Best Chin Up Bars

The Best Chin-Up Bars

The Health Industry is big business with gym membership figures showing that many people living in the developed world see that the best way to boost their fitness is to do it at a club. There are a number of different motives for such memberships. Some like the social aspect that they provide, offering the chance to meet with friends and relax after a session on the gym’s equipment, and perhaps a swim as well?

For others, the gym is more than a casual pastime as they strive for peak fitness. Equipment is also available which can be used at home and it includes the best chin-up bars which are designed to improve upper body strength and fitness. It does not require a great deal of space with equipment able to be secured against a door frame but also ceiling or wall.

The 5 Best Chin Up Bars:

If you want to take the next step in your fitness regime, take a look at our list of the 5 best chin-up bars below:

1. Sagler Pull Doorway Heavy Trainer Chin-Up Bar

Sagler Pull Doorway Heavy Trainer Pull Up Bar
MaterialMetal & Plastic
Weight300 lbs.
Other InformationFits a standard doorway, range 32 – 36 in.
Sagler Pull Doorway Heavy Trainer Chin-Up Bar Specs

Sagler’s Chin Up Bar Trainer which fits easily in a doorway can be fitted and taken down easily. That allows you to have your regular session without inconveniencing your household. Its portability is just one of the benefits of buying this piece of home gym equipment. It is suitable for everything from push-ups and pull-ups to sit-ups and triceps dips.

All you need is a standard width doorway of up to 36 inches wide, and you can put it in position without any need for screws and also without causing any damage while it is in place and in use.

The rear bar fits over the doorway and that is the part made from plastic, the rest is metal. There is no need for any structural work or drilling because a small plate coming with the Sagler fits into the small gap between the wall and the top of the door frame. The bar rests on that plate which is taken out after you use the bar and kept with the equipment.

2. Stamina Power Tower and Chin-Up bar

Stamina Power Tower And Pull Up Bar
Dimensions49 in. x 42.5 in. x 81 in.
Max. Weight250 lbs.
Other InformationRequires suitable floor area
Stamina Power Tower And Chin-Up Bar Specs

This Power Tower is designed for use for a range of exercises which will help you lose weight but also to build up muscled and improve your cardiovascular condition. The range includes dips, sit-ups, vertical knee raises and pull and push-ups and more. It is both comfortable and stable with foam grips on each workstation. Durable in manufacture, the steel frame can support users up to 250 lbs. without a problem. That is suitable for most people who will find it excellent value.

Assembly is easy, as little as 15 minutes once you get familiar with it. You do not require a huge space to assemble and use this equipment. Wherever you set up the Power Tower, you will need a firm surface that will be well-protected from any damage but the non-slip base.

Freestanding equipment is regularly the choice of buyers who are uncertain about where they can put up door or wall-mounted equivalents. The frame has a 5-year guarantee with a 90-day guarantee provided on the parts.

3. Teeter EZ Gravity Inversion System and Chin-Up Bar

Teeter EZ Gravity Healthy Inversion System And Pull Up Bar
MaterialSteel & Plastic
WeightSuitable for users up to 250 lbs. 
Other InformationFits standard doorway between 28 in. and 36 in.
Teeter EZ Gravity Inversion System And Chin-Up Bar Specs

The Teeter EZ with accessories is made from steel and plastic, is adjustable and will fit nicely in a typical standard doorway, with the vertical and angled sections using the frame itself. It is the perfect equipment for a number of exercises including both pull-ups and chin-ups while you build up your strength and fitness. The is a User Manual as well as an instruction DVD and can be used by anyone up to 250 lbs. which is sufficient for most people.

Its gravity boots have buckles to ensure a comfortable fit with straps that can be adjusted so that one size will fit everyone other than those whose calves are in excess of 16 in. in circumference. The steel used in manufacture is scratchproof, with the equipment coming with a 5-year warranty. Assembly and removal are quick and easy while brackets will not damage the door frame. Extra comfort in the grips is provided by foam.

