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The 8 Best Weight Benches of 2024

A weight bench is a perfect tool to have an effective workout at home or at the gym. However, if you want to work out and train with benches then it is important that you find the right kind of training benches to help you. If you pick out the wrong sort of bench then it can cause problems with your training and delay getting yourself fit.

The 5 Best Selling Weight Benches:

For your convenience, the below list shows the 5 best selling weight benches on Scroll further down for our full buyer’s guide and weight bench reviews.

Bestseller No. 1
NFEET Adjustable Weight Bench for Full Body Workout, Foldable Workout Bench for Home Gym,...
  • 【A high-Performance Fitness Partner】NFEET weight bench, with a load-bearing capacity of up to 660...
  • 【Multiple Adjustable Gears to Meet Personalized Needs】Everyone has different fitness goals and...
  • 【-15° Decline Sit-Up】The back can be easily adjusted between 8 gears, and can perform sitting...
SaleBestseller No. 2
Lusper Weight Bench for Home Gym, Adjustable and Foldable Weight Bench, Multi-Purpose Workout Bench...
14 Reviews
Lusper Weight Bench for Home Gym, Adjustable and Foldable Weight Bench, Multi-Purpose Workout Bench...
  • 660lb True Capacity for Improved Security: Feel your training rock solid with the upgraded steel and pro...
  • Fully Adjustable, Incredibly Versatile: Get your best full body muscle pump with this 3 in 1 bench (with...
  • 3-Sec Fold, Space Saving: Store the weight bench anywhere you like in any small space! Can be easily...
SaleBestseller No. 3
Yoleo Adjustable Weight Bench for Full Body Workout; Foldable Bench Press Bench of Home Gym Strength...
431 Reviews
Yoleo Adjustable Weight Bench for Full Body Workout; Foldable Bench Press Bench of Home Gym Strength...
  • 🆕 【Yoleo】is a fitness equipment brand that aims to provide affordable, durable and effective...
  • 🆕 【Stable Structure】Heavy duty steel makes this weight bench a sturdy support for the toughest...
  • 🆕 【84 Adjustable Options& Fast Adjustment】 This workout bench offers 7 back adjustments, 4 seat...
SaleBestseller No. 4
FLYBIRD Weight Bench, Adjustable Strength Training Bench for Full Body Workout with Fast Folding-New...
22,596 Reviews
FLYBIRD Weight Bench, Adjustable Strength Training Bench for Full Body Workout with Fast Folding-New...
  • 【Weight capacity is 800 pounds】; Designed a unique frame with triangular structure and made of heavy...
  • 【Fast adjustment with automatic lock】; Designed with 7 back positions and 3 seat positions for full...
  • 【Good 2 inch soft foam padding】; 10.6 inch upgraded backrest and seat made of pu leather and filled...
SaleBestseller No. 5
Lusper Adjustable Weight Bench Foldable - 600 Lb Stable Workout Bench, 5 Sec Fast Folding...
147 Reviews
Lusper Adjustable Weight Bench Foldable - 600 Lb Stable Workout Bench, 5 Sec Fast Folding...
  • 【TRUE 600lb Capacity for Improved Security】 With upgraded steel and the most rigorous load tests, the...
  • 【Pro Adjustment for Enhanced Stability】 Simply sliding the rear bar into slots ensures the backrest...
  • 【Fully Adjustable for the Great Physique】 Up your workout with the heavenly versatility:3 upper leg...

Going to the gym can help you out but there are times when staying at home is nice and you can have these types of benches at home and do your training whenever you want.

You already found your weight bench and are looking for the perfect workout weights to get your training started? Check out our buying guide for workout weights to find out which type will suit you best!

First, take a look at some of the top-rated and best-selling weight benches right now to give you an idea of what’s popular today:

What to Consider When Buying a Weight Bench

Some of the benches are just simple flat benches that have weights on them that are light and other benches are for the more serious lifter made for heavyweights. Before deciding what type of bench you would like to buy think about your goals and the types of workouts you might be doing. This should determine what type of bench you end up buying. If you want to go pro then talk with your doctor first and make sure that your body can handle it.

