Best Dip Stations

The Best Dip Stations

If you’re interested in the best dip stations you’ve come to the right place. By now you will have seen that there are tons of different options available and deciding on the one that you think is best can be tricky.

However, after reading through our review of the top 5 dip stations, you’ll be feeling a lot more assured about which one to choose. We’ve included a variety of dip station options to make sure you have a well-rounded number of choices to consider.

The 5 Best Dip Stations:

Below we review and provide a quick guide to 5 of the best dip stations. A more in-depth dip station buyers guide is available further down which you can use to learn more dip stations and dip stations with pull up bars.


Dimensions59 x 35.4 x 29.8”
Weight60 lbs
Weight capacity330 lbs

This dip station has been made with a square tube design that works to keep the entire structure stable. That’s why it’s able to handle a weight capacity of 330 lbs. We liked how there are also suction cups available on the bottom of the dip station. As a result, it keeps it very stable and flat on the ground to make sure that you can work out and remain safe.

Another one of the great safety features that’s available included the safety locknut. The locknut works to ensure that the screw stays as tight as possible. So, you’re able to avoid any nuts coming loose when using the station and causing vibration.

There are multiple ways that you can choose to use this machine as well. The exercises that can be performed include push-ups, knee raises, pull-ups, and more. You’re able to adjust the height of the power tower by using the 9 different holes that are available. The height can be adjusted between 58 – 88.6”. Therefore, it’s great for people of all heights.

To ensure that you’re able to remain comfortable, padded material has been used in the back pad. As far as the installation goes, we were pleased to find that the process is pretty simple. All of the instructions and tools that you need to assemble it are already included. Therefore, you can be sure to have it set up and ready to use in no time.

2. Sportsroyals Pull Up & Dip Station

Sportsroyals Pull Up Dip Station
Dimensions26.6 x 43.2 x 64.65-88.18”
Weight58 lbs
Weight capacity400 lbs
Sportsroyals Dip Station Specs

Sportsroyals’ dip station lets you use it for knee raises, push-ups, dips, and pull-ups. So, it’s a versatile exercise station that lets you work out the major muscles in your upper body.

We liked how there are 4 different height options as well. This is an awesome feature that ensures people of different heights can use the station properly. The pull-up bar can be adjusted between heights of 64.56 and 88.81”.

When it comes to performing leg raises, you’ll be pleased to know that there’s an armrest available. You’re able to use this to keep your arms stable while working out. It has a 10-degree tilt which makes it more effective at preventing your arms from moving too much.

To make sure that you’re able to remain comfortable while working out with this dip station, there are leather padded materials available. These materials are cushioned to provide you with more comfort.

In addition to this, PU leather materials have been used which don’t give off an odor. It’s also super breathable to keep you cool while exercising. The backrest also comes with 7 positions that you can adjust between. These adjustments range from 1.2 – 6.7”.

Furthermore, there’s a steel pipe that’s heavy-duty and very thick. This is what enables the dip station to remain so sturdy while you’re working out. It can handle a weight capacity of 400 lbs.

3. Soges Pull Up & Dip Station

Soges Pull Up & Dip Station
Dimensions35.4 x 28.3 x 61-90.6”
Weight36.6 lbs
Weight capacity600 lbs
Soges Dip Station Specs

Users have liked how they’re able to use this dip station to perform a range of exercises. These include knee raises, push-ups, pull-ups, and dips. This is excellent for being able to perform full upper body workouts.

We also liked how the materials used to construct the frame include heavy-duty metal. As a result, the dip station is able to remain very stable while your exercising. It’s able to handle an impressive weight limit of 600 lbs.

A splayed anti eversion base has been implemented to the design of this dip station too. This is a fantastic feature that keeps the whole station securely planted on the ground for even more stability.

Widening main support has been included as well. Users have been able to use this feature to adjust how wide or narrow they want the handles to support to be. It’s handy for ensuring that people with different body types can use the dip station in a way that suits them best. There’s a feature that enables you to adjust the height of the station. Therefore, it’s great for people of all heights to use comfortably.

