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The Best Trap Bars

The 8 Best Trap Bars of 2024

A trap bar is a specialty weightlifting bar that will allow you to deadlift without placing undue stress on your lumbar spine. Investing in a trap bar will take your home gym to the next level, allowing you to pull more weight from the floor, while...

The Best Barbells

The 10 Best Barbells of 2024

If you’re setting up a home gym, buying a barbell is going to be one of your most vital purchases. It may not be the most expensive item you purchase, but it’s probably the one you’ll use more than any other. Unless you buy right, you’re likely to...

The Best Lat Pulldown Machines

The Best Lat Pulldown Machines

One of the advantages of a commercial gym over most home gyms is that it offers a range of cable machines that allow you to work the muscles of your upper body in ways you can’t get with barbells and dumbbells. A Favorite cable movement is the lat...

The Best Adjustable Kettlebells

The Best Adjustable Kettlebells

Kettlebells have been around for a long time. For most of that time, they have been relegated to the dark corners of the gym with users preferring the convenience and familiarity of the dumbbell. In recent times, however, there has been a growing...


The Best Gravity Boots

Looking for the best gravity boots? We review the 10 best gravity boots, also known as inversion boots, currently on the market.

Best Vertical Leg Press Machines

The Best Vertical Leg Press Machines

Vertical leg press machines allow you to do weight training exercises by using your legs to resist the load. This type of leg press benefits key muscles in the legs and lower back. There are a couple of different designs to leg press machines. These...

Best Roman Exercise Chairs

The Best Roman Exercise Chairs

The Roman exercise chair or just Roman chair is one of the classic pieces of equipment in the fitness industry. Though there is no consensus on what “exactly” a Roman Chair is, there has been many variations and augmentations over the years to what...

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