Best Trisuist For Men

The Best Tri Suits for Men

Fining the perfect tri suit is one of the most essential purchases you will make when it comes to your triathlon activities. It is the one piece of gear you with have with you the entire time. You need to make sure you are comfortable, it fits properly, and there is nothing you will be adjusting or pulling at during your triathlon.

The 5 Best Selling Tri Suits for Men:

For your convenience, the below list shows the 5 best selling tri suits for men available for sale on The list is automatically updated once a day. Scroll further down for our full buying guide and tri suit reviews.

SaleBestseller No. 1
Synergy Triathlon Tri Suit - Men's Race Sleeveless Trisuit (Black/Black, Large)
465 Reviews
Synergy Triathlon Tri Suit - Men's Race Sleeveless Trisuit (Black/Black, Large)
  • PROVEN TECHNOLOGY EQUALS SUPERIOR PERFORMANCE – Quick drying, perforated chamois pad keeps you...
  • TRIMS – Flatlock stitching throughout. Adjustable zipper with zipper guard. Large armholes to prevent...
  • EXCEPTIONAL FUNCTIONALITY – Soft and effective leg grippers keep your shorts in place. Modesty panel...
Bestseller No. 2
Synergy Cycling Skinsuit - Men's Pro Short Sleeve Tri Suit (Night Shadow, Medium)
  • PROVEN TECHNOLOGY EQUALS SUPERIOR PERFORMANCE - Quick drying, perforated chamois pad keeps you...
  • TRIMS - Flatlock stitching throughout. Full zipper with semi-lock zip and zipper guard.
  • EXCEPTIONAL FUNCTIONALITY - Soft Italian micro-bead silicone leg bands keep your shorts in place. Modesty...
Bestseller No. 3
Sparx Mens Premium Triathlon Suit Padded Triathlon Tri Suit Race Suit Swim Bike Run (2XL, US_Flag)
122 Reviews
Sparx Mens Premium Triathlon Suit Padded Triathlon Tri Suit Race Suit Swim Bike Run (2XL, US_Flag)
  • ✅ These Triathlon suits made from top quality Italian technical fabric developed for Triathlon Gear...
  • ✅ Superior Technical Compression fabric used in our mens Triathlon Suits reduce muscle vibration, a...
  • ✅ High End Italian Fabric has 4 way stretch directions which makes this kit incredibly comfortable fit...
Bestseller No. 4
Triathlon Suits Mens - Tri Suits for Men - Trisuit Triathlon Men - Men’s Tri Suit Kit - FRT 3.0
  • ATTENTION: To properly fit into our suits, both your height and weight measurements must match the...
  • SUPPORT AND COMFORT WHERE YOU NEED IT MOST: The quick drying fabric mix of these mens tri suits delivers...
  • NO RIDING UP: The tri suits are made to stay put no matter the race situation. We added a softleg finish...
Bestseller No. 5
Sparx Men Triathlon Suit Short Sleeve Aero Tri Suit (Black/Green, 2XL)
98 Reviews
Sparx Men Triathlon Suit Short Sleeve Aero Tri Suit (Black/Green, 2XL)
  • These Triathlon suits made from High end 80% Polyamide / 20% Elastane Italian technical fabric which...
  • Technical Compression fabric reduce muscle vibration, a major cause of muscle fatigue. High Visibility:...
  • 6 Thread flat lock seams reduced chaffing & increased comfort. High End Italian Fabric had 4 way stretch...

When searching for the best tri suit, it is often a personal decision. Every individual will have different preferences – some may love a certain material and others may dislike it. You may want to consider how much storage and pockets you need in your suit? How important are leg grips? Do you have easy access to the suit’s pockets?

You should also consider what the temperature of the water would be like and the time of year your triathlon is – is it in the winter or summer? Will it be hot or cold outside?

The 5 Best Tri Suits for Men:

Below, we list and review the 5 best tri suits for men currently available for sale online.

1. 2XU -Vent Tri Singlet Suit

X-Vent Tri Singlet

ICE X Technology is used in this suit to keep you cool and comfortable throughout your race. The material is made from yarns woven with Xylitol to help keep the surface of the suit cool. The suit also has UV reflectors to prevent the material from absorbing any heat from the sun. Additionally, high filament yarns help to dry the suit material quickly and efficiently so you don’t have to worry about uncomfortable moisture buildup within the suit’s material.

Sensor Mesh X Fabric with Ergonomic panels is used to create a suit with tons of breathability and support. Flatlock Stitching helps reduce any risk of painful chaffing. The suit also features 3 large rear pockets for your storage needs, like fuel and nutrition

2. Zoot Men’s Ultra Tri Race Suit

 Zoot Ultra Tri Racesuit

Zoot has over 30 years of experience creating tri suits. This tri suit is designed with ULTRA Powertek with Coldblack. These unique technologies reflect UV light and heat so you do not have to worry about getting too hot in your suit even in the direct hot sunlight of the summer. The tri-suit also features ULTRAcarbon, which is an anti-friction panel that minimizes any thigh rubbing and uncomfortable chaffing. Additionally, it helps reduce moisture and odors to keep you fresh and comfortable during your triathlon.