4. Ultimate Body Press Dip Bar Station

Ultimate Body Press Dip Bar Station
Dimensions24 x 36 x 36”
Weight17.8 lbs
Weight capacity350 lbs
Ultimate Body Press Dip Bar Station Specs

A full patented design by Ultimate Body has been implemented into this dip station. It’s an adjustable feature that lets you choose between 2 different width positions. As a result, people with different body types are able to use the station in a way that suits their bodies well.

We were also impressed with how the dip station comes with a folding design. This makes it incredibly easy for you to fold it up into a more compact size. As a result, you can put it away into storage while it’s not being used to save on space in your home.

Furthermore, this design means that there are no tools needed for assembling the dip station. All you have to do is make the adjustments so that it’s level on the ground, unfold it, and you’re good to go.

The grips available on the dip station have been made with an angled design. This provides them with an ergonomic feature that works to keep you comfortable, stable, and minimize strain while working out. We liked how the pads have been made with high-quality padded materials.

They’re thick and durable to make sure that they can withstand long, rigorous workouts.

5. Fuel Performance Deluxe Dip Station

Fuel Performance Deluxe Dip Station
Dimensions26.77 x 22.05 x 35.63”
Weight17 lbs
Weight capacity250 lbs
Fuel Performance Deluxe Dip Station Specs

The Fuel Performance Deluxe Dip Station can be used to perform a wide variety of exercises. They include pull-ups, chest flyes, and dips. So, you can be sure to get a challenging upper body workout with this one.

You’re able to perform so many different exercises as a result of the design being more open. The dip station can be purchased on its own or with a set of rings. These rings connect securely to the handles and let you perform chest flyes and back exercises.

We were impressed with how there’s a gauge steel frame used to construct this dip station. It’s remarkably strong, durable, and works effectively to keep you stable while working out. It also has a powdered coat finish to prevent it from building up with rust.

Users have liked how the grips available have been implemented with a padded material. This is excellent for ensuring that you’re able to keep yourself comfortable while working out. In addition to this, the grips have an angled design that enhances the ergonomic features.

What to Look for When Buying a Dip Station

Now that you’ve had a chance to read through our review of the best dip stations, you’re more familiar with the different kinds of features that they have to offer. You can check out our buyers guide below to learn more about what factors to consider, safety features, and common questions that people have.


Checking the material of the dip station before you purchase it is important. This is because you want a dip station that has been made with solid materials to ensure that it remains sturdy while you’re using it.

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Iron, metal, and steel are among the best materials to keep an eye out for. They are heavy-duty and can handle a lot of weight. Not to mention, they’re great at withstanding regular use and lasting you for a long time.


The size of a dip station is a crucial factor to think about when working out from home. This is because you want to be sure that you have enough space for the dip station. You may also not want something that’s going to take up too much room.

If you’re struggling for space and want a dip station that you can use in a room and put away into storage afterward, one with a folding design would be your best option. They let you fold the entire structure down into a more compact size to make it convenient to keep in storage when you’re not using it.

Wall-mounted dip stations may be best for people setting up home gyms who don’t want to take up too much room.

However, if you have a home gym setup with other equipment and more space, you’ll be able to be more free with the size of the dip stations that you choose.

Your Goals

Prior to buying a dip station, you’ll want to think about what your primary goals are. This will help you to narrow down your search and focus on the dip stations that adhere to your fitness goals.

For example, if you’re looking to work on your back and chest, you’ll want a dip station that comes with a pull-up bar and dip bars. However, if you’re only interested in developing your chest, then a dip station without a pull-up bar may be a better option.


The safety of dip stations is an incredibly important aspect to think about. It’s pretty common for people to end up with shoulder injuries due to performing dips with bad form. Injuries can also happen when performing dips if you haven’t completed a warm-up beforehand.

Some tips to prevent injuries and keep yourself safe while performing dips include performing adequately warms up and learning the proper form.


Pull up dip stations are exercise equipment that includes 2 bars that are elevated for you to perform dips to workout your chest and triceps.

