Best GHD Machines

The Best GHD (Glute Hamstring Development) Machines

The GHD machine is that that odd piece of equipment in the corner of the gym you’re probably not sure what to do with. That’s unfortunate, as a GHD machine, also known as a glute hamstring development machine is an integral part of any equipment-based exercise routine.

The 5 Best Selling GHD Machines:

For your convenience, the below list shows the 5 best selling GHD machines on Scroll further down for our full buyer’s guide and GHD machine reviews.

Bestseller No. 1
GMWD Adjustable Glute Ham Developer Machine(GHD), Hyperextension Machine with Band Pegs, Leg Machine...
  • Maximum Assembled Dimension: 71.2'' (L) x 21.6'' (W) x 52.7'' (H). Gross Weight: 203.5LBS.
  • Adjustable GHD Machine: By turning and pulling the screwing knobs, you could adjust the footboard in 5...
  • Versatile Exercise Options: While the GHD machine is primarily associated with glute ham raises, it...
Bestseller No. 2
Rep Fitness V2 GHD - Glute Ham Developer - Commercial Quality
39 Reviews
Rep Fitness V2 GHD - Glute Ham Developer - Commercial Quality
  • REP Glute-Ham Developer (GHD) is made for working the posterior chain muscles- glutes, hamstrings, and...
  • Bearing System for the footplate to make fast and simple height adjustments and Band Pegs for resistance...
  • Commercial Quality for a home gym price. 42" high (top of butt pads), 70" long, 36" wide, 150 lbs. The...
SaleBestseller No. 3
CAP Strength Roman Chair, Gray
1,637 Reviews
CAP Strength Roman Chair, Gray
  • Steel construction Roman Chair
  • Perfect for home use
  • 300-pound max capacity
Bestseller No. 4
Marcy Adjustable Hyperextension Roman Chair / Exercise Hyper Bench JD-3.1 Dark grey
2,804 Reviews
Marcy Adjustable Hyperextension Roman Chair / Exercise Hyper Bench JD-3.1 Dark grey
  • VERSATILE EQUIPMENT – This training bench can be used for a wide variety of abdominal workouts. It...
  • HYPEREXTENSION BENCH – The Marcy Roman Chair features a back hyperextension station that lets you...
  • INTEGRATED PADDING – This gym equipment comes with high-density foam, padded handles, adjustable...
Bestseller No. 5
Titan Fitness Glute and Ham Developer (GHD), Cross Training Workout Lifting Equipment
97 Reviews
Titan Fitness Glute and Ham Developer (GHD), Cross Training Workout Lifting Equipment
  • GREAT FOR TONING GLUTES & HAMSTRINGS: Tired of leg curls, lunges, and deep squats? You may think...
  • Great For Cross Training: The GHD safely increases your range of motion so you can pump up your glutes...
  • COMPARED TO THE ROMAN CHAIR: Unlike the Roman chair, a GHD machine provides stability and support as you...

Now you are probably asking the question: what is this equipment shrouded in mystery? You don’t need to search any longer, friend. The answer is already in the headline of this post. Yes, you got that right.

It is Glute Hamstring Development machines (GHD). Alternatively, the GHD is called Glute Ham Bench. The GHD is one of the most belittled, underestimated and underappreciated machines that can be found in a gym.

That’s why we’ve compiled this article to give you an introduction to the benefits of a GHD machine and which GHD machines we recommend you buy.

Though it may look like a piece of medieval equipment meant for torture, the GHD is a fantastic exercising tool to keep in your collection. It gives way for opportunities for doing various significant body-building exercises. On the norm, these exercises will be tough to duplicate if there is no proper exercising machine and training.

Initially, the GHD was designed for a restricted purpose. This seemed really silly as it was absurd for such a large machine to have a limited scope of functions. However, the purpose of GHD has been re-envisioned by experts who have sought it right to create different excellent ways to use the GHD. Cry no more, that big clunky equipment tucked in that corner of your gym is a very tool that will help you achieve your fitness goals.

