Best Exercise Trampolines

The Best Exercise Trampolines

Doctors and dieticians talk about living a healthy lifestyle combining a good diet with exercise. They cannot guarantee that you will not catch any disease, but they certainly reduce the chances of that happening.

When it comes to exercise, there are a number of alternatives depending upon where you live. In recent years, exercise trampolines, also known as rebounders have risen in popularity because of the fact that every part of your body gets the benefit.

Regular use does burn off unwanted calories while improving your balance and agility. A trampoline can be erected in your garden but also be used indoors if that is your only option. Even if you do not attempt any ‘’fancy moves’’, simply using one each day for 15 or 20 minutes will have a very positive effect on your fitness, and therefore your health.

The 5 Best Exercise Trampolines (Reviews):

Below we list and review the 5 best exercise trampolines (rebounders) currently for sale online.

1. JumpSport 250 In Home Exercise Trampoline

JumpSport 250 In Home Exercise Trampoline
StyleBungee Cord
Size39 in. (35.5 in. surface for jumping)
Weight Limit250 lbs.
Height13 in.
Weight22 lbs.
JumpSport 250 In Home Exercise Trampoline Specs

JumpSport 250 In Home Exercise Trampoline Review

This Rebounder from JumpSport can be used in combination with online or DVD video workouts and provides stable and perfectly safe exercise. It is extremely durable and designed to provide bounce that will give confidence to every user, whatever age. The edges have padding and the contact mat itself is 35.5 inches, stretched over a 39-inch frame.

JumpSport recommends its use to anyone up to a weight of 250 lbs. With the design using arched legs making it extremely stable exercise equipment. It is easy to assemble then take apart for storage, requiring little space to do so.

A handlebar can be purchased separately while purchasers have the additional benefit of a 60 day try out period to ensure the Rebounder satisfies their needs. 

The JumpSport, made by a manufacturer that provides significant amounts of equipment to gyms, is an excellent purchase for those just starting to look for a trampoline as a way to exercise.

2. Stamina 36-Inch Folding Exercise Trampoline

Stamina 36-Inch Folding Exercise Trampoline
StyleBungee Cord
Size36 in. (28 in. jump surface)
Weight Limit250 lbs.
Height8.75 in.
Weight14 lbs.
Stamina 36-Inch Folding Exercise Trampoline Specs

Stamina 36-Inch Folding Exercise Trampoline Review

This compact and durable Stamina Trampoline with a maximum support weight of 250 lbs. is great fun. Bounce away to your heart’s content on a trampoline that can be used even in fairly confined spaces as long as the ceiling is high enough. If you buy this product you can sign in to get a choice of 3 online workout suggestions to get the best out of your Stamina Trampoline.

With a diameter of just 36 inches, it is both compact and easy to store away when not in use. Anyone will find it easy to put together with the six legs tipped with rubber so that it will not damage the surface on which you place it, whether your lawn, garage, or interior floor. As it weighs just 14 lbs., it is easy to put in your boot and take it with you anywhere.

This is an excellent purchase for those just starting out on trampolines and just looking to improve their general fitness. It is priced very competitively and does not require a major investment.

3. Tomasar Foldable Mini Exercise Trampoline

Tomasar Foldable Mini Exercise Trampoline
StyleStainless Steel Springs
Size40 in.
Weight Limit300 lbs.
Height5.5 in. – 13.38 in.
Weight16 lbs.
Tomasar Foldable Mini Exercise Trampoline Specs

Tomasar Foldable Mini Exercise Trampoline Review

Tomasar’s Rebounder with a maximum tolerance of 300 lbs. is suitable for everyone except absolute giants. Its construction with high quality materials ensures that it is durable and resistant to wear. With stainless steel springs, metal frame and tough yet soft material, it is constructed to maximize elasticity to respond to your use. The handrail is adjustable to suit people of different heights and to improve stability.

The Tomasar is easy to assemble and disassemble for storage with no necessity for additional tools. You can position the trampoline either indoors or in your garden.