The pull-up bar that’s available above can be used to perform pull-ups. You’re also able to use certain dip stations to do leg raises and workout your core.

How to use a dip station?

There are a number of ways to use a dip station depending on the features it has to offer.

  • Face forwards in the position you’d be walking in between the 2 bars.
  • Have your hands on both of the bars, gripping them from the top and lift your body up with bent knees.
  • Maintain the position of your arms in line with your back and bend at the elbows to go lower and push yourself back up by using your triceps. You’ll want to keep your body more upright when performing dips to focus on the triceps.
  • When it comes to dips that focus on your chest, lean forward more and perform the same movement. You’ll feel more of a stretch in the chest muscles when you’re leaning forward a little more.

You can also use dip stations for leg raises that work your core. Position yourself facing away from the dip station and put your back up against the pad with your forearms resting on the pads on both sides.

You can then choose to lift your legs up with a bend in the knee or keep them straight to workout your abs. If you’re interested in sit-up benches for training your abs, check out this post. 


What Is The Best Dip Station?

In our professional opinion the Rebuild Your Life Dip Station, from Relife, is the best dip station currently on the market.

What are the benefits of using a dip station?

A dip station is a piece of equipment that can be used for dips and pull-ups. It has handles on the side to help you find your balance.

The benefits of using a dip station are that it helps you build up your arms, chest, and back muscles. You will also be able to work on your core stability and shoulder mobility. It is also very helpful for those people who have injuries or joint problems in their arms or shoulders.

Dip stations are great for increasing strength, mobility, and stability in the upper body. They can be used as an alternative to weights or dumbbells because they focus on the upper body instead of other muscle groups like legs and core muscles like squats do.

What are the different types of dip stations?

Dip stations are fitness equipment that is used to exercise the muscles in the arms, chest and shoulders. They are also known as ‘dips’ or ‘dipping bars’. There are many different types of dip stations that you can use for your workout routine depending on your fitness level, what you want to work on, and how much space you have available in your home gym.

There are two main types of dip stations: fixed and adjustable. Fixed dip bars have a set range of motion whereas adjustable dip bars allow for more variety in terms of how low or high they can go and what muscle groups they target.

What is the best way to use a dip station?

A dip station is an equipment that can be used for various exercises. It is a set of parallel bars on a base, which is adjustable in height so you can work on your dips at the perfect level for you. It also has handles at the top to allow you to do pull-ups or chin-ups.

The best way to use a dip station is by using it as part of your strength training routine. You can do dips, push-ups, and pull-ups with this equipment.

How much do dip stations cost?

The cost of dip stations varies. They can range from $50 to $200.

Do I need to be a professional athlete to use a dip station?

No, you don’t need to be a professional athlete to use a dip station. You can use it as an exercise for your back and core muscles. It is also used by athletes for warming up.

Can I use a dip station during pregnancy?

Dip stations are great for weight loss and for building muscle. But can you use a dip station during pregnancy?

A study from the Journal of Physical Therapy Science found that pregnant women can use a dip station, but it may not be the best idea. The study found that pregnant women who used a dip station had higher blood pressure and heart rate readings than those who did not use the equipment.

The American Pregnancy Association also warns against using any type of exercise equipment during pregnancy, saying that “exercise is generally not advised in pregnancy.”

This means that while you can use a dip station, it may not be the best idea to do so.

Are there any risks associated with using a dip station?

Dip stations are a great way to build strength and muscle in the arms, shoulders, chest, back, and core. However, it is important to know that there are some risks associated with using a dip station.

Risk of injury:

Dip stations can be dangerous if not used properly. There is an increased risk of rotator cuff injury when the wrong technique is used.

Risk of slipping:

The dip station can be slippery if it has not been properly cleaned or oiled before use. This can lead to injury on the hands and wrists due to lack of grip strength.


So, that concludes our review of what the best dip stations have to offer. Consider the main details of each dip station, as well as what your fitness goals are to ensure you pick the one that suits your needs the best.

We hope the information provided throughout our review and buyers guide has been useful in helping you make a more informed decision on a dip station.

This article was last updated on December 13, 2022 .


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