Why You Should Buy a Glute Ham Developer

Before even thinking of starting GHD exercises, the first thing to put in mind is probably the reasons why you should bother getting a GHD in the first place.

GHD is one crucial piece of equipment for swimmers, athletes, and other skilled sports players. After all, the GHD was formerly developed to help professional athletes develop their hamstrings and glutes. Paying meticulous attention to your glutes and hamstrings is very important to you as a sportsman. It enables you to avoid sport-related injuries.

The hamstrings, in particular, are extremely important muscles that help in super movement, agility, and speed. Hamstrings, glutes endurance and strength are equally important. However, the importance of hamstrings and glutes is not peculiar to athletes alone. It applies to our regular lives as well.

You just cannot help but buy a GHD. This is probably because you need one. Though it may feel less tempting to purchase. After all, a GHD will never bulk you up as other gym equipment would. However, you need a GHD if you want to be all-rounded. You don’t want to just develop your biceps and neglect your triceps.

The 5 Best GHD Machines:

Below we review 5 of the best glute hamstring development (GHD) exercise machines currently on the market.

1. Titan Fitness Glute Hamstring Developer Exercise Machine

Titan Fitness Glute Hamstring Developer Exercise Machine

Titan Fitness is a brand that is dedicated to helping customers get their bodies ripped and toned. The brand’s Glute Hamstring machine is a prime example of revolutionary exercise equipment. The glute hamstring allows you to effectively master sit-ups back extensions, knee curls, and inversions.

This equipment allows you to variate these exercises. With this GHD, you will surely build your endurance and overall fitness level. The Titan Fitness GHD is an incredible machine which you can get for yourself.

This machine is for cross-training and fitness enthusiasts. Many people have added this machine to their daily routine.

This equipment is designed to isolate those problematic areas on your lower body. It is designed to isolate those difficult areas on your lower body. It will be a long-lasting piece of your home gym when bought.

Structurally, the equipment is very flexible and adjustable. This feature enables it to accommodate different body sizes. Whether you are tall, short, fat or slim, this GHD is a perfect tool for you. It can also be used to strengthen several different muscle groups.

It also helps to avoid back pain. One of the causes of back pain is the underdevelopment of the muscles due to its underuse. Thus, when these muscles are exercised, it greatly reduces the chances of future injury.

The GHD is made with a powder-coated steel frame. Also, it is balanced on legs that spread out at the bottom making a Y shape. This Y shape improves stability. It also has the feature of thick pads that are added for comfort.

The pads also absorb the pressure of the body in order to lay comfortably on the device and target muscle groups.  Lastly, the bottom of the frame of this equipment is attached to wheels. This feature makes it easy to move.

It also has a heavy-duty steel construction which makes it have greater durability and longevity. This GHD can stand the test of time. It also features a wide base to eliminate slipping. Also, it has a sleek design.

This GHD has a lot of good features. One of these features is that the wheels of the bottom of the frame make it easy for it to be moved easily or store. This is a major advantage over other GHDs as most of the other models are bulky and weighty.

They are in sharp contrast to this equipment. This feature makes its movement very mobile especially in the environment of a home gym. Many people tend to get this GHD in order to avoid getting back injuries. Luckily for them, with the Titan Fitness Exercise Machine, they do not have anything to worry about.

Just like the other models, this GHD has its share of bad. The assembly is not easy. Bad news!! It is one heavy piece of equipment and this means it is going to take a lot of time for it to be put together for production. However, sometimes good things take time to get in shape.

2. Yukon Glute Ham Developer

Yukon Glute Ham Developer

If you are looking for a GHD that will strengthen your lower back to perfection, isolate glutens and help develop hamstrings for superb definition, the Yukon Glute Ham Developer is the ideal equipment for this.

This GHD is also ideal for people who are budgeting. It is one of the less priced models of GHDs. Notwithstanding its low price, it is solid and offers a lot of advantages. Through the use of Yukon glute-ham developer, you get a very basic machine but get your exercise routine effectively completed.

