Best T Bar Row Machine

The Best T Bar Row Machines

Some follow a healthy diet combined with jogging while others join a gym for its treadmills and swimming pool. One of the best pieces of equipment that can be used at home without it taking up too much space is a t bar row machine.

It is especially suitable for an upper-body workout which in itself should burn off calories and hence fat. Estimates suggest that you would burn off 300 calories in half an hour. That is a fairly strenuous session for a beginner, but regular use will make that both manageable and enjoyable. Has that got you thinking? Well if so, here are 5 machines that you may like to look at if you want to buy one.

The 5 Best T Bar Row Machines:

Below we list and review the 5 best value for money t bar row machines currently on the market.

1. Valor Fitness CB-14 T Bar Row Machine

Valor Fitness T Bar Row Machine
Dimensions 40 in. x 17 in. x 8 in.
Max. Weight Capability400 lbs.
Other InformationIndependent Arms & Flexible Grips
Valor Fitness T Bar Row Machine Specs

The Valor is a heavy-duty machine made with 12-gauge steel, dimensions 2 ins. X 2 ins. Its durability is certainly one of its main features while the padded seat provides comfort when you are exercising. Rubber caps ensure stability as well as no damage to your floor.

As a result, you can use it inside where you may have expensive flooring without any worries. Your back is often something that gets ignored when it comes to fitness and the Valor intends to correct that by strengthening your upper and middle back.

The arms work independently of each other allowing you to vary your rowing to suit your training regime. The grip handle rotates thereby reducing the strain on your elbows as you row naturally. The seat is adjustable to 4 different positions meaning it is suitable for people of different statures. In addition, the chest pad has 5 different positions.

It can handle 200 lbs. per arm therefore 400 lbs. in total with the frame guaranteed for 3 years, the padding 2 and the pins twelve months. You will obviously start with minimal weights then build up as you get used to the machine and your fitness improves.

2. Body Solid Seated T Bar Row Machine

Body Solid Seated Row Machine
Dimensions54 ins. X 44 ins. X 39 ins.
Other InformationAdjustable 4-way handgrips
Body Solid Seated T Bar Row Machine Specs

Another heavy-duty design, the Body-Solid Row Machine is manufactured in heavy gauge steel with adjustable extra strong chest and seat pads to suit your stature. The handgrips, four-way, can be widened or narrowed with the result that you will be able to strengthen your middle back.

You can build up resistance to test yourself as you get fitter and stronger. Its dimensions of 54 ins. X 44 ins. X 39 ins. mean that it can be easily placed in the space of your choice. It weighs 81 lbs. so perhaps you do not want to move it too often, although remember if you are using it regularly, you will be getting stronger so lifting will not be a problem.

It is a stable machine when in use and provides plenty of comfort as you strive to improve your fitness. You can concentrate on your session without any concerns about the equipment you are using. 

3. BSN Sports Plate Loaded Incline T Bar Row Machine

Plate Loaded Incline T Bar Row Machine
Dimensions48 ins. x 27 ins. x 80 ins.
Other Information12-month warranty and manufacturer support
Plate Loaded Incline T Bar Row Machine Specs

This machine made with 2 ins. x 2 ins. steel is a durable rower with a comfortable chest pad as well as a handlebar that swivels. Vinyl covers will ensure that it can stand up to regular use. The machine is designed to test your biceps and trapezius as well as your rhomboids and anterior deltoids. Forget the jargon, you can gradually develop your body and its strength with regular use. 

The incline rower is suitable only for Olympic-style plates and the angle and support are ideal for those looking to do serious lifting to gradually improve your strength and obviously improve your fitness. Its dimensions are 48 ins. x 27 ins. x 80 ins. and the equipment weighs 134 lbs. Your purchase will come with a 12-month warranty.

Installation and maintenance are important considerations when it comes to buying and any parts that are recognized as defective will be immediately replaced without question. 

4. Rogue T Bar Row Machine

 Rogue T Bar Row Machine
Dimensions76 ins. x 39.75 ins. x 20 ins.
Equipment Weight197 lbs.
Other InformationMade to Specific Order
Rogue T Bar Row Machine Specs

The Rogue T Bar machine gives you all a neutral-grip and all that provides so that you require neither barbell, landmine unit, nor indeed any further accessories. You will find a post with a 1.88 ins. diameter with over 12 ins. of useable length. After you load the weight you wish to use, you just need to climb on board, putting your feet in position on its diamond tread footplates which measure 10 ins. x 20 ins. All that is left is your handle selection, wide or narrow.

The machine’s dimensions are 76 ins. x 39.75 ins. with holes cut in for both band work and for bolting it to the floor if you wish; that is not necessary. Block bearings make sure of a smooth rotation point, thereby avoiding any sideways movement during operation. It is your back that will benefit most from using the Rogue T, but it will test your biceps and shoulders as well. This is a product that is made to your specific order, so delivery is generally 3 – 6 weeks.

