The Best T-Bar Row Attachments

The 8 Best T-Bar Row Attachments of 2024

When it comes to building a thick, wide back, you’ve got to be doing a combination of pulling and rowing movements. The acknowledged king of pulling exercises for lat width is the pull-up. When it comes to upper back thickness, however, you need to be able to row as heavy a weight as possible in toward your torso. 

One of the best moves to do it is the T-Bar Row. But not many guys are fortunate enough to have a T-Bar Machine sitting in their garage. The good news is that you don’t need one; with a relatively inexpensive t-bar row attachment you can convert any standard or Olympic bar into a-bar rowing station. 

In this article, I’ll review the 8 best T-Bar row attachments on today’s market to allow you to benefit from this classic exercise in your home gym. I’ll also provide you with a form breakdown on the t-bar row as well as some great alternative rowing exercises for back thickness. 

Quick Overview of The Top 3 T-Bar Row Attachments

Best Landmine T-Bar Base: Everstrong T-Bar Row Attachment

  • Inexpensive
  • 360-degree swivel
  • Fits one and two-inch diameter bars

Best T-Bar Handle Attachment: Logest T Bar Row Landmine Attachment

  • 3 gripping options
  • Fits both standard and Olympic bars
  • Heavy-duty steel construction

Best Thick V Handle: Rogue Thick Parallel Landmine Handle

  • Slips onto the bar
  • Does not scratch the bar
  • Allows for a neutral grip
  • Thickens the grip

The 8 Best T-Bar Row Attachments Rated:

Everstrong T-Bar Row Attachment4.75/54.75/54.75/5
Logest T Bar Row Landmine Attachment4.55/54.75/54.5/5
Rogue Thick Parallel Landmine Handle4.5/54.25/54.5/5
HIMAmonkey T Bar Row Attachment4.55/54.25/54.25/5
Power Systems Landmine Training Station4.5/54.5/54.5/5
Rogue Landmine Base4.0/54.0/54.0/5
Yes4All Deluxe T-Bar Row Attachment4.25/54.0/54.0/5
A2ZCARE T-Bar Row Plate Post Insert Landmine4.25/54.0/54.0/5

The 8 Best T-Bar Row Attachments Reviewed:

1. Everstrong T-Bar Row Attachment

Everstrong T-Bar Row Attachment


  • Inexpensive
  • 360-degree swivel
  • Fits one and two-inch diameter bars


  • May scratch some chrome-plated bars

The Everstrong T-Bar Row attachment consists of a landmine base swivel stand to allow you to attach an Olympic or standard barbell. It allows you to perform t-bar rows as well as a range of landmine exercises. It also allows for a full 360-degree swivel so it can be used in a range of settings. 

This attachment can be used with both a one-inch and two-inch diameter bar. It is a simple process to insert a barbell, hex bar, or squat bar into the mouth of the tube. You then adjust the heft as needed. The great thing about this attachment is that you don’t need to screw it down to your floor. Simply put the end into the center holes of a couple of stacked 45-pound plates and it will be secure enough to hold steady while you are working. 

This attachment is made to be super strong and will handle all the weight you can handle for t-bar rows. This is one of the least expensive, easy-to-use t-bar row attachments you will find anywhere. 

2. Logest T Bar Row Landmine Attachment

Logest T Bar Row Landmine Attachment


  • 3 gripping options
  • Fits both standard and Olympic bars
  • Heavy-duty steel construction


  • May sauce scratching on the bar

The Logest T Bar Landmine Attachment is a handle attachment that fits on the working end of the barbell when you are doing the t-bar brown. It provides you with three different gripping options to provide you with plenty of training variety. It is made from heavy-duty steel and finished in a black coating to prevent rust and corrosion. 

This attachment also features a center grip so that you can perform one-arm t-bar rows. 

This handle attachment comes with two slide tubes so that it can be used with either a one-inch (standard) or a two-inch (Olympic) bar. Fitting the bar is easy. You simply slide the seamless tube onto the free end of the bar. This is a lightweight, portable unit that features an anti-slip handle design for added user comfort. The max capacity of this handle attachment is 300 lbs. 

3. Rogue Thick Parallel Landmine Handle

Rogue Thick Parallel Landmine H


  • Slips onto the bar
  • Does not scratch the bar
  • Allows for a neutral grip
  • Thickens the grip


  • Handles may be too thick for some users

The landmine base isn’t the only thing you need to perform t-bar rows; you also require some sort of V handle. This thick parallel landmine handle from Rogue is ideal for grapplers like wrestlers. It consists of a larger-than-standard V-handle that slides over the barbell just like a weight plate. That means that you are able to grab it with a neutral grip that is safer and more secure than if you were using a standard V-handle. 

A major plus of this attachment is that it will not scratch up your bar the way that a regular V-bar would do. With this attachment, your bar knurling will not be compromised. The thicker than the standard handle on this attachment is also ideal for developing your grip, wrist, and forearm strength. 