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These handy panels also aid with muscle support to boost endurance levels and eliminate muscle vibration and injury. This tri suit also features SBR 2D pad construction and hip holsters and back pockets for nutrition storage that is easy to access. What makes this suit and company so great as well is that they offer a 1-year limited warranty on the suit. If there are any malfunctions or defects not caused by you, Zoot will replace your suit.

3. Riviera Flisuit Tri suit

Riviera Flisuit

This race suit has all the bells and whistles you could ever want. Firstly, this suit has Fli-Fly – this is a hidden fly just above the pad that allows you to have quick and easy bathroom relief. The Clasico Integrated Pad has no stitching down the middle, is not bulky and uncomfortable, isn’t stiff, and is stretched seamlessly in every direction. The seamless inner thighs also eliminate friction.

Furthermore, Forza Compressor leg panels greatly reduce the possibility of delayed onset muscle fatigue and the Mobius Comfort Compression Band provides much-needed compression around the legs, but without tightness. Skin Cooler 90 is a fabric used in the upper body of the suit that keeps you cool and won’t make you overheat.

This suit’s Liftfoil3 center panels help you to swim faster. Of course, your tri suit needs pockets so there are two Waterlid Pockets that are on each leg. The suit’s pockets are hydrodynamic when you are swimming and are perfect for storage during land exercises. Sun protection is important, so the suit has Shield Del Sol upper body to help protect you from the sun’s harmful rays.

4. Huub Dave Scott Long Course Sleeved Tri Suit

Huub Dave Scott Long Course Sleeved Tri Suit

This special tri-suit was developed with six-time Hawaii winner, Dave Scott. This tri suit is meant to provide you with ultimate speed, comfort, and breathability. It features Coldblack technology to keep you cool and is better than heat-resistance white fabric. This suit is a bit unique because it has a short sleeve design as opposed to the common tank top design. The short sleeve provides some extra coverage for those looking to not have their entire arm exposed.

The front of the suit is fitted with a zipper for easily taking the suit on and off. Mesh panel along the spine and lower back help with heat dissipation and the silicone-free and leg openings increase your aerodynamics significantly.

5. Castelli Men’s Free Sanremo Sleeveless Tri Suit

Castelli Men's Free Sanremo Sleeveless Tri Suit

Castelli’s tri suit incorporates eight different kinds of fabrics to make up a two-piece suit, which is unique to all the one-piece options above. Some may prefer a two-piece over a one-piece, which makes this a great option. The chosen fabrics that make up this suit are water repellant and are tested in wind tunnels to ensure function and speed for the bike portion of a triathlon. This suite also provides a ton of muscle support to help support your body throughout the entire triathlon.

Furthermore, their KISS anatomical seat pas in the suit provides ample padding, yet is not bulky or uncomfortable when running. This tri suit also offers UPF 16 protection – meaning 94% of the sun’s harmful UV rays are blocked by the suit (that’s 94%).


What is a tri suit?

A tri suit is a type of clothing that is worn by triathletes during a triathlon. It is made up of three pieces – swimwear, cycling clothing, and running clothing.

Tri suits have been around for decades and have evolved over time. The first suits were made from wool and cotton with little to no padding. They were designed to be used in cold water so the fabric was not too thick or heavy. As technology has changed, so have the materials used in the construction of these suits.

The most popular type of tri suit today are made from polyester-spandex blend fabrics that are lightweight, durable and moisture-wicking. These materials also allow for greater mobility and range of motion during swimming, cycling, or running activities.

What are the different types of tri suits?

Triathlon suits are a type of clothing worn by athletes during triathlon competitions. The suit covers the whole body and is used to protect the wearer from water, wind, and sun.

There are three different types of suits:

1) one-piece suit

2) two-piece suit

3) swimwear

What are the benefits of wearing a tri suit?

Wearing a tri suit will help you to achieve the following benefits:

1. It is lightweight, flexible, and it doesn’t restrict your movement.

2. It is made of a fabric that wicks moisture away from the body so you can stay cool and dry during your event.

3. The suit has strategically placed vents that allow for maximum breathability and comfort when you are working hard on the course.

4. You can wear it in different ways to accommodate different needs – as an arm- or leg-sleeve, as a full suit, or even as a wet suit for swimming!

Which tri suits are good for swimming?

Triathlon suits are a type of swimsuit that is worn by swimmers during the triathlon. They are made to provide buoyancy and protection for the wearer during swimming. The suit consists of three parts: a top, an under-layer, and an over-layer.

Swimsuits come in different shapes and sizes, but they all serve the same purpose – to keep swimmers safe while they’re in the water. The suits also help swimmers stay afloat with added buoyancy from their suits.

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