5. Technogym T Bar Row Machine

Technogym T Bar Row Machine
Dimensions75 ins. x 35 ins. x 50 ins.
Equipment Weight198 lbs. 
Other Information2-year warranty
Technogym T Bar Row Machine

The Technogym is designed specifically for those seeking to strengthen their back muscles. There are secondary muscular benefits as well for those regularly using the equipment. This T Bar Row is comfortable as soon as you take your seat because of both its biometrics and its foam support. There is a choice of two positions for your feet and it is suitable for people of all sizes.

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The ergonomic handgrip and its surface as well as the thick padding add to be comfort and effectiveness. A 2-year warranty comes with the purchase with Technogym responsible for assembly and testing prior to it being used by the client. Its dimensions are 75 ins. x 35 ins. x 50 ins. and it weighs 198 lbs. 

T Bar Row Machine Buyer’s Guide

When it comes to the best T bar row machines, there are a number of questions you need to ask yourself and factors to take into consideration.

Types of T Bar Row Machines

  • Standing

If you go for a standing design, you get on to the equipment in an upright position and bend both at your hips and your knees. It is important to keep your body straight so that you can achieve stability. You then row bringing the bar to your abdomen, ensuring that your chest remains up. In that movement, your elbows will rise beyond your sides. Simply lower the bar back to its original position and repeat the exercise for as long as you wish.

  • Lying

Once you are lying on the pad facedown with your chest against the top of the pad, take the handles. Lift the bar from the rack with your arms extended out. You have now taken the position from which you will start your exercise. Pull the weight upwards, release and repeat the movement for the period of time you wish to exercise.

  • Chest Supported

Chest supported row machines are popular and simple to use. It is easy to find a comfortable position before you start, largely due to the padded chest support. With feet apart about the width of your shoulders and your knees slightly bent, you are ready to go. Take the handles and lift the T bar.

It is important to retain your posture with tension in your legs so that you remain in the correct position with the upper chest on the pad. You can adjust the weight you want to lift. It is important to start with something manageable and build up as you develop your strength. Likewise, limit your time initially and build up progressively to fit in with your fitness regime.

T Bar Row Machine Benefits

Regularly using a row machine is an excellent way to strengthen your back. You will find that lifting a heavyweight in your everyday life will become much easier if you exercise on a t bar row machine. It is important to fully understand how to you a machine, following the instructions to the letter but when you do, you will be delighted by the results.

Just as if you were actually rowing on a river, your exercise will start to develop the muscles needed to coordinate your arms and body in addition to those moving between your shoulder blades and your spine.

T Bar Row Machine vs Seated Row Machine

The T Bar Row Machine vs Seated Row Machine is a debate that depends on personal choice, but the T Bar certainly offers more back support than when you are in the conventional rowing position.

Whether you are seated as you would be in a boat on the river, standing upright or bent over with a padded chest support, the results will all be effective. 

It is essential that you do not become complacent because everyone is susceptible to back injuries, even the strongest and fittest of us so always bear in mind the importance of exercising, and lifting in everyday life, correctly. In general, the things to remember are straight back, slightly bent knees and elbows close to your body.

T Bar Row Machine vs Barbell Row Machine

Barbell Row is certainly versatile, offering a good range of motion and perhaps being simpler to perform, the T-Bar Row scores because of its potential in adding weights to suit the user. It means that it can adapt as your strength and fitness level increases.

Certainly, both exercise all the major back muscles with the different handles on the T Bar allowing you to focus on specific muscles far more easily than the Barbell.

Is the T Bar Row Machine Dangerous?

A t bar row machine is not dangerous as long as you follow the instructions on use to the letter. You will be leaning forward to use a T Bar and that puts stress on your lower back but as long as you maintain the correct posture, a T Bar row machine is no more dangerous than any other gym exercises.

What Muscle Does the T Bar Row Machine Work?

The large muscle that covers most of your mid and lower back known as the Latissimus Dorsi. T rear shoulders, the Posterior Deltoid. The muscle extending from your neck both along with your shoulder blades and down your spine, Trapezius.

The Rhomboids are your means of squeezing together your shoulder blades.
Stabilizer muscles such as triceps, biceps, hamstrings, and abdominals

How Much Weight Should You Do on a T Bar Row Machine?

The simple answer to this is the weight you are comfortable with. Start well within your capabilities and build up gradually as your strength and fitness builds up.

How To Row On A T-Bar Machine?

There is a very simple rule when learning how to row on a T Bar machine. Read the instructions and make sure you understand them thoroughly. The machine should be set up to suit your stature and you need to find a comfortable position before you start using it.

Once you do start, you need to keep the posture that the instructions tell you to, and only do as much exercise that your capabilities allow. That will increase in time with regular use.


A t bar row machine used properly and regularly will improve your strength and fitness. Choose a t bar row machine that fits the space you want to use it in, fits your budget, and offers the functionality ou need.

What Is The Best T Bar Row Machine?

In our professional opinion, the CB-14 T Bar Row Machine from Valor Fitness is the best t bar row machine currently on the market due to its flexibility of settings and independent arms.

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