercial gym quality PVC. The max user weight on this ball is 600 pounds. The OHALO stability ring base will keep the ball securely in one place. You can easily remove the balance ball from the base to use it as a separate piece of exercise equipment. Your purchase of the SportShiny Pro Balance Ball Chair comes with a free air pump and a lifetime product quality assurance. 

7. ProBody Sitting ball Chair

ProBody Sitting Ball Chair


  • Neutral toned fabric cover
  • Stand-alone sitting exercise ball
  • Silicone tabs
  • Machine washable
  • Includes carry handle


  • Seams not overly strong

The ProBody Pilates exercise ball chair is a stand-alone chair that has been specifically designed as a sitting ball. It features an attractive geometric design that will make this piece of furniture look at home in all environments. It is covered in a neutral-toned fabric which upgrades it from an exercise ball into a stylish furniture piece. 

This ball is made from high-grade low odor materials. The ball comes in a standard sitting height of 22-24 inches. The base has been fitted with silicone tabs to prevent slipping. The cover of the ball is also machine washable. 

8. Sivan Adjustable Balance Ball Chair

Sivan Adjustable Balance Ball Chair


  • Adjustable back support
  • Lock-in wheels
  • Burst resistant and latex-free


  • Tricky assembly

The Sivan Adjustable Balance Ball Chair features a high adjustable back support and base to provide you with a superior level of back support. The rolling base features four rolling wheels, two of which are lockable.

Your purchase comes with a black balance ball and pump. The ball features a thick outer layer and is both latex-free and burst resistant. It is easily removable yet locks firmly in place when on the chair. Assembly instructions are provided, allowing you to put the chair together quickly and easily.

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9. Trideer Ball Chair

Trideer Ball Chair


  • 2000 lb max user weight
  • 2 sizes
  • Comes with a quick inflation pump


  • No seatback

The Trideer Ball Chair features a high spec anti-burst exercise ball that has a 2000 max weight rating. It is constructed from hypo-allergenic, eco-friendly material. The ball comes in two sizes; 65 cm and 75 cm.

The smaller ball is suited for people between 5’3” and 5’10” while the larger one is made for heights of 5’11” and 6’4”. The heavy-duty PVC base of this chair keeps it securely in place. Your purchase includes the exercise ball, chair base, user manual, quick inflation foot pump, plug, plug remover tool, and measuring tape. 

10. Sivan Adjustable Back Balance Ball Chair

Sivan Adjustable Back Balance Ball Chair


  • Armrests
  • Back support
  • Lockable wheels


  • Armrests not adjustable

The Sivan Arm Rest chair is a unique balance ball chair in that it looks like a normal office chair, complete with armrests and full back support. The back-rest is completely adjustable, allowing you to customize your sitting position. This chair also provides you with 5 easy-roll wheels. You can lock two of these wheels to provide you with secure positioning.

Your Sivan Arm Rest rubber ball office chair with arms purchase comes complete with a black balance ball. The ball features a thick outer layer and is both latex-free and burst resistant. It is easily removable yet locks firmly in place when on the chair. Assembly instructions are provided, allowing you to put the chair together quickly and easily.

Balance Ball Chair Buying Guide

When it comes to buying a balance ball chair there are a number of considerations to take into account to ensure that you are benefiting and not aggravating your spine and posture. Here are 5 key things to look out for:


The ideal size of your balance ball chair will see your legs at a 90-degree right angle when you are sitting naturally with your feet firmly planted on the floor. Balls that are either too large or too small will compromise your spine, leading to either a stooped-over posture or putting too much strain on your erector spinae and hamstrings. 


You should purchase a balance ball that allows it to be used for more than just sitting. The ball should be removable from its base so that it can also be used as an exercise ball. 

Max User Weight

The greater the max user weight of the balance ball, the more durable it will be. Look for a ball that has at least a 1,000 lb user capacity. If the balance ball is for children, it should be at least 300 lbs max user weight. 


Sitting on a balance ball that is not up to par is worse than sitting on a wooden chair. Make sure that the ball you buy is an anti-burst one. You should also ensure that the framing of the chair is solid and durable. It should be made from pro-grade PVC. You also want the material to be latex-free and non-toxic.


Some balance ball chairs will arrive pre-inflated while others will require inflation. I really, your purchase should come with a good pump that makes this job painless. 


What Size Balance Ball Chair Is The Best For Me?

In order to make sure that you get the right balance ball chair for your height, you need to analyze your position when you are sitting naturally on the chair.

In this position, your feet should be able to easily sit flat on the floor. The angle formed by your thighs and lower legs should be 90 degrees. Your upper body should form a straight line without a forward or sideways lean to provide balance. 

What Are The Benefits Of A Balance Ball Chair?

A balance ball chair will improve your posture as it forces you to engage your core and keep your feet flat on the floor. Due to instability, the balance ball keeps your body constantly on the move. This is constantly challenging your core muscles. Using a balance ball will also bring relief to the spine and improve your balance.

Finally, in contrast to a traditional office chair, which reduces your blood circulation, spending your day on a balance ball chair will actually increase your circulation, leading to many cardiovascular benefits.

Does sitting on a balance ball chair count as exercise?

That really depends on how you view it. We prefer to view it as a corrective mechanism and a healthy alternative to the traditional office chair option. If you are of the view that sitting on a balance ball chair will let you off doing your 30 minutes of exercise each day, then you are fooling yourself. 

How to Inflate an Exercise Ball

The first thing you should do when inflating your exercise ball is to locate where the pin is on the ball. Gently lift the pin out. Now grab your pump and position it inside the hole. Inflate the ball until it is pretty firm. When you have achieved your desired inflation level, remove the pump, and quickly replace the pin. 

The correct level of inflation of a Bosu ball pump should allow you to have a line from your knee to your hip that is parallel to the floor. The more you put in the ball, the more instability you will have. So, to increase the difficulty of your exercises, you can add more air. To make your moves less difficult, take a little air out of the ball.

How to Use a Balance Ball Chair

Sitting on a balance ball chair takes some getting used to. For that reason, you should ease into your use of it. Don’t expect to be sitting on your new chair for a full 8-hour working day straight away. Rather, you should start with 2 hours per day as your body gets used to the new experience. 

Make sure that the ball is properly inflated before each use. You know that it is correctly inflated when your feet are flat on the floor and your legs form a right angle when you are sitting naturally on the chair.

If you are using the chair at work, take the time to set the height of your work station so that you are sitting naturally. That means that your chin should be in line with the floor when you are looking directly at your computer screen. Your elbows should be positioned slightly lower than the keyboard, your legs should be at a right angle and your feet should be evenly balanced and firmly plants on the floor. You should have a neutral spine with a slight bend. Keep your shoulders open and soft. 

Every hour we suggest that you stand up, take a walk around and do some gentle stretching, such as the child’s pose and the chest stretch. 


Our favorite balance ball chair is the Gaiam Classic balance ball chair, which features easy-glide wheels, a very good ball, and an incredibly secure seating platform. We also loved the LuxFit chair, which has locking wheels, a heavy grade ball, and comes with a 3-year warranty.

Our bronze medal-winning Bosu ball chair is the Isokinetic, which allows you to adjust to keep just the right sitting position and comes with a padded back for comfort and lumbar support.

This article was last updated on December 14, 2022 .

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