It may not come along with lots of bells and whistles, but it is solid in structure. It is not quite sturdy, but you get value for your money. Its pads, which are 8- inches thick are of top quality. The machine also has a built-in non-slip footplate. Its entire unit is adjustable as it accommodates various heights. Also, the welds are solid on the machine.

Some of the exercises done on this machine are hip and back extensions, hyper-extensions sit-ups, weighted hyper, medicine ball toss and catch.

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However, this GHD has its cons. One of the faults associated with this machine is that it has lower quality pads.  Another disadvantage is that it may not be suitable for some athletes. Athletes who are heavier in weight may not find this machine ideal.

3. York Barbell Glute Ham Developer

York Barbell Glute Ham Developer

The York Barbell is one GHD that meets the challenges of the present-day athlete. It is a product of the York Barbell. The glute-ham bench of York Barbell offers multi-functional capacity. This enables the user to perform both the hamstring and lower back strengthening exercises.

The modular components of this machine make way for athletes to perform various exercises at one station. Simultaneously, it increases time and space efficiency. It also allows coaches to monitor their athletes efficiently, through the use of York Barbell’s STS (Strength Training Series.

It weighs 102lbs. its height is 46”, width- 30”, and its length is 68”.

The multi-functional capacity of this equipment enables the user to perform both hamstrings and lower back strengthening exercises. It features a twin pad design that maximizes user comfort and allows for adjustment to 29 horizontal positions accommodating for any size user. The knee pads and ankle stabilizer pads are adjustable vertically. The thigh roller pads are designed in such a way that a user’s comfort will be maximized.

The transportation for this GHD is also next to perfect. It ships out within 1 to 5 working days. However, the problem with this product is that it is much pricier than other models.

4. CFF Glute Ham Developer

CFF Glute Ham Developer

If you are looking for the best GHD in the market today, CFF GHR surely deserves a second look. It is perfect for any cross-training gym or commercial. An increased squat lift, the building of a stronger lower back, reduced lower back pain and built strong hamstrings, a rock-solid abdominal six or eight pack, these are the advantages that CFF Glute Ham Development has to offer.

If you do not want a flimsy, low quality and poorly manufactured GHD, you should definitely go for CFF GHD. It is right in height and shape to allow a full extension on a sit up. Being 72 1/4” length x 29 1/3 Width, the GHD base allows taller people to use the machine with full extension and feel safe doing so.

This GHD is also stout in steel construction. It is 2.5” x 2.5”. despite its joint bolt unit, it is neither weak nor flimsy. It is not weak because of its steel frame construction. It also has a durable matte black powder-coated frame. Its footplate has multi-adjustable foot support. It has handle above the foot rollers to assist you while getting ready to do a sit-up.

It is a piece of excellent equipment for personal or commercial gym use. It can be used at home and equally used in fitness centers.

One of the disadvantages of this equipment is that it does need more space to use. It occupies a lot of space.



The Rep fitness GHD is one effective tool in building functional strength in glutes, hamstrings and lower back. Yes, nothing works like this machine. Studies have shown that developing these mentioned muscles reduces ACL/MCL injuries. It also helps in balancing upper leg muscles which are usually overdeveloped through squats, running and other exercises.

It may be from a less popular brand, but REP GHD has a lot of features, which some more popular brands probably do not have.

Though it comes partially assembled, the machine is built to be tough. It weighs a hefty 150lbs and measures 68x36x48 inches. It also has advanced features such as an oversized 21” x 15” footplate with both vertical and ultra-smooth, linear bearing horizontal adjustments, band pegs on the front of the unit and a step-up footplate.

Despite being strongly built; this machine is flexible. It is not difficult to get the type of adjustment you want. The padding is top-notch. It only has a few minor indentations below the offerings between Rogue and York. Its footplate is relatively wide. The brand is completely sure of their brands to the extent that the warranty on this product is 90days.

The wheeled base lets you move the unit easily around your home or light commercial fitness center. The step-up footplate also makes getting on and off, fast and safe. It is also a commercial-grade quality. Its unit is made from heavy-gauge powder-coated steel. The base allows for tall athletes to perform any type of exercise as it is long and relatively stable.