4. HIMAmonkey T Bar Row Attachment

HIMAmonkey T Bar Row Attachment


  • 3mm steel construction
  • Sweat-resistant grips
  • Allows for greater lateral movement


  • Max weight limited to 80kg

The HIMAmonkey T Bar Row Attachment is a handle attachment to allow you to perform your t-bar rows with a range of secure grip and handle widths. It’s made from high-quality carbon steel pipe. The max load on this handle is 80 kg, which may be a bit limiting for some people. 

The V Bar grip handles on this bar features top-quality sweat-absorbing pp plastic. This helps to ensure a secure grip when you’re pulling up the bar. This attachment allows you to assume a wider grip than if you were using a conventional V-bar. This greatly enhances your range of lateral movement on the t-bar row to provide you with greater lat activation.

The bar is made from 3mm high-strength steel for durability and ruggedness. 

5. Power Systems Landmine Training Station

Power Systems Landmine Training Station


  • Takes Olympic and Standard barbells
  • Non-skid runner base
  • Doesn’t need bolting down


  • The base may move around on some landmine exercises (though will stay secure for t-bar rows)

The Power System Landmine Training System has a non-skid rubber base that sits firmly in place without being bolted down. It features a loop handle for ease of carrying. This attachment will take either an Olympic (2 inch) or Standard (1 inch) diameter bar. This is an effective, easy-to-use base that will allow you to do your t-bar rows with ease. 

The heavy base of this unit will be fine for home users. However, if bought for a commercial setting, you will want to drill holes in the base and connect it to the floor. 

6. Rogue Landmine Base

Rogue Landmine Base


  • Portable
  • Cost-effective
  • Does not require bolting down


  • You will need to have a couple of bumper plates available to act as a base holder
  • Only works with 2-inch diameter Olympic bars

The Rogue Landmine Base is a solid, reliable attachment that is simple to use. Just stack a couple of bumper plates on the floor then drop the base of the attachment through the center holes. That is enough to securely hold the attachment in place.

This is one of the lightest landmine attachments that you will ever come across, weighing in at just 9 pounds. That makes it ideal to carry to the gym in your workout bag. This is an excellent, robust, and cost-effective way to set up a t-bar station at home or in the gym. However, you will need to have a couple of bumper plates on hand to set it up.

The Rogue Landmine Base will only work with an Olympic bar. 

7. Yes4All Deluxe T-Bar Row Attachment

Yes4All Deluxe T-Bar Row Attachment


  • It Fits Olympic and Standard barbells
  • Safety lock knob
  • Gauge steel construction


  • Can’t be secured by the bumper or weight plates

The Yes4All T-Bar Row Attachment is another solid performer that fits both one-inch and two-inch diameter bars. This attachment features a safety lock knob to allow you to keep the bar secure when you’re working out. The attachment is made from gauge steel and is able to pivot 360 degrees for a full range of movement. 

This attachment can be bolted to the floor or a wall. It can also be secured to an upright without requiring a permanent fixture. Yes4All also sells a bar handle attachment which works well with the attachment for performing t-bar rows. 

8. A2ZCARE T-Bar Row Plate Post Insert Landmine

A2ZCARE T-Bar Row Plate Post Insert Landmine

The A2ZCARE T-Bar Row Plate Post Insert Landmine is a 360-degree swivel and 180-degree up and down attachment to allow for full movement in every direction. This sleeve will only fit a 2-inch bar, so you will only be able to load an Olympic bar, and not a standard one. Simply insert the base of the unit into a pair of stacked 45-pound plates to hold it in place.

Once you insert the bar into the sleeve, you simply tighten a secure knob to hold it firmly in place. This unit is finished in electrostatic powder coating for a stylish, rust-proof finish. Weighing in at just 6 lbs, this is a very portable unit. However, there are some reports that it scratches the bar. 

Landmine or T-Bar Attachment

The T-Bar attachment is also known as a landmine attachment. The landmine attachment allows you to fix one end of a barbell to the floor. This allows you to do a range of exercises with the bar moving up from the floor at an angle. There are also attachments you can purchase to slide onto the other end of the bar to provide a handle for yourself to row the bar up to your chest. 

How to Do the T-Bar Row 

You can do the T-Bar Row exercise either on a full t-bar row machine or by using a t-bar attachment. We’ll cover both versions.

T-Bar Row Machine

  1. Stand on the T-bar row platform with your feet shoulder-width apart. Grab the handles just outside shoulder width.
  2. Assume a bent-over position with your knees slightly and your back in a neutral spine position. Keep your hips high (you don’t want to be in a squatting position). Your hips should be pushed back and knees slightly bent so that your torso is parallel to the bar.
  3. Pull the bar up to your chest, inhaling as you do so. Squeeze the back in the top contracted position.
  4. Lower the bar under control and repeat.

Training Tips

Focus on retracting the scapula and bring the elbows high. A lot of guys round the shoulders so that they are really just rowing with arms; don’t make that mistake. To avoid this pull the shoulders back, puff the chest out and keep the elbows high. That will allow for a full contraction in the lats and upper back. 

T-Bar Attachment

  1. Place an Olympic bar in the lat attachment landmine base. 
  2. Load the appropriate number of plates onto the other end of the bar and place a v-handle or lat attachment handle on it. 
  3. Straddle the bar and grab the handle. You can now perform the t-bar row exercise as described above.

