The Best Decline Ab Benches

The Best Decline Ab Benches

A decline bench is probably not the first item that you would buy for your home gym. When you’ve got the basics sorted, however, a decline ab bench makes an awesome addition that will do far more than work your abdominals and core. A quality decline bench will also allow you to maximize your chest and triceps work. In this article, we zoom in on the 5 best home use decline ab benches on the market right now. 

The Best Decline Ab Bench

The best decline ab bench on the market today is the Confidence Fitness Pro Adjustable Sit Up Ab Bench V2. It is adjustable to 5 different bench angles and a similar number of ankle pad height adjustments. This bench is well padded, lightweight, and foldable.

The 5 Best Decline Ab Benches:

1. Confidence Fitness Pro Adjustable Sit Up Ab Bench V2

Confidence Fitness Pro Adjustable Sit Up Ab Bench V2


  • Well padded bench
  • Fully adjustable
  • Folds flat for storage
  • Scratch-resistant powder coating


  • No assembly instructions
  • No transportation wheels

Version 2 of the Confidence Fitness Pro Adjustable Sit Up Ab Bench provides you with a more generously padded bench which is covered with a stylish slip-resistant vinyl. The bench has a generous width to accommodate all sorts of body shapes and sizes. You also get a solid, durable frame on this bench. This is a lightweight bench that is ideal for beginners. It features 4 foam pads to provide comfort for your ankles and rear knees. 

This bench is fully adjustable. It provides you with 5 bench position angles and a further five ankle pad adjustment positions. The scratch-resistant powder-coated finish of the bench will keep it looking pristine for years to come. When assembled, the bench has dimensions of 51 x 12.5 x 25 inches. However, the bench also folds flat for easy storage when not in use. The folded dimensions are 50 x 12.5 x 8 inches. Assembly is pretty straightforward, though no assembly instructions are included.

2. XMark Adjustable Decline Ab Workout Bench

XMark Adjustable Decline Ab Workout Bench


  • 12 levels of decline angle
  • Locking pin system
  • Bullhorn handle
  • Wheels
  • 14 gauge steel frame


  • Relatively expensive

The XMark Adjustable Decline Ab Workout Bench provides you with 12 levels of decline angle adjustment to allow you to work at a huge number of angles. The locking pop-pin system is quick and secure. You also get a bullhorn handle that, coupled with the rear transport wheels, makes it easy to move the bench around your home gym. 

The frame of this bench is solid, being made from 14 gauge steel, long with a 2 x 3 inch back support. A baked scratch resistant powder finish sets off the frame and complements the double-stitched black vinyl bench covering. Large 4-inch contoured roller pads provide both support and comfort for your legs. 

3. Apex Utility Bench Slant Board

Apex Utility Bench Slant Board


  • Budget-priced
  • Heavy-duty steel frame
  • Contoured roller pads


  • Max user weight just 250 pounds

The Apex Utility Bench Slant Board is our pick for the most economical decline ab bench on the market right now. It features thick high-density foam and a boxed upholstery back pad to keep your comfortable and secure while working out. The frame is made from heavy-duty steel tubing. The contoured roller pads keep your legs securely locked during your workout. The unit weighs just 19.5 pounds and has a max user weight of 250 pounds.

The Apex Utility Bench is very compact, making it great for challenging workout spaces. Unlike some of the more expensive benches, however, this one does not fold up for ease of storage.


  • Curved bench design for better ergonomics
  • 4-way frame structure
  • Support bar added
  • 300 pound max user weight
  • Red vinyl finish


  • No transport wheels

The Finer Form Sit Up Bench is a curved slant board that provides you with an ideal ergonomic design to match the natural curvature of your spine. The high strength four-way frame structure provides stability to this bench while the high-grade steel tubing delivers plenty of rigidity. A support bar has been added to this version of the bench to make it even stronger. The curved backboard is wider, thicker, and longer than what you get on most competing decline benches. 

The red vinyl upholstery on this bench makes for a striking appearance. The max user weight of this decline bench is 300 pounds. This bench is easy to assemble.

5. Body-Solid Pro-Style Commercial Ab Board

Body-Solid Pro-Style Commercial Ab Board


  • 12 levels of angle adjustment
  • 2 sets of 8-inch leg rollers
  • 450-pound max user weight
  • Transport wheels


  • Only suitable for people up to 5’10”

The Body-Solid Pro-Style Commercial Ab Board provides you with 12 levels of angle adjustment. The angles range from almost vertical to quite extreme. You also get two sets of 8-inch leg rollers to give you a secure and comfortable leg hold. This bench provides you with a massive 450-pound max user weight. This is a testament to the strength and durability of the frame. 

The bench of the Body-Solid Pro-Style Commercial Ab Board is well padded and covered in double-stitched, sweat, and slip-resistant vinyl. However, the bench is a bit shorter than standard, only being suitable for people with a maximum height of 5’10”. This bench also comes with roller wheels for ease of transport and is compact enough to be usable in most home gym environments.