However, despite all these good reviews, there is one problem. Ouch! There is no product without its share of problems. But don’t worry, the problem is a minor one. It has to do with its transportation. Due to the smallness of the brand, the product might get scratched on the way of its delivery. That is if your transportation services personnel get rough.

How to Use a GHD:

There are tons of useful exercises you can do with the GHD. The GHD is not only the best way to perform a Glute Ham Raise (GHR). It can also do the following useful exercises. Some of these exercises include hip extensions, Russian twists and GHDs sit-ups. The following are the highlight of these exercises:

  • Keep Torso Beyond the Universal: Increasing the intensity on the hamstrings by not lowering your torso beyond the horizontal. The hamstrings get a short rest when the movement turns more hip-centric. If you jettison this, your hamstrings will be on fire, sooner or later. If you are in the search for hamstring hypertrophy, trust me, this is your turn. This exercise bumps up the “time under strain”, and this is a prerequisite for hamstrings hypertrophy.
  • GHD Sit-ups: This sit-up is considered as the decisive abdominal movement. This sit-up has a terrific movement which puts the abs through a huge range of motion. It does this with intensity and speed. It also expedites the training of the hip flexors. The hip flexors are meant to work in collaboration with the abdominal muscles. A resilient core provides you with a stronger midline stabilization. However, if you want to do this, try to be conservative in your workout. You do not want to go sore the next day. so don’t try going overboard.
  • Russian Twists: The GHD is the perfect equipment that allows you to do the “Russian Twists” exercise. In this workout, you bolt your feet into the footpads, facing up and kink left to right while holding a weight plate at arm’s length.
  • Reverse Hypertension: Another useful exercise to perform with the GHD is reverse hypertension (it is also called “lower back movement”. It was propagated by Louie Simmons and Westside Barbell). This workout is done by being backward on the bench. In this workout, you hang your legs out on the hip pad area and grasp the vertical food plate with your hands. You use ankle weights or hold a dumbbell between your legs for resistance.


What are the benefits of using a glute hamstring development machine?

A glute hamstring development machine is a machine that helps you develop your glutes and hamstrings. The benefits of using this machine are that it can help you achieve the right form and posture to make sure that your glutes and hamstrings work together in the way that they should be.

The machines are also used for rehabilitation after an injury or surgery. They also help people with back pain, sciatica, or arthritis to get relief from their pain.

The machines have been around for years but recently they have become more popular because of the advancements in technology and science.

How do I use a glute hamstring development machine?

This machine is generally placed on top of a bench or table, where you can place your feet. The machine has two handles, which you use to move it up and down in order to work the muscles. You may also use it while standing or sitting, depending on what exercise you are trying to do.

How long does it take to see results from using a glute hamstring development machine?

It generally takes six weeks to see results from using the glute hamstring development machine. However, it can take up to three months for some people depending on their level of the exercise experience.

What is the difference between a squat and a glute hamstring developer machine?

A squat is a weight-bearing exercise where the person bends their knees and brings their heels close to their buttocks. The glute hamstring developer machine is designed for strengthening the buttocks and hamstrings.

Which is better, an elliptical or a glute hamstring developer machine?

The decision between an elliptical or a glute hamstring developer machine can be complicated to make. There are pros and cons for both machines, but ultimately the decision comes down to personal preference. The most important thing is for you to find a machine that works for you.

What type of exercises can I perform on the glute hamstring development machine?

The glute hamstring development machine is a machine that can be used to develop and strengthen your glutes, hamstrings, and calves. It is very easy to use, and it is designed in such a way that you can easily target multiple muscle groups at the same time.

The exercises are:

– Squat – Leg Extension – Leg Curl


Using a GHD will make every other exercise you do outside easier. Most of the workouts done with GHD are enhancing workouts. They will expand your ability to carry out other moves. You can’t just afford to ignore GHD machines; especially if you want to continue to increase your workout intensity.

You do not need some workout inducing pills to carry on with your workout session once you have a GHD. It can be said a piece of awesome equipment to build strong glutes. It is among the few of the best means to work out your hamstrings

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