If you don’t have a T-Bar Row Machine or a T-Bar attachment, you can improvise so that you can still do this exercise. All you need to do is to lay an Olympic barbell on the floor, with one end against a wall. Load your plate on one end of the bar. The gym should have at least one V grip handle. Go find it and then straddle the barbell and place the V grip under the bar right before the weight plates. Grab the bar and assume the normal starting position. This time you will want to take a slightly wider than normal stance. 

Row the bar up as normal.

Training Tip

You may want to put a 45-pound plate over the non weight end of the bar to prevent it from moving around. 

T-Bar Row Attachments Buyer’s Guide

Here’s what to look out for when shopping for a T-Bar Row Attachment for your home gym:

Working the Back

The main muscles responsible for the movement of the back are the latissimus dorsi (lats), the largest among the muscles nearest to the surface, the trapezius (traps), the other main superficial muscle, the rhomboids, positioned deep beneath the trapezius, and the spinal extensors, deep beneath the rhomboids.

The lats attach to the upper arms and connective tissue around the lower back, while the traps and rhomboids attach to the scapulae and spine in the upper back. The spinal extensors attach to the pelvis, spine, and ribcage.

The muscles of the back enable the extension, vertical and horizontal adduction, depression and retraction of the shoulder, and extension and lateral flexion of the spine. They act as antagonists to the muscles of the chest and torso, helping to stabilize and protect the spine on squats and deadlifts. 

When performing rowing variations, muscles with a more horizontal fiber alignment, such as the middle division of the traps and upper lats, help to bring the arms back and around toward the midline. 

When performing pulldown variations, muscles with a more vertical fiber alignment, such as the lower lats and upper and lower traps, help in bringing the arms down, back, and around toward the midline.

When performing any movement focusing on the back you will be using any number of muscles in combination to complete the full range of motion alongside muscles of the shoulders and arms. 

Best Horizontal Rowing Exercises

Horizontal pulling fits well into any strength training program. Here are 5 variations that you should be doing in addition to the T-Bar Row.

Seated Machine Row

Set the weights and adjust the seat height, then sit on the bench, facing the machine; your feet should be low down on the platform and your legs softly bent. Hold the attachment with your hands shoulder-width apart and sit back, arms extended and back upright. 

Breathe in and engage your abs. As you exhale, flex your elbows and contract your upper/mid back muscles to row the attachment toward your upper abdomen. Your elbows will be driven back. Stop just before your shoulders start to round forward. 

With your abs engaged, breathe in as you return the bar to the starting position, resisting the load with control. Keep tension in your back and biceps throughout. Reset your breathing and repeat. 

Machine Horizontal Row

This alternate machine-based variation trains the upper and mid-back muscles. The chest support provided by the machine creates a stable and safe environment. For more of a challenge, hold at the top position for 1-2 seconds.

Sit on the machine and place your feet against the platform if there is one. Lean forward and place your chest against the pad. 

Inhale to engage your abs. Breathe out as you pull the attachment toward you, bringing your shoulders back and arms behind you in one continuous motion. Breathe in as you return the bar to its starting position, controlling the movement throughout.

Dumbbell Bent Over Row

Using dumbbells allows you to perform the movement either unilaterally, with one leg supported on a bench as here, or bilaterally, with both legs flexed at the knees, and your hips flexed at 90 degrees. For more of a challenge, hold the top position for 1-2 seconds.

Barbell Bent Over Row

This popular barbell variation targets the muscles of the core in addition to those upper and mid-back. Be aware that your range of motion may decrease when standing. As with the other variations, hold at the top position for 1-2 seconds for added challenge.

Stand bending forward and hold the barbell in your hands with a pronated grip, without sacrificing your neutral spine position. Breathe in to brace your core, then breathe out as you row up, lifting the bar toward your chest and bringing your elbows back behind your body.

Breathe in as you lower the barbell to its starting position maintaining control in your arms, shoulders, back, and core. 

Cable Row

Stand with your knees slightly bent and your core muscles engaged. Grab the handles of a cable machine or resistance band. The start position of the cable or the resistance band should be just below chest height. Start with your arms straight as you pull your shoulders down away from your ears and keep your chest tall.

Pull the handles closer to your chest, keeping your elbows close to your body. Don’t overpull; you don’t want to pull so far that your shoulders start to round forward. You also want to keep your wrists neutral throughout the movement; you don’t need to try and pull farther by rounding your wrists into the body. 


A T-Bar row attachment will allow you to get in a great back rowing workout anywhere anytime, so long as you’ve got a bar. The best landmine base on the market today is the Everstrong T-Bar Row attachment, with its low price, adaptability for both standard and Olympic bars, easy setup, and secure hold.

When it comes to a T-bar row handle attachment, the best product out there is the Logest T Bar Landmine Attachment which provides you with 3 gripping options, fits both standard and Olympic bars, and is made from heavy-duty steel construction. 

This article was last updated on July 19, 2024 .

Written by
Steve Theunissen

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