Another thing to remember is that even when you buy just a simple bench you can still upgrade it later and add in different weights as you become stronger. Sometimes starting out simple might also be ideal for the beginner.

A flat bench allows you to do a variety of positions and you can also lift up weights on them. You can even use dumbbells on flat benches. However, if you already are in shape and want to lift heavy weights then buying the right workout bench which is stable enough to support that kind of weight is a must.

When you are reviewing the weight benches and weights finding the perfect combination might be difficult because everyone has a different type of body and with that comes different goals with weight training. There are mainly 4 different types of weight benches that you will find available and this is what they currently are:

Types of Weight Benches

Preacher Curl Bench

Preacher Curl Bench

If you want to tone up your biceps but yet at the same time want to keep your arms stabilized while you work out then you might want to look into a preacher curl bench. This type of bench is small, easy to move around, normally foldable and you can take it outside or leave it inside.

The 2 Best Preacher Curl Benches:

1. Pure Fitness F.I.D. Bench

Pure Fitness F.I.D. Bench

This bench is currently on sale at $89 online. You will find it has a flat/decline and incline bench that comes with a built-in curl and leg left. It’s very easy to clean and also maintain. This bench is great for your biceps. You can use a variety of positions on this bench.

2. Gold’s Gym XRS 20 Olympic Bench

Gold's Gym XRS 20 Olympic Workout Bench

This bench from Gold’s Gym is a multi-functional fitness tool that lets you work out almost every part of your body. Besides the preacher curl function for your forearms and biceps, you can also use the XRS 20 to work out your hamstrings and quads as well as other muscles. It is also built for weights of up to 600 pounds which makes it interesting to the more serious lifters among you. It is currently on sale for $223 saving you $75.

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Dumbbell Weight Bench

Dumbbell Weight Bench

A dumbbell weight bench is recommended instead of using just barbells. This type of bench usually doesn’t have any sort of barbell rack with it and in general, the bench is flat and simple. Most of the models happen to have an upper half which is adjustable and you can easily attach preacher curls and leg presses.

The 2 Best Dumbbell Weight Benches:

1. XMark Ab Versa Weight Bench XM-7629

XMark Ab Versa Weight Bench XM-7629

The Xmark XM-7629 is one of the most advanced lifters among you. It is fully adjustable to any position imaginable and comes with a lifetime warranty. On top of that, it supports a weight of up to 1500 pounds which should give even the heaviest lifter enough room to play. The bench comes at around $295.

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2. Bowflex SelectTech Adjustable Bench Series 3.1

Bowflex SelectTech 552 Adjustable Dumbbells Exercise

This bench from Bowflex is around $129 online. You can easily turn any space that you might have into a fitness center with this one. You can adjust and turn it into four different types of positions and do over 30 exercises with it. The bench also helps correct your posture and stabilize your position so your workout is safe.

Olympic Weight Bench


Olympic weight benches are great because they are usually more stable since the bars offer extra support. This makes them very popular among fitness freaks. You can find a variety of these types of benches in the gym but the good news is you don’t have to go to the gym to get one.

The 2 Best Olympic Weight Benches:

1. Body Champ WB125 Olympic Weight Bench

The Body Champ WB125 is a traditional Olympics weight bench. It is a lower-end model that is perfect for beginners. The bench is adjustable to allow for incline, decline, and flat bench press positions. It also has a function to incorporate a leg workout. Priced at $80 this bench is ideal for beginners. However, if you are serious about your training you should definitely consider a more expensive option.

2. Marcy Diamond Olympic Surge Bench

Marcy Olympic Weight Bench

The Marcy Diamond is one of the more advanced Olympic benches on the market. It is currently on sale for $200 which saves you $100 and it a great bargain considering that it is much more stable than other cheaper options. Like a lot of other fitness equipment that is for the home user it also has different functions for leg workouts as well as a preacher curl bench incorporated.

Ab Weight Bench


Last but not least you might want to consider ab weight benches to incorporate ab workouts into your routine. These types of benches either decline or are horizontal.