The Tomasar has 6 legs for good stability and is adjustable to 18 degrees. It is both strong and yet has a delicate surface. Its design ensures that the fabric cannot be degraded by rubbing against either the springs or metal elsewhere on the equipment

4. ANCHEER Mini Exercise Trampoline

ANCHEER Mini Exercise Trampoline
StyleSteel Springs
SizeMax. 50 in.
Weight Limit220 lbs.
Height12 in.
Weight12 lbs.
ANCHEER Mini Exercise Trampoline Specs

ANCHEER Mini Exercise Trampoline Review

Ancheer offers a 50-inch trampoline that is suitable for anyone, even young children. The adjustable handlebar with three levels caters for different heights. The foam rail itself provides comfort as well as protection from the possibility of corrosion due to sweating.

Its size allows use anywhere, in the garden or inside your home. As you can see, it is hexagonal in shape, standing on 6 legs and can take a maximum load of 220 lbs. The polypropylene mat is strong and encourages stability as you exercise.

The trampoline has elastic band rather than spring construction which ensures there is minimal sound as you exercise yet it retains the durability you will want from its purchase. It is easy to take apart and store then put together when you want to use it again. If you have any doubts about assembly, just look at the instruction video.

The sturdy steel frame uses 1.5mm steel with cushions positioned beneath for extra bounce. The springs are rust proof with elastic guards to add to the safety of the equipment.

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5. Stamina 38-Inch Intone Plus Exercise Trampoline

Stamina 38-Inch Intone Plus Exercise Trampoline
StyleBungee Cord
Size38 in. (29 in. jumping surface)
Weight Limit250 lbs.
Height9 in.
Weight11 lbs.
Stamina 38-Inch Intone Plus Exercise Trampoline Specs

Stamina 38-Inch Intone Plus Exercise Trampoline Review

Stamina’s highly compact and portable Rebounder uses polypropylene in its surface, a manmade material known for its strength and durability. It comes with a monitor which will tell you how many jumps per minute you are doing and what calories you are burning off in the process. You will also be informed of the time you have been exercising so you do not need your watch.

The two wo tubes attached to the Rebounder have handles which are foam-padded for you to hold as an aid to any upper body training you want to do. The Rebounder has a diameter of 38 inches with a blue border inside the diameter of the strong steel frame. This exercise trampoline is highly portable and compact, suitable for inside or out and excellent for use by both beginners and those who are looking for more advanced exercise.

The Rebounder comes in a range of colors with a mat in black, tubes and border in blue and frame of grey. It can be assembled easily in little more than 15 minutes.

Exercise Trampoline Buyer’s Guide

What you will regard as the best exercise trampolines will depend upon what you want from the equipment. Just as an example, there are various types of exercise trampoline, the normal type, mini versions, and those with either handle or with bars.

For now, it is worth looking at a range of factors so that you can get clear in your mind some of the things that a trampoline can offer, and whether a trampoline offers a more effective way to exercise than other activities.

Exercise trampoline benefits

The first thing that must be said about trampolining is that it exercises every part of the body, potentially burning off calories through regular use and therefore likely to see you shed a little weight. You may get more tone in your body including developing muscle. Obesity is an increasing problem, especially in the developed world and it is present across all age groups. Losing weight on a trampoline is, therefore, a great idea.

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You may not know it, but your circulation is likely to improve when you regularly get out your trampoline while your balance is also likely to get better over time. It is worth remembering a point made earlier that exercise is one of the things that may reduce your risk of disease as well. Alternating between weightlessness and bouncing off the trampoline’s surface, your body will respond by improving your immune system as you transport nutrients around your body.

You will not be putting any major pressure on your joints unlike some other forms of exercise. That is because a trampoline is able to absorb some of the shock that a hard surface is unable to do. The result is that your knees as well as feet, spine and hips will experience minimal strain. That again contrast markedly with other activities that people use either to get fit or retain a good fitness level.

If one of your aims is to lose weight, then regular trampolining will certainly do the trick. It is a matter of getting your heart rate up to start to burn off calories and existing fat. Half an hour a day is ideal and with portable trampolines that are easy to assemble and take apart, you just need to allocate an hour a day for the whole thing. The more effort you put in, the more effect it is likely to have.

Loss of weight is just one of the benefits of trampolining. Those with mild arthritis can also benefit from the weightlessness that they will experience when pressure is taken off their joints. At the same time, everyone will find that their flexibility is likely to improve. Some people who have not touched their toes since they were very young are likely to suddenly be able to do it again if they regularly use a trampoline.