Decline Ab Bench Buying Guide

A decline ab bench is a pretty hefty home gym investment. To get the most out of your investment, there are four things to look out for:


You want your decline bench to offer a range of angle adjustments so that you can position your body at a range of decline angles. The ideal angle for many exercises is between 30 and 45 degrees. However, you should expect the bench to be adjustable to at least 5 different angles.

The leg pads on the bench should also be adjustable to allow you to get the ideal body positioning.

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Max Weight

The maximum user weight of the bench will give you a very good indication of its strength and durability. You want the bench to be able to handle the bodyweight of the anticipated heaviest user as well as any weight plates or dumbbells that may be in their hands.

You want the max user weight to be at least 50 pounds more than the heaviest user plus any additional weight being used. So, if the heaviest user is 200 pounds and the most weight lifted on the bench will be 50-pound dumbbells, you will want a user weight on the bench of at least 350 lbs. 


You want the decline bench to be large enough to fit the largest potential user while being compact enough to work with a confined home gym space. The bench should also provide you with wheels and a handle to allow you to easily move it around your training area. 


You should expect your decline ab bench to work for you for many years. For that to happen it has to be durable. That means a frame that features a high gauge, rust-resistant steel, and a thick vinyl outer covering over quality foam. 


Is A Decline Ab Bench Effective?

A decline ab bench can be effective if you are doing the right exercises on it. It can be used very effectively to work your rectus abdominis when you perform decline ab bench crunches.

Twisting at the top of the crunch can also work the intercostals at the sides of your waist. A decline bench will also allow you to perform decline dumbbell presses which is the ideal way to do that exercise. You are also ideally positioned biomechanically to do dumbbell triceps extensions (skull crushers). 

Is A Decline Ab Bench Bad For You Back?

A decline ab bench will not be bad for your back so long as you perform your exercises with proper form. When you do sit-ups or crunches on the bench, keep your lower back in a natural, neutral position, maintaining a natural slight curvature to your spine.

When you do decline work with heavy dumbbells in your hands it is best to have a partner hand you the weights when you are in position on the bench.

Are Decline Sit-Ups Better?

Because you are having to work against gravity, decline sit-ups are a harder exercise than a flat version of the exercise. This does make it a more effective option for working your abdominal wall. You can add to the intensity of the exercise by adding resistance in the form of a weight plate or a dumbbell. It is best to have a partner hand you the extra weight when you are in the decline position. 

Why Use A Decline Ab Bench? 

A decline ab bench is a good choice for working the rectus abdominis, or six-pack muscles of your core. It should be noted, however, that this exercise will NOT get rid of the fat that is covering your abs. That will happen as a result of controlling what you eat and doing cardio exercise to burn off calories. The decline ab workout will help you to strengthen your abdominals. When you lose your body fat, worked abs will also be more readily visible. 

exercises that you can do on your decline ab bench are the following:

Russian Twist – To do this move perform a standard crunch on your bench. Then as you come up, twist your body to the left, bringing your right elbow across to the left knee. On the next rep, twist to the right and bring the left elbow across to the right knee. 

Ball Toss

Have your training partner standing at the end of the bench with a med ball in hand. When you are in the bottom position have your partner throw the ball down to you. Now crunch up and pass the ball back to him. Be sure to maintain a neutral spine on the way up.

Decline Crunches with Dumbbell

Position yourself on the decline bench with it set at an angle of around 30 degrees. Place your feet under the ankle pads and hold a dumbbell by its ends in both hands. Lie back and extend the dumbbell overhead. Crunch up to bring your shoulders and upper back off the bench as you crunch your abs. At the same time bring the dumbbell over your head toward your torso. Lower back to the start position and repeat.

Dumbbell Press

A decline ab bench is also an excellent choice for working your chest muscles. One of the best moves you can do for your chest is the dumbbell press and the best way to do that exercise is on a decline bench. This angle follows the natural biomechanical direction of the chest fibers better than a flat or an incline angle.

The ideal bench decline angle to maximally work the chest fibers is between 20 and 35 degrees. For a similar reason, the decline triceps extension (skull crusher) will better work all three heads of the triceps muscle than the flat or incline version. 


A decline ab bench is a great addition to your home gym that will widen out your ab, chest, and tricep training options. The best decline ab bench on the market right now is the Version 2 of the Confidence Fitness Pro Adjustable Sit Up Ab Bench, with its full adjustability, well-padded bench, and solid steel frame.

Coming in a close second is the XMark Adjustable Decline Ab Workout Bench, which features 12 levels of decline angle, a lock pin system, and a bullhorn handle. Rounding out our top 3 best decline ab benches is the Apex Utility Bench Slant Board, which comes in at a budget price, has a solid steel frame and contoured roller pads.

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