4. Merax Wall Mounted Chin-Up Bar

Merax-Wall-Mounted-Chin Up Bar
Dimensions 38 in. x 29 in. x 23.5 in.
Max. Weight440 lbs.
Other InformationFits against a solid wall
Merax Wall Mounted Chin-Up Bar

The Merax Bar is built with strength in mind. It can support 440 lbs., helped by additional struttings either side on a frame of steel whose frame is 1.5 sq. in. You will get confidence from this strength as you train to increase yours and you do a range of different exercises.

In addition to the standard bar, you can purchase accessories such as yoga straps or a punch bag. Few pieces of equipment offer so many exercise alternatives. Three grip positions are available, narrow, parallel, and wide with the bar measuring 38 in. Non-slip handles add to Merax’s appeal. It requires a brick or concrete wall before you begin your dips, pull, push and chin-ups for your workout.

There are two ways to assemble the Merax depending upon the exercises you wish to do. It is slightly bulky and will take longer to assemble than the other pieces of equipment discussed in this paper. However, the result is a comprehensive piece of fitness equipment.

5. Titan Wall Mounted Pull Up Chin-Up Bar

Dimensions9.25 in. rings
Max. Weight600 lbs. 
Other Information15 in. straps with 1.25 in. ring thickness
Titan Wall Mounted Pull Up Chin-Up Bar Specs

Titan ‘s Pull Up Bar and Olympic-size Gym Rings is a purchase that can give you the means of improving your fitness but also your technique in gym disciplines. With regular use, you will get stronger as your fitness improves.

The Rings, made of wood, are 9.25 in. in diameter and will last for years and are capable of supporting a weight of 600 lbs. The Bar itself is made from steel proving a solid feel and stability. Even professionals are more than satisfied by what Titan offers here.

Upper body exercises that you can perform on the Titan are all the popular ones; pull-ups and ring dips are two typical ones. Regular use will give you a well-toned torso as it builds up muscle throughout your body, biceps, triceps, and abs. The buckle straps measure 15 in. and can be used over just the branch of a tree if you wish. You can see that Titan offers flexibility and variety at the same time.

What to Look for When Buying a Chin Up Bar

If you want to achieve a targeted level of fitness, you must remember one basic thing. Regular exercise, using any equipment or form of activity is essential. Often that exercise will become a natural part of your daily routine and you would miss it if you are unable to do it for whatever reason. If you are lucky enough to get into such a routine, it is almost addictive in a very good way for your health and well-being.

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Types of Chin Up Bars

When you are looking for the best chin-up bars, you need to consider that the three different types of chin-up bars. Your purchasing decision is likely to be based on your ideas about where in your home you intend to use it.  The types are directly related to that.

Doorway Chin Up Bars

Doorway Chin Up Bar

Doorway bars are typically designed to fit into standard doorways up to 36 inches. They are manufactured bearing in mind the necessity of avoiding damage to the door frame. Assembly and dismantling are generally fairly simple, not adding significant time to that you have allocated for exercise. You will not be able to close the door while the bar is fitted but this is not really an inconvenience in virtually all cases.

Wall-mounted Chin Up Bars


Wall-mounted chin-up bars are certainly stronger and more secure simply because of their being attached to something as solid as a brick or concrete wall. Before you buy a chin-up bar for wall-mounting you need to have a clear idea of where you are going to assemble it. It does involve drilling the appropriate wall. You can put plugs in the holes if your intention is to take it down regularly but perhaps your garage is the best place for it?

Freestanding Chin Up Bars


Freestanding bars come on a frame and are totally mobile i.e. you can store it away and take it out to exercise indoor or outside. Each will have a base that is designed to avoid damaging the surface on which you place the equipment which needs to be solid. Freestanding power towers are suitable for similar exercises as chin-up bars.

Chin Up Bar Benefits

Wanted! Muscular arms and a strong back! Get a chin-up bar!

  • The strength in your upper body certainly improves if you begin a regime of chin-ups on a regular basis. Back and arms develop while at the same time your grip and ability for pulling will grow as well. 
  • Stronger forearms and biceps will be a direct result of doing chin-ups. Chin-ups put increased pressure on your forearms and biceps as a result of the standard grip you take on the bar itself. 
  • If you can move your own body weight effectively, it will be an advantage in many sports. Certainly, it is essential for anyone involved in weight and powerlifting, but it helps in gymnastics and explosive sports. 
  • Strengthening your grip, biceps, and back will make a number of daily tasks easier. If you are involved in working in an industry where your fitness and endurance are regularly tested, a day’s work will not be as testing as it is for those with limited fitness.

Chin Up Bar vs Pull Up Bar

Chin-ups rely on good biceps and regularly doing them will certainly improve your biceps. In contrast, your back and hands have only a minimal role to play, when you do pull up on a pull-up bar, which is certainly more difficult to perform. They test your upper back muscles and mastering the technique is certain to result in your upper body looking increasingly impressive. The grip for pull-ups is a little wider than for chin-ups incidentally.

Several pieces of equipment on the market today are suitable for both chin-ups and pull-ups and routines are regularly devised by personal trainers which alternate between the two as a fitness regime.

Chin Up Bar vs Dip Station

Dip stations are popular, especially for those wanting to strengthen their triceps as well as chest and shoulders. That is the difference between a dip station and chin-up bars. The latter is more concerned with your biceps and your back. Dip stations are certainly portable and able to be used on any hard surface, inside or out.

Chin Up Bar FAQs

What Muscles Do a Chin Up Bar Exercise?

When you do this upper body exercise, on a regular basis it must be said, you will build up your strength and more specifically:

Your biceps will develop because of the grip that you take on the bar. You will be producing plenty of elbow flexion which is what your biceps are responsible for.

The back muscles are also brought into play which to be fair they are for pull-ups and rowing as well. They are not the primary muscles being used; they are your biceps but nevertheless they do help in the overall exercise.

Forearms and Hand Muscles ensure that you are gripping the bar correctly and regular use will develop those muscles further.

How Far from the Wall Does a Chin Up Bar Need to Be?

When you buy a chin up bar, you may want to be able to do other exercises as well which may influence your decision but purely for chin ups, 18 inches up to 24 inches is a good choice. Anything longer is not really necessary.

How Much Weight Can a Chin Up Bar Take?

There are different maximum weights recommended for different pieces of equipment which you should consider when looking at which one to buy. Very few people exceed 300 lbs. for example and if they do, chin ups may not be the most suitable exercise to consider anyway. If you have any worries, look at the equipment which appears to be the most sturdy and stable and which will therefore give you maximum confidence.

Why Buy Equipment rather then Use the Local Gym?

Having exercise equipment at home gives you flexibility. A one-off investment on a good chin-up bar is not a huge amount of money. Perhaps you will enjoy a gym as well and the social side that it offers enjoying time with friends. However, there is nothing to stop your exercising between visits to the gym anyway. Friends will see your improvement if you do. Perhaps do not tell them about your extra work either? 

Will I Get Bored with a Chin Up Bar?

Many people start off with good intentions and buy fitness equipment for home, use it a few times and then it gathers dust in a cupboard. That may well be you and there is no legislating for that.

However, if you get into a regular routine and gradually see your overall condition improving, you will not regret it. Many of the chin-up bars on the market today are very versatile and provide you with a variety of exercise options that should avoid your getting bored with repetition. When you start thinking about buying, bear this in mind when making your decision.

How to Use a Chin Up Bar

Do not be discouraged if you struggle to get started on a chin-up bar. It is something that requires a certain level of fitness to use effectively. Given that you have that level of fitness, and you decide it is time to buy a push-up bar, after assembly, you need to get a comfortable grip with your hands about the same width as your shoulders.

Your head should be within your two biceps and your elbows extended. The chin-up grip involves your palms facing towards you as you hang freely. It is then a matter of being strong enough to lift your body using the strength in your arms until you can, in theory, rest your chin on the bar. As you use the chin-up bar regularly, you should be able to do that an increasing number of times.


As soon as you consider a chin-up bar, you are almost committing yourself to build up your strength and fitness beyond what is need for general health. For that reason, it is worth investing in the Merax Wall-Mounted Pull-Up Bar which will continue to test you and with regular use allow you to achieve your aim.

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