Exercise trampoline vs jump rope

Children have always enjoyed skipping and it is something that sportsmen such as boxers seem to use regularly. A jump rope exercise certainly burns off calories if you just have a small area to exercise but a jump rope does not have the flexibility that you will get from a trampoline once you have mastered the basics. 

Those with limited time may prefer to just get a rope out but in the interests of good health, there should always be time for a bit of fitness work. The problem with a jump rope, no matter how effective it is at burning off calories is that the exercise will put pressure on joints because it is done on a hard surface.

Exercise trampoline vs jogging

The argument over using a trampoline over going jogging has been won quite convincingly even without taking account of the pressure that jogging will always put on your joints. Studies have shown that trampolining is around 70% more effective over a given period than jogging which often does not get the heart rate up much anyway.

A study by the American Council on Exercise should suffice as an example. It states that simple trampolining for 20 minutes burns off the same number of calories as jogging at 10km/hour over the same period. Trampolining is much easier over that 20-minute period. If you can incorporate different routines into the 20 minutes, the benefits increase further.

Springs vs straps on exercise trampoline

You have the choice of buying a trampoline that has springs or one which relies on a strong cord. Remember that cord is the thing that supports bungee jumpers so you need not worry that it will snap.

  • Spring trampolines are both widely available and affordable. You can expect a firmer bounce than that offered by one using cord straps yet because there is less elasticity, there is also a smaller bounce. Although they tend to be cheaper than strap trampolines, there is a greater likelihood of the need to repair the equipment.
  • Trampolines using straps, in contrast, are quiet and tend to be more supportive of your joints. They achieve weightlessness which helps to stimulate the body’s organs in balance with gravity. Strongly built, they require minimal maintenance and overall are a better buy.

Exercise Trampoline FAQs

How good is trampoline for exercise?

The best exercise trampolines are a great way to get fit or keep yourself fit. Easy to assemble and take apart for storage, regular use will build up your overall fitness and burn off fat and calories. There is minimal strain on your joints which is an excellent feature for many elderly people, yet trampolining is suitable for all ages, even if there is no ambition to develop any exercise skills.

What muscles do an exercise trampoline exercise?

An exercise trampoline will test all parts of your body, your joints, and internal organs. If you start trampolining, you will be using your hamstrings, calf muscles and quadriceps as you push off the trampoline while they do take the pressure as you land each time. The impact on your joints is reduced in comparison to other forms of exercise. Your stomach muscles are also tested, and regular use of a trampoline should strengthen them as well.

How long to exercise on an exercise trampoline?

Half an hour a day is ideal if you are looking to gradually build up your fitness and to lose a few pounds. The important thing is to exercise regularly if you want to achieve anything. The trampolines in this feature can all be used inside so the weather is no limitation to your exercising. 

How to exercise on a trampoline

There are simple instruction videos and DVDs that can help you master trampolining as a means of exercise. In its simplest form, you have only to jump up and down, perhaps limiting your jump height until you are certain that you have your balance. The best exercise trampolines are stable so you can be confident that they will not move as you exercise.

As this form of exercise becomes routine, you may want to try a few more complex things and certainly, if you do, the effects on your health, fitness and weight will be more marked. Your fitness will improve with use anyway even if you do not try anything more advanced.


The products discussed in this paper each have their plus points with some more ideal for beginners than others. An exercise trampoline has been shown as a very convenient way to improve your fitness and it does not involve major investment to purchase one and get started. It is fun to go on a trampoline, much more fun that walking on a treadmill or jogging.

When it comes to making a recommendation on which of these excellent products is the best, it is important to consider that a buyer might be just starting out in this activity and may want to continue for a long period without making additional investment and also wanting to avoid the necessity of significant repairs.

What Is The Best Exercise Trampoline?

For this reason, and mindful that trampolines with strong cord straps tend to be more durable than those with springs, we believe the JumpSport is the best exercise trampoline, even though there is no warranty on the cord and the handlebar is an accessory which needs to be purchased separately.

JumpSport is not cheap but it patronized by many gyms where its equipment is in constant use so there is no doubting the durability of the JumpSport 250 In-Home Cardio Fitness Rebounder.

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