The 2 Best Ab Weight Benches:

1. XMark Commercial FID Ab Versa Weight Bench XM-7629

XMark Ab Versa Weight Bench XM-7629

This ab bench is one of the best out there and can be found for around $295 online. It has a 7 position ladder back adjustment and the seat is adjustable in 6 different types of positions offering you much more than just an ab workout. It is incredibly stable and one of the best money can buy.

2. XMark Fitness XM-4416 Ab Weight Bench

XMark Fitness XM-4416 Ab Weight Bench

The XM-4416 is another ab bench by XMark. This model is priced at $150 and therefore considerably cheaper than the Ab Versa. However, it does not offer as many extra functions as the bigger brother. If you are looking for a true ab workout without all the extras this is the bench for you.

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What are the features of a good weight bench?

Weight benches are designed to provide comfort, stability and support. But it is important to also consider the features that you need out of a weight bench, such as how many weight plates can it hold, how much space does it take up and what type of materials is the bench made out of.


– How many weight plates can it hold?

– How much space does it take up?

– What type of materials is the bench made out of?

Is the best weight bench foldable?

Weight benches come in different shapes and sizes. Some are foldable and some are not.

Some weight benches don’t fold up as they can be bulky and difficult to store. However, this doesn’t mean that you should get a bench that doesn’t fold up if you don’t need it to be foldable.

The best weight bench will depend on your needs, but the most important thing is that it has the right size for your space.

What are other materials used to make a good weight bench?

Weight benches are a common piece of equipment found in gyms and fitness centers. They are typically made out of steel or aluminum.

Weight bench materials:

– Steel:

– Aluminum:

What are some of the benefits of using a weight bench?

Weight benches give you a variety of benefits. They can help you strengthen your back, abs, and arms. They also provide a more comfortable workout environment than free weights.

Some weight benches have a built-in weight storage rack that can be used to store up to 50 pounds worth of plates on one side of the bench while the other side has a bar holder or two bars so that you can perform exercises like bicep curls or triceps extensions without having to move around too much.

How much does a good weight bench cost?

A weight bench is a piece of equipment that allows you to do weight training. It consists of a flat surface, called the “bench,” that supports your back, and a barbell or dumbbells that you can use for various exercises.

Weight benches vary in price depending on their features and the quality of materials used. They can range from $100 to $1,000 or more. If you are just starting out with weight training, it is best to go for a cheaper model as it will last longer than more expensive ones.

How often should I use a weight bench?

Weight benches are used to increase strength and endurance in weight training. They can also be used for rehabilitation and to prevent injuries.

The answer is, it depends on your goals. If you are just starting out with weight training, one session per week should suffice. However, if you are more advanced and looking to build muscle mass or increase the intensity of your workouts, then two sessions per week is appropriate.

A good indicator for how often you should use a weight bench is the frequency of your workouts – if you train more than four times per week, then two sessions every day would be best for maximizing gains in muscle mass and strength.

If you want to prevent injuries or rehabilitate from an injury, then one session per day would

Should I use an adjustable or fixed weight bench?

The bench should be used for a variety of exercises. The weight is adjustable, so it’s easy to make the bench more challenging for your workout.

Adjustable weight benches are great for people who want to vary their workouts and increase their intensity. This means that you can make the bench lighter when you’re warming up or heavier when you’re doing more intense exercises like squats.

Do I need any special equipment for using a weight bench?

Weight benches are one of the most popular pieces of equipment used by people to work out. They are used for a variety of exercises and can be found in gyms and other workout spaces.

It is important to know whether or not you need any special equipment for using a weight bench before you start. Weight benches can be expensive, but it is important to know what kind of weight bench you need before you buy one.

Weight benches have different levels of difficulty and offer different exercises for users. It is also important to know whether or not the weight bench will fit your needs before buying it.


If you are unsure as to what type of bench you might want to buy then visit a local gym or either go to Sears or a sports department near you. Look at the benches closely and see which one feels right. Be sure to check your training goals and see if the bench you want to buy offers everything you will